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It's Going to Be a Wet and Wintry Holiday Week

Storm system ahead of Thanksgiving to bring rain, snow across US amid expected record travel

(Newser) - The Thanksgiving holiday week looks to be back in full force, with a record number of travelers expected both on the road and in the air—despite a weather forecast set to bring travel snarls across a good part of the United States. The AP reports that the Transportation Security...

TSA, Airlines Say Holiday Travel Will Break Records

Some 30 million people are expected to fly over Thanksgiving period

(Newser) - Get ready for a busy holiday travel season: Friday, June 30, was the busiest day in Transportation Security Administration history but the agency expects that record to be broken over Thanksgiving. "We expect this holiday season to be our busiest ever. In 2023, we have already seen seven of...

Accidental Gunshot Sends Travelers Fleeing at Airport

Passengers run from security checkpoint

(Newser) - A gunshot caused panic at the Atlanta airport on Saturday afternoon, sending passengers fleeing and briefly putting a halt to departing flights. The weapon was fired accidentally, officials at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport said. City police said no one was injured, CNN reports. "There is not an active shooter," a...

Major Storm Threatens Thanksgiving Travel

Forecasters see a couple of scenarios

(Newser) - A major storm could throw a wrench into the plans of Thanksgiving travelers next week. It's too soon to know how the weather will break, meteorologists said, but several ways could affect millions of people planning holiday trips, USA Today reports. "We could be looking at a huge...

Warnings or Not, Millions Flew Over Holiday

Air travel was down from last year but higher than health experts wanted

(Newser) - Nearly 1.2 million people passed through US airports Sunday, the largest number since the pandemic gripped the country in March, despite pleas from health experts for Americans to stay home over Thanksgiving. The Transportation Security Administration screened at least 1 million people on four of the last 10 days...

Mayor Traveled for Holiday as He Told Residents Not To

Denver mayor is in Mississippi to see his wife and daughter

(Newser) - The mayor of Denver, Colorado, was one of many officials urging residents of his city not to travel for Thanksgiving—but it turns out he himself is, yes, you guessed it, traveling for Thanksgiving. "My wife and my daughter have been in Mississippi, where my daughter recently took a...

More Snow, Storms Ahead for Much of US

Some places can expect a blizzard, others severe thunderstorms

(Newser) - The busy travel weekend isn't over yet, and neither is the snow that complicates it. The National Weather Service said a broad band from the Northern Rockies, through the Northern Plains, to Michigan's Upper Peninsula can expect at least 8 inches — more than 18 inches in places....

Wintry Threats Ease for Holiday, Not for Return Trip

'Just stay home,' Weather Service in Nevada says

(Newser) - Wintry weather temporarily loosened its grip across much of the US just in time for Thanksgiving, but travelers were bracing for heavy snow and blizzard conditions in some areas as they made plans to return home. The wind, ice and snow that tied up major highways and airports Tuesday and...

Weather Still Not Cooperating for Thanksgiving Travel

'Could be a coast-to-coast storm'

(Newser) - A day after bringing havoc to the Rocky Mountains, a powerful winter storm rolled across the Midwest on Wednesday, threatening to scramble Thanksgiving plans for millions of people during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, the AP reports. The storm, which was blamed for one death and...

During Busiest Travel Time of the Year, a Big Weather Snafu

It's kind of a mess pretty much everywhere

(Newser) - A record-setting number of travelers are expected over the Thanksgiving holiday—indeed, the Sunday after Turkey Day, December 1, is expected to be the busiest day ever for US airlines—but the weather is not exactly cooperating . CNN reports 21 million people across the country are currently under some kind...

3 Storms Headed Our Way for the Holiday

Inclement weather could muck up travelers' plans during Thanksgiving week

(Newser) - According to AAA , upward of 55 million Americans will be journeying away from home during Thanksgiving week—a normally busy time for travelers that looks like it will be compounded by three storms across the nation, reports USA Today . AAA warns Wednesday afternoon will likely be the worst time to...

Oof: Record Number of People Flying for Thanksgiving

TSA expects more than 26.8 million travelers over the holiday, up 4% from last year

(Newser) - Flying somewhere for Thanksgiving? Good luck. The Transportation Security Administration says more than 26.8 million people are expected to make their way through airport security checkpoints between Nov. 22 and Dec. 2—a record high, per the Hill , and a 4% increase over 2018, per ABC . The busiest days...

Travelers, Beware: Snowstorm's Coming
Travelers, Beware:
Snowstorm's Coming
the rundown

Travelers, Beware: Snowstorm's Coming

Winter Storm Bruce is likely to greet Thanksgiving drivers

(Newser) - Thanksgiving travelers, watch out: A big winter storm is expected across the heartland this weekend that could include dangerous whiteout driving conditions, reports. Propelled by a jet stream plunge and a low-pressure system, Winter Storm Bruce is expected to push through the Rockies and into the Plains, turning...

There Are Going to Be a Lot of People Traveling for Thanksgiving

54 million is the estimate

(Newser) - Good luck if you're planning to travel for Thanksgiving. According to AAA, a record number of people will be doing so this year. Specifically, more than 54 million people, or the highest number since a record was set in 2005, per Newsday . That number includes Americans traveling more than...

No Threats, Extra Security for Thanksgiving Travelers

It's expected to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel week since 2007

(Newser) - Officials say there are no specific threats to Americans over the Thanksgiving holiday, but travelers can expect heightened security and extra delays regardless. The Los Angeles Times cites two anonymous law enforcement officials, who say there are no additional security measures being put in place for holiday travelers to address...

Thanksgiving Fliers to Eat 7M Cinnabon Calories per Hour

Company expects people stuck in airports to consume 1M rolls over next 5 days

(Newser) - You don't want to give in, but many people stuck at the airport usually do. The allure of the Cinnabon is too powerful, and this holiday weekend, its maker anticipates that about 1 million of the sweet cinnamon rolls will be consumed in airports around America, Businessweek reports. From...

Thanksgiving Travelers Should 'Pack Patience'

East Coast could get pummeled with rain, snow starting tonight into Thursday

(Newser) - A nor'easter is expected to develop along the East Coast just as millions of travelers head to their Thanksgiving destinations. The storm, forecast to dump rain along the coast and snow further inland, could cause delays along busy Northeast highways and has the possibility of upsetting travel plans at...

Wall of Storms Threatens Holiday Travel

'Timing couldn't be worse,' weather service says

(Newser) - A wall of storms packing ice, sleet, and rain could upend holiday travel plans as millions of Americans take to the roads, skies, and rails today for Thanksgiving. So far, the deadly storms barreling into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast have not resulted in many flight delays or cancellations, but forecasters...

8 Dead as 'Nordic Outbreak' Blasts Wests, Heads East

Storm is moving eastward, will impact much of the nation: weather service

(Newser) - Stormy weather across the West blamed in eight deaths moved steadily eastward, prompting alerts of wintry conditions in New Mexico and Texas. Forecasters said the storm system in the West would sweep across the South and toward the Atlantic coast in the coming week, causing problems for holiday travelers. The...

Just in Time for Thanksgiving: A Vicious Nor'easter

Weather service warns storm could snarl travel

(Newser) - A mighty storm is brewing off the East Coast and forecasters fear it could reach land just in time to cause Thanksgiving travel chaos. Weather models suggest a variety of outcomes when the storm moves north and meets a blast of Arctic air, but the most likely one is believed...

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