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'Times Have Changed': Homer Stops Strangling Bart

'Simpsons' acknowledges the shift in new episode

(Newser) - Scenes that show Homer Simpson strangling his son Bart, often preceded by a frustrated "Why, you little...," are such a staple of the long-running animated sitcom that compilation videos exist showing all the times it's happened. Going forward, however, it appears the Springfield patriarch "has had...

Bad News for Homer, Marge This Season

They legally separate in 'The Simpsons' premiere, Al Jean reveals

(Newser) - More dire news from the upcoming season of The Simpsons: Homer and Marge's marriage is in trouble. "In the premiere, it’s discovered after all the years Homer has narcolepsy and it’s an incredible strain on the marriage," executive producer Al Jean reveals in a new...

Hot Simpsons Theory: Homer's Been in Coma for 20 Years

Reddit speculation won't die, even though a show producer says it's false

(Newser) - Diehard Simpsons fans have by now likely encountered a theory about Homer that surfaced on Reddit earlier this month and simply won't die: The short version is that Homer has been in a coma for more than 20 years—specifically since mid-1993 after a Bart prank involving a beer...

Homer Simpson Votes for ...
 Homer Simpson Votes For... 

Homer Simpson Votes For...

President Obama, or Mitt Romney? Homer decides

(Newser) - Just how will Homer Simpson vote? The burning political question of 2012 has been resolved in a promo clip for The Simpsons' new season, which shows Homer casting his ballot for ... Mitt Romney, but not without some regret, Politico reports. After pressing Romney's name on a touchscreen, Homer reads...

D'oh! Iran Bans Homer Simpson Doll

Like Barbie, Homer's on the outs in Tehran

(Newser) - Maybe the Supreme Leader doesn't giggle at lines like "Homer no function beer well without" and "I felt a surge of power … like God must feel when he’s holding a gun." But whatever the reason, Iranian officials have placed the Homer Simpson doll alongside...

Europe Censors Simpsons Nuke Gags

Episode 'On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister' is yanked

(Newser) - European nations are beginning to yank any Simpsons episodes including nuclear gags in deference to the ongoing catastrophe in Japan. Broadcasters in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany are checking though upcoming episodes of the popular cartoon, which often features near-doomsday accidents at the nuclear reactor workplace of the series' beloved buffoon...

Did Usher Rip Off a Homer Simpson Song?

Homer sings about gifts, Usher waxes about booty

(Newser) - A hilarious YouTube crew thinks they have proof positive that Usher ripped off Homer Simpson. Mississippi's Y101 radio show staffers discovered that Usher's OMG, written this year by will.i.am, is strikingly similar to a Homer song from 2003—except that Simpson croons about Christmas presents 'sted of his...

D'Oh! Simpson Clan Not Catholic

Pope's wrong; they're 'Presby-Lutheran Protestants,' says producer

(Newser) - Turns out the pope is fallible after all. The official Vatican newspaper declared last week that Homer Simpson and his family are Catholic. But the creators of the cartoon characters have announced that church officials are downright wrong, reports the BBC . Homer and son Bart considered converting to Catholicism five...

Homer Is Top TV, Film Character
 Homer Is Best 
 TV, Film Character 
see top 10 of last 20 years

Homer Is Best TV, Film Character

Simpsons dad wins in survey from past 20 years

(Newser) - The world loves Homer Simpson—even more than Harry Potter. The Simpsons patriarch grabbed the top spot in Entertainment Weekly ’s survey of the best TV and film characters of the past two decades, the New York Post reports. “People can relate to Homer because we're all secretly...

20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes
 20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes 
No. 1: 'D'OH!'

20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes

(Newser) - In honor of tonight's 20th-anniversary celebration of The Simpsons, Washington Post comics columnist Michael Cavna offers his list of the top 20 Homer Simpson quotes. Of course, No. 1 is "D'oh!" Selected other gems:
  • "Oh, everything looks bad if you remember it."
  • "I'm going to

7 Simpsons Life Lessons
 7 Simpsons Life Lessons 

7 Simpsons Life Lessons

Matt Groening's sitcom can really teach us something

(Newser) - The Simpsons is more than just a cartoon—it’s spawned essays, books, and lecture series, and the Telegraph takes a look at the lessons it can teach us:
  • Family is the most important thing: Contrary to former president George Bush’s beliefs, The Simpsons celebrates family—complete with a

Vatican Praises The Simpsons' Take on God

Despite his jokes, Homer knows Him 'quite well'

(Newser) - The Vatican's newspaper sees right through Homer Simpson’s superficial ambivalence about—or even ignorance of—God to a soul that finds its “ultimate refuge in” the supreme deity. In a study of that great theological repository, The Simpsons, the editors of L'Osservatore Romano praise its portrayal of “...

Homer Had Never Heard of Playboy: Marge

Simpsons mom, in nude cover story, spills on marriage with Homer

(Newser) - Marge Simpson does more than just strip down in the November issue of Playboy—she talks too, telling the magazine about the moment she knew she’d marry Homer: “Well, when the doctor said I was pregnant, I heard a voice saying, 'That's the man you're going to marry....

Johnny (Sorry, Jay) Top TV Icon
Johnny (Sorry, Jay) Top TV Icon

Johnny (Sorry, Jay) Top TV Icon

The famous faces of TV are (nearly) all present in this Hall of Fame

(Newser) - Letterman and Stewart made the cut, but Leno got stiffed when Entertainment Weekly and TV Land did their list of the top 50 TV icons. Leading the list, of course, the guy who started it all:
  1. Johnny Carson
  2. Lucille Ball
  3. Oprah Winfrey

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