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1 Dead, 3 Injured in Ski Resort Avalanche

Slide occurred Wednesday morning at Palisades Tahoe

(Newser) - An avalanche roared through a section of expert trails at a California ski resort near Lake Tahoe on Wednesday, killing one person and injuring three others, as a major storm with snow and gusty winds moved into the region, authorities said. The avalanche prompted Palisades Tahoe to close 30 minutes...

Authorities Bust 4 Furry Suspects in Tahoe Mayhem

'Hank the Tank' and her youngsters have been captured in California after string of break-ins

(Newser) - California authorities have captured four suspects in multiple break-ins at homes around South Lake Tahoe, and they're not who you might think: a mama bear and three of her cubs. DNA has confirmed the large female black bear and her three little accomplices were responsible for at least 21...

Cops: Man Who Fondled Feet in Tahoe Arrested

Mark Anthony Gonzales, 26, accused of sneaking into Nevada resort condos to commit creepy crime

(Newser) - A California man accused of sneaking into Lake Tahoe vacation condos and fondling women's feet has been arrested. On Wednesday, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in Nevada said that 26-year-old Mark Anthony Gonzales of Atwater had been taken into custody on Monday and hit with burglary and battery...

Jeremy Renner's Rep Gives Update After Snow Plow Accident

Actor is still in critical but stable condition after surgery

(Newser) - Jeremy Renner remains in critical but stable condition after a snow plow accident at his Reno, Nevada, home Sunday following a big storm in the area the day prior. "We can confirm that Jeremy has suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and has undergone surgery today, January 2nd...

There's a Lot Less Trash in Lake Tahoe Now

It won't alter systemic problems in the lake, but it sure doesn't hurt

(Newser) - Lake Tahoe is now home to 25,000 fewer pounds of trash, thanks to Clean Up the Lake, a California nonprofit that recently finished clearing garbage to a depth of 25 feet along all 72 miles of the lake’s shores, per the Guardian. Over the course of a year,...

Family Thought They Heard Snoring. Turned Out 5 Bears Were Living Under House
That Snoring Noise Was
Not What Family Thought
in case you missed it

That Snoring Noise Was Not What Family Thought

Mom and 4 yearling cubs have since moved on from hibernating under Lake Tahoe home

(Newser) - A California family thought they occasionally heard a strange sound coming from underneath their Lake Tahoe home, but when they asked neighbors to listen for the rumbly noise, similar to snoring, no one else noticed it. So they ignored it ... until last week, when the five bears who'd spent...

'Hank the Tank' Is Not Just One Bear

Officials say at least 3 bears are responsible for rash of property damage

(Newser) - Hank the Tank is actually a three-bear battalion. DNA evidence now shows that the 500-pound black bear the public had nicknamed “Hank the Tank” is, in fact, at least three not-so-little bears who have damaged more than 30 properties around Lake Tahoe in recent months. The California Department of...

Supporters Fight to Save Black Bear With a Death Sentence
Hank the Tank
Strikes Again

Hank the Tank Strikes Again

Supporters hope to remove black bear from Lake Tahoe area, where he's wreaking havoc

(Newser) - Update: Hank the Tank is at it again. The 500-pound black bear who's been busting into homes around Lake Tahoe made his way into yet another home Friday, according to South Lake Tahoe police. "He broke into a secured home, through the small window in the photo, and...

Fire That Threatened LakeTahoe Region Is Now 100% Contained
Father, Son Accused of
Starting Caldor Fire

Father, Son Accused of Starting Caldor Fire

California wildfire burned for 67 days before it was contained

(Newser) - Update: A father and son stand accused of reckless arson in the California wildfire that threatened the storied Lake Tahoe region, the Sacramento Bee reports. After a monthslong investigation involving multiple search warrants, David Scott Smith, 66, and Travis Shane Smith, 32, were on Thursday taken into custody on a...

She Heard a Noise in the Kitchen. Then, a 'Big Paw Right on My Face'

Laurel-Rose von Hoffmann-Curzi, who has cancer, fought off bear in her Lake Tahoe vacation cabin

(Newser) - For Laurel-Rose von Hoffmann-Curzi, her Lake Tahoe vacation home has been a refuge during the pandemic, especially since she has stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is particularly vulnerable to COVID. But the 66-year-old retired doctor says she won't be going back to the cabin anytime soon after a black...

Storied Ski Resort Makes 'a Big, Big Statement'

Squaw Valley, host of 1960 Olympics, changes name to Palisades Tahoe

(Newser) - The largest ski resort at California's Lake Tahoe will no longer be known as Squaw Valley. The Olympic Valley resort cast off its 72-year-old name on Monday, unveiling its new moniker, Palisades Tahoe. The resort, a host site for the 1960 Winter Olympics, had announced an upcoming name change...

Lake Tahoe Residents 'Thankful to Be Alive'

They're returning home, though Caldor Fire is only 50% contained

(Newser) - Residents are returning to the Lake Tahoe resort area more than a week after evacuation orders spurred by the Caldor Fire , though full containment is still weeks away. More than 53,000 people had been ordered to evacuate by Sept. 1. At that time, officials expected full containment by Wednesday....

'This Fire Does Stuff I’ve Never Seen Before'

Firefighters make progress in Tahoe battle, but danger remains

(Newser) - Firefighters battling to save the Lake Tahoe resort area got some help from the weather overnight. Operations section chief Tim Ernst told firefighters Wednesday morning that they had "lucked out" with winds that were not as fierce as expected, allowing them to make progress defending the South Lake Tahoe...

Fire May Wipe Out Lake Tahoe As We Know It

Iconic resort area is endangered

(Newser) - As the Caldor Fire bears down on Lake Tahoe , experts warn that an "urban conflagration" could see the popular resort area around the lake gutted. Old homes and log cabins with wood porches and roofs are common in the neighborhoods around Lake Tahoe, which straddles the California-Nevada border, as...

As Fire Bears Down, Residents of Lake Tahoe Told to Get Out

Evacuations ordered as 'Today, it let loose'

(Newser) - Fire officials ordered more evacuations around the Tahoe Basin as a two-week-old blaze encroached on the mountain towns surrounding glimmering Lake Tahoe. By nightfall, the AP reports that all residents on the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin were warned to evacuate, after fire officials had stressed for days...

Guy's Suit: I Went to Dump Dog Poop, Encountered a Bear

Calif. tourist on Nevada side of Lake Tahoe says he hurt himself trying to flee from bear in dumpster

(Newser) - He took his dog for a walk, ran into a bear in a dumpster, and hurt himself trying to get away. That's the upshot of a confrontation two years ago in Lake Tahoe between a California tourist and said bear, and now the subject of a lawsuit in Nevada'...

14-Year-Old Swimmer Sets Lake Tahoe Record

James Savage is the youngest person to swim lake's 21.3-mile length

(Newser) - A 14-year-old California boy has become the youngest person to swim the entire 21.3-mile length of Lake Tahoe and complete the alpine lake’s coveted Triple Crown. James Savage of Los Banos completed the trip across the scenic lake, which straddles the California-Nevada line, in 12 hours on Aug....

They Were About to Exchange Wedding Rings. Then, a Splash

Bride's wedding ring falls into Lake Tahoe during ceremony, but there's a happy ending

(Newser) - It's a happy ending after all following a Washington state couple's heart-stopping marriage ceremony that left the bride's wedding ring submerged in Lake Tahoe. "It was going off without a hitch and I was thinking in my head, 'No weddings just go without a hitch,...

Recovery of Man's Body Is Deepest Ever in US

Remains of Ryan Normoyle retrieved from 1,565 feet below the surface

(Newser) - The body of a man missing since August has been retrieved from 1,565 feet below the surface of Lake Tahoe in what's thought to be the deepest recovery ever recorded in the US. Ryan Normoyle's body was recovered Sunday, some seven weeks after the 29-year-old disappeared. He'...

California Has First Case of Plague in 5 Years

Dog-walker may have been bitten by infected flea

(Newser) - Because a pandemic, a heat wave , and rolling power shortages weren't enough, California is now dealing with the plague, too. Health authorities in South Lake Tahoe say a local resident has tested positive—the first case for the state in five years, reports the Los Angeles Times . The best...

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