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Columbia University Makes a Big Move on the SATs

Ivy League school announces it's keeping its test-optional policy without time limits for admissions

(Newser) - During the peak of the pandemic, many schools around the nation, including Ivy Leagues, suspended their requirements that applicants submit SAT and ACT scores to be considered for admission. Now, one Ivy League might be making that move permanent. NBC New York reports that Manhattan's Columbia University is now...

Colleges Expect Court Ruling to Have Sweeping Effects

Changes in student bodies will show up next year and be lasting, experts say

(Newser) - In oral arguments in October, the Supreme Court gave colleges every indication that their admission policies are about to change. Republican-appointed justices, who hold the majority, indicated skepticism about what opponents call race-conscious admissions practices. "I've heard the word diversity quite a few times, and I don't...

Supreme Court Again Tackles Affirmative Action

AP takes a look at recent big cases that may play a role in decision

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will take up the issue of affirmative action again Monday—the second time in six years—but with the conservative majority now generally expected to end the use of race in higher education admissions. That would be a major shift for the court, which first ruled in...

For a Few Hours, Applicants Were Accepted by Law School

Northeastern sent a second letter out the same day

(Newser) - Northeastern University's School of Law had something awkward to tell the thousands of applicants it had emailed earlier in the day welcoming them to the Class of 2026. The congratulatory letter was sent by mistake, the school said, blaming a technical error. The first letter went to 205 current...

No More Legacy Admissions at Colleges?

It's the new fight over campus equality

(Newser) - America’s elite colleges are facing growing calls to end the decades-old tradition of giving an admissions boost to the children of alumni—a practice that critics say is rooted in racism and bestows an unfair advantage to students who need it least, per the AP . Fueled by the national...

SAT Gets Digital Revamp
Big Changes Ahead
for SAT Test-Takers

Big Changes Ahead for SAT Test-Takers

It's going digital, and it will take 2 hours instead of 3

(Newser) - As more and more colleges make the SAT optional, the test itself will be shortened and entirely digital by 2024, reports CNN . The College Board, the body behind the standardized college admissions test, says it did extensive research before making the decision. “We're not simply putting the current...

Supreme Court to Hear Pivotal College Race Case

Harvard and UNC accused of discriminating against Asian-American applicants

(Newser) - The conservative-dominated Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a challenge to the consideration of race in college admissions, adding another blockbuster case to a term with abortion, guns, religion, and COVID-19 already on the agenda. The court said it will take up lawsuits claiming that Harvard, a private institution,...

Harvard Extends Big Pandemic Change for 4 More Years

Candidates won't be required to send in their SAT, ACT scores until at least 2026

(Newser) - It was a change brought about by the pandemic, and one that Harvard University now plans on continuing for at least four more years—and maybe even for good. The New York Times reports the Ivy League school has decided to go the test-optional route, not requiring SAT and ACT...

A First in the 'Varsity Blues' Scandal: a Trial
'Varsity Blues'
Trial Brings
Guilty Verdicts

'Varsity Blues' Trial Brings Guilty Verdicts

Case against parents Gamal Abdelaziz, John Wilson was the first to go to trial

(Newser) - Update: After deliberating for about 10 hours, jurors found two parents guilty Friday in the college admissions bribery scandal. Gamal Abdelaziz and John Wilson were convicted on fraud and bribery conspiracy charges, the AP reports, and Wilson was also convicted of other counts of bribery, wire fraud, and filing a...

Harvard Admissions Essay of Teen Who Lost Mom Goes Viral

Abigail Mack explains why she hates the letter S

(Newser) - Getting into Harvard is an impressive achievement by anyone's measure. But for one Massachusetts teen, her admittance involves a most emotional backstory and a TikTok video series that has since gone viral. Per Upworthy , 18-year-old Abigail Mack lost her mother to cancer, and she took to the social media...

And Now, a New College Admissions Scandal

Ex-Harvard coach, father charged in $1.5M scam

(Newser) - The former fencing coach at Harvard and a wealthy Maryland businessman were arrested Monday on accusations that the coach took $1.5 million in bribes in exchange for helping the businessman get his two sons into the Ivy League school as recruited fencers, the AP reports. Peter Brand, 67, who...

Audit: UC Admitted 64 Students as 'Favors'

State audit came in response to college admissions scandal

(Newser) - A California state audit has found that the University of California wrongly admitted at least 64 wealthy students over the past six years as “favors to donors, family, and friends." The California State Auditor also found in the audit released Tuesday that campus staff falsely designated 22 of...

Lori Loughlin Sentenced to Prison in College Scam

She will serve 2 months, and husband Mossimo Giannulli will serve 5 months

(Newser) - Aunt Becky is going to prison, though only for 2 months. Actress Lori Loughlin of Full House fame received the sentence Friday over her role in the college admissions scam , reports the AP . Prior to her sentencing, husband Mossimo Giannulli, a clothing designer, received a sentence of 5 months, per...

Lori Loughlin to Plead Guilty, Serve Time Behind Bars

'Full House' star's husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will also plead guilty

(Newser) - For more than a year, it looked like Lori Loughlin would fight the charges against her in the college admissions bribery scandal. Apparently, she's changed her mind: Per the Los Angeles Times and ABC News , the 55-year-old Full House actress and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will plead guilty to...

University of California President: Let's Stop Using the SAT, ACT

Janet Napolitano, president of the UC system, recommends use of a homegrown test

(Newser) - The president of the University of California wants to end the use of the SAT and ACT as admission requirements and replace them with a homegrown test, according to a plan released Monday. Janet Napolitano’s five-year plan was submitted in advance of a May 21 Board of Regents meeting...

Judge in Loughlin Case: 'Disturbing' Defense Allegations

Federal judge wants more info from prosecutors on claims FBI investigators asked Rick Singer to lie

(Newser) - Lori Loughlin and other parents involved in the college admissions bribery scandal have been trying to get charges against them dropped , claiming misconduct by FBI investigators, and a federal judge now wants more information from prosecutors, calling the allegations "serious and disturbing." Defense attorneys say that Loughlin and...

Students Could Take SAT Exams at Home

June testing has been called off

(Newser) - A home version of the SAT college entrance exam is being prepared in case schools remain closed into the fall, College Board officials said Wednesday as they announced the cancellation of June testing. Instead of a paper-and-pencil test given under proctors' supervision, the home version would be digital and rely...

The SAT Is Canceled
The SAT Is Canceled

The SAT Is Canceled

Testing organizations cancel, delay college admissions tests

(Newser) - Spring dates for college admissions tests are being rescheduled or postponed amid concerns about the coronavirus, while high school seniors may be allowed to take Advanced Placement exams to earn college credit from home, the AP reports. Details:
  • The groups that give both the ACT and SAT tests announced Monday

'Loud and Abrasive Call' Might Ruin College Scandal Case

Court filing releases notes from Rick Singer's iPhone

(Newser) - Lori Loughlin, wondering what to read tonight? Try TMZ . The tabloid news site reports that Rick Singer, ringleader in the college admissions scandal, says the FBI angrily told him to lie about a key aspect of the case. One accused parent, Elisabeth Kimmel, made a legal filing Wednesday that claims...

She Investigated Admissions Fraud While Allegedly Taking Part

Prosecutors share emails between Mossimo Giannulli and scheme mastermind

(Newser) - An athletic department administrator asked to investigate puzzling recruitment decisions at the University of Southern California a year before the admissions scandal broke was herself taking part in the fraud, according to new court documents. In March 2018, a USC official asked Donna Heinel to look into three students—Lori...

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