Michael Vick

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BET's Michael Vick Project a Little Too Redemptive

Redemption is there in spades, but little talk of horrid crime

(Newser) - Critics agree BET's The Michael Vick Project is conveniently focused more on the NFL star's comeback than on the horrid crime that laid him low in the first place. Still, some find the 8-episode "quasi-documentary" appealing:
  • Vick presents himself as reformed, Robert Lloyd writes in the Los Angeles Times

Worst Sports Excesses of the Decade
 Worst Sports 
 Excesses of 
 the Decade 
Aughts in review

Worst Sports Excesses of the Decade

Pacman Jones' strip club behavior typifies the sad new culture

(Newser) - American sports culture descended into sheer decadence this decade, and no single incident sums it better than Pacman Jones' "making it rain" with cash in a Vegas strip club in 2007, writes Clay Travis for Fanhouse. The chaos that ensued after he tossed around the money—reportedly about $100,...

Dog Fighting, Football Share Brutal Similarities

We despise one and love the other. But willful injury is inherent to both

(Newser) - Malcolm Gladwell is serious when he asks the question, in the New Yorker, whether football is really any different from dog fighting. He doesn't just mean that both inflict grievous injury to combatants—though the brain damage sustained by football linemen takes considerably longer to kill them—but that there...

Vick Plans TV Documentary Series on His Life

Show will take a somber, serious look at QB's life: BET producers

(Newser) - Michael Vick will star in an eight-part documentary-style TV series about his life for BET. The Michael Vick Project, due in 2010, will look at Vick’s comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles along with his troubled childhood and—of course—the time he spent running a dogfighting ring. "I...

Nike: We Have No Deal With Vick

(Newser) - Not so fast, Michael Vick. A day after the quarterback's agent announced he had been re-signed by Nike, the sneaker company says it's just not true. “Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick," said a spokesman. He added, however, that Vick is getting some free...

Vick Gets New Endorsement Deal With Nike

Athletic-apparel company cut ties with QB over dogfighting rap

(Newser) - Nike, which ate a reported $1.5 million when it severed ties with Michael Vick over his dogfighting rap in 2007, has signed the quarterback to a new endorsement deal. “He has always been a fan of the brand and looks forward to the relationship,” his agent tells...

Lions Score 1st Win Since 2007
 Lions Score 1st Win Since 2007 
nfl history

Lions Score 1st Win Since 2007

Redskins fall to team that went 0-16 in 2008; Vick returns

(Newser) - The Detroit Lions, winless since December 2007 and holders of the NFL record for futility after their 0-16 2008 season, stunned the visiting Redskins today at Ford Field, recording a 19-14 victory. "Yes, it's just the Redskins. And yes, they are not very good," wrote Shawn Winston of...

Advice to Budding Journos: Hate Is the Hottest Beat

(Newser) - Who says journalism is dead? Sure, newspapers are slashing newsroom staff and shutting down bureaus, Simon Dumenco writes in Advertising Age, but there’s still one booming sector: hate. “Everything is a hate beat these days, because everybody is consumed with hating on everybody else.” And you can...

Sack Vick, Feed a Dog: Animal Shelter

To raise awareness of pit bull plight, group will match tackles with food

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania animal shelter has put a price on Michael Vick’s head—sort of. Main Line Animal Rescue ran an ad in the Washington Post promising to donate five bags of dog food to local shelters every time a Redskin sacks Vick during their Oct. 26 game. “We...

Vick Can Return in Week 3: NFL

(Newser) - Michael Vick, who last played in the NFL in 2006, will be eligible to suit up for the Eagles on Sept. 27, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. "Hopefully we can have a success story here that will be good for society in general and good for the NFL,"...

Vick Plays Early, Gets Standing O in Philly Debut

He plays QB, receiver in Eagles offense; protests muted

(Newser) - Though there was a smattering of protesters both for and against Michael Vick, the convicted dog-killer got a standing ovation from the Philadelphia fans when he made his Eagles debut on their first offensive series of tonight’s exhibition game, the Inquirer reports. Vick lined up at quarterback and wide...

Vick's Fans, Critics Plot Rallies Ahead of Eagles Game

NAACP to march at stadium, while SPCA throws 'tailgate' party

(Newser) - Michael Vick’s first NFL game since his conviction for dog fighting has triggered strong reactions among animal and civil rights advocates in Philadelphia and they plan to let him know it, AP reports. Before he steps onto the field today as the Eagles’ quarterback, the Pennsylvania SPCA will throw...

Dress Your Dog Like Michael Vick

(Newser) - Philadelphia Eagles fans might froth at the mouth over replica jerseys touting their new dog-fighting convict quarterback Michael Vick, but dog-size Vick jerseys could turn out to be a big hit. The NFL has sanctioned the K-9 jerseys, allowing customers through its website to customize the uniform with Vick's name,...

The Greatest Comebacks Ever
 The Greatest Comebacks Ever 

The Greatest Comebacks Ever

(Newser) - Michael Vick isn’t the first athlete who’s had to claw his way back from the wilderness. Time takes a look at the top sports comebacks ever, including:  
  • Muhammad Ali—The self-proclaimed “greatest of all time” bounced back after losing time for refusing to fight in Vietnam,

Vick: 'I Cried So Many Nights'

(Newser) - Disgraced football star Michael Vick spent long nights in prison "crying" over what he did to "the animals" in his dog-fighting operation, and the mess he made of his life, he said on 60 Minutes yesterday. "The first day I walked into prison, and he slammed that...

Vick Looks Solid in First Practice

(Newser) - Michael Vick returned with his No. 7 to the football field today, running the scouts' offense in practice with the Philadelphia Eagles. How'd he do? Apparently, not bad for an ex-con: "His first toss ... was a little wobbler over the middle to Danny Amendola," notes the Eagles blog...

Vick Vows He 'Won't Disappoint'

QB: 'I'm glad to have a second chance'

(Newser) - Michael Vick says he “won’t disappoint” as a player for of the Eagles, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. “I’m glad to have an opportunity at a second chance,” said the convicted felon and newly signed quarterback. He said at a press conference today he had...

Vick Signs With Eagles
 Vick Signs With Eagles 

Vick Signs With Eagles

(Newser) - Michael Vick is back in the NFL. The recently released dog-fighter signed a surprise two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, reports ESPN. Vick—who claims debt of about $4 million—will get $1.6 million the first year with the possibility of $5.2 million the second. He can immediately...

Undercover Texas Cops Sting Dog-Fighting Ring

(Newser) - A pair of Houston cops recently put away nearly 100 dog fighters, but to do so they had to become “dogmen” themselves. Texas Monthly recounts the undercover sting and provides a look at the brutal sport. The cops were reluctant at first—“we just figured it was piddly...

Hey PETA, Vick's an Animal, Too
Vick's an
Animal, Too

Hey PETA, Vick's an Animal, Too

Disgraced QB paid his price, deserves a second chance

(Newser) - What Michael Vick did was pretty reprehensible, but he deserves a second chance anyway, writes Raina Kelley of Newsweek, simply because he’s paid the price for his misdeeds. “He lost his freedom, his job, his worldly possessions, his good name, and the esteem of his fellow players. I...

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