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What's Next for Scotland—and the UK

'No' vote doesn't mean no changes

(Newser) - Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, but that doesn't mean there are no changes in store. The BBC , Telegraph , USA Today , and CNN run down what's next for the country and the UK:
  • Scottish Parliament will get more power. That's something the three biggest

Malala Demands Education in UN Speech

General Assembly celebrates her 16th birthday

(Newser) - What did you do for your sweet 16? Because Malala Yousufzai spent hers addressing the UN, which was celebrating a special "Malala Day" in her honor today, al-Jazeera reports. "Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons," said the Pakistani teen,...

News of the World Scandal: Sun Editor Rebekah Brooks' Call to Gordon Brown About Son Is 'Unforgivable'
Sun's Call to
Gordon Brown

Sun's Call to Gordon Brown 'Unforgivable'

Rebekah Brooks violated basic decency on former PM's son

(Newser) - Learning that your child has a disability is hard enough—but try getting a phone call saying his illness will be front-page news. That’s what happened to Gordon Brown when his family was still coming to terms with his son’s cystic fibrosis: Then-Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, now CEO...

Gordon Brown: Murdoch Papers Hacked Me, Too

Sun , Sunday Times took bank, health records, says source

(Newser) - Add Gordon Brown to the list of those allegedly hacked by News Corp employees. The former British PM believes journalists from multiple Rupert Murdoch-owned papers illegally accessed his bank information and his phone messages, a source close to Brown tells CNN . That led to a story in the Sun about...

Gordon Brown Blocked Jobs Knighthood Over Snub

Apple boss reportedly turned down invite to speak at Labour conference

(Newser) - Steve Jobs came thiiiis close to being an honorary knight—before then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown stepped in and put the kibosh on his nomination, one former lawmaker tells the Telegraph . What had Jobs done to earn the honor? Why make nifty-looking gadgets, of course!

Silvio Berlusconi Chased Naomi Campbell's Phone Number at State Dinner, Says Gordon Brown's Wife Sarah


Berlusconi Sought Naomi's Number

Gordon Brown's wife recounts PM's antics at state dinner

(Newser) - As if things weren't bad enough for Silvio Berlusconi, now he's got the wife of a former world leader gossiping about him: Sarah Brown, missus to former British PM Gordon Brown, has a new book out in which she recounts the randy Italian chasing around after model Naomi Campbell's phone...

Tony Blair: I Drank Too Much
 Tony Blair: I Drank Too Much 
Book Revelations

Tony Blair: I Drank Too Much

And I hated Gordon Brown

(Newser) - Tony Blair’s memoir, A Journey, has just hit stores, and it’s loaded with juicy revelations that have Britain talking. Among them:
  • Blair says he used alcohol as “a prop,” with his daily intake “definitely at the outer limit” of what was acceptable. “By the

Did Bush, Blair Plot vs. Gordon Brown?

Labour sources drop bomb ahead of Blair memoir

(Newser) - Tony Blair and George Bush plotted to have Blair stay on as prime minister because Bush wasn't sold on Gordon Brown, claims the Sunday Telegraph . Labour Party sources tell the Telegraph that Bush's team expressed doubts about Brown after he "harangued" Condi Rice in a private meeting. Rice subsequently...

Cameron Takes Reins in UK
 Cameron Takes Reins in UK 

Cameron Takes Reins in UK

Conservative becomes youngest PM in 200 years

(Newser) - Britain woke up to a new political era today with the first coalition government since World War II—an unlikely marriage between the Conservative Party and the left-leaning Liberal Democrats. With a handshake, smiles and waves, the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed his new coalition partner, Deputy Prime Minister...

David Cameron Will Succeed Gordon Brown
 David Cameron Will 
 Succeed Gordon Brown 

David Cameron Will Succeed Gordon Brown

Tory-Liberal Dem coalition talks continue

(Newser) - Gordon Brown stepped down as prime minister and resigned as head of the Labour Party today, as it became clear that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are on the verge of forming a coalition government. David Cameron, the head of the Tories, is expected to visit Buckingham Palace today to...

Gordon Brown Offers to Step Down—Eventually

Move aimed to help talks with Liberal Democrats on coalition government

(Newser) - Gordon Brown has announced that he's stepping down as the head of the Labour party—some time before the party's next conference this fall—but that he'd like to remain prime minister until then if possible, the Guardian reports. Brown also announced that the Liberal Democrats would begin formal talks...

Cameron, Clegg Scramble to Form UK Government
 Cameron, Clegg Scramble 
 to Form UK Government  
Brown urged to step down

Cameron, Clegg Scramble to Form UK Government

Election leaves Liberal Dems in driver's seat

(Newser) - Britain's winner-less election has left both the Conservatives and the Labour Party furiously negotiating with and sucking up to Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, with papers just as furiously live-blogging the comings and goings. Though they actually lost seats, the Liberal Dems have the power to determine who becomes prime...

Cameron Says He'll Form UK Government

Conservative Party didn't win majority but got most votes, seats

(Newser) - In the wake of yesterday's no-winner election in the UK, Conservative Party leader David Cameron says he plans to form a government even though he failed to secure a majority in Parliament, the Times of London reports. He has the support of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who said Cameron...

Nobody Wins UK Election
 Nobody Wins UK Election 

Nobody Wins UK Election

Country faces hung parliament with no clear winner

(Newser) - The British haven't finished counting the votes from yesterday's election yet but it's now certain that no party will gain a majority of seats in Parliament, despite a large swing of votes toward the Conservatives away from the ruling Labour Party. Britain now has a "hung parliament," in...

Britain Heads Toward Hung Parliament
 Britain Heads Toward 
 Hung Parliament 
exit polls

Britain Heads Toward Hung Parliament

Cameron's Conservatives win, but not a majority

(Newser) - Exit polls suggest that the Conservatives captured the largest number of seats today in Britain's national election but will fall short of a majority—triggering a hung parliament and uncertainty over who will form the next government. David Cameron's Conservative party is expected to win 307 House of Commons seats,...

Polls Open in Too-Close-to-Call UK Election
  Insanely Close UK 
  Election Under Way 
Hung parliament, anyone?

Insanely Close UK Election Under Way

Polls predict no party will prevail, as Clegg surge upsets Cameron win

(Newser) - Polls in Britain's razor-edge election opened early today in a race that is likely to reshape the country's politics in historic ways. Should Gordon Brown cling to power, his Labour Party will have pulled off one of the most unlikely political comebacks in modern times. Victory for the Conservatives' David...

Cameron Dominates Final UK Debate

Brown fails to make breakthrough in third televised talk-fest

(Newser) - Conservative leader David Cameron was widely seen as the winner of last night's third and final British election debate after Gordon Brown failed to make the breakthrough he desperately needed. The Conservative leader, in a debate focusing on the economy, promised to make sweeping budget cuts if he gains power...

Gordon Brown Apologizes to 'Bigoted Woman'
Gordon Brown Apologizes to 'Bigoted Woman'
Gaffe Dept.

Gordon Brown Apologizes to 'Bigoted Woman'

PM mutters insults into microphone he didn't know was on

(Newser) - Gordon Brown fell all over himself apologizing yesterday after he was caught on tape calling a voter a “bigoted woman.” After a conversation about immigration with Gillian Duffy, 65, Brown got in his car muttering, “That was a disaster,” unaware that his broadcast microphone was still...

Clegg Under Fire in 2nd UK Election Debate

Polls show Liberal Democrat leader narrowly winning Round 2

(Newser) - The third-party candidate who upended Britain's political landscape with a runaway victory in last week's election debate won by a narrower margin as the party leaders clashed again last night, according to polls. In a debate focused on foreign policy, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg came under fire from both...

3rd-Party Candidate Wins UK Election Debate

Clegg wins over voters as Brown, Cameron trade jabs

(Newser) - The leaders of both Britain's main political parties may be wishing they'd never agreed to the country's first American-style televised election debate. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg—who offered up his party as a fresh alternative to Gordon Brown's Labour and David Cameron's Conservatives—is widely seen to have won...

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