Roger Clemens

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Roger Clemens' Rocket Lacked Oomph: Ex-Mistress
 Roger Clemens' Rocket 
 Lacked Oomph: Ex-Mistress  
sex tape tell-all

Roger Clemens' Rocket Lacked Oomph: Ex-Mistress

Pitching great suffered from erectile dysfunction: Mindy McCready

(Newser) - It's probably a good thing Roger Clemens is retired from baseball, because the locker-room ribbing after this would be epic: The Rocket's former mistress says he had "a lot of problems" with erectile dysfunction. Onetime country singer Mindy McCready, who stars in a forthcoming sex tape imaginatively titled Baseball ...

Worst (Un)Retirements in Sports
 Worst (Un)Retirements 
 in Sports 

Worst (Un)Retirements in Sports

(Newser) - With Brett Favre mulling yet another unretirement, Will Leitch of New York magazine looks back on the worst unretirements in sports history. They range from cringe-worthy to incomparably cringe-worthy:
  • Ricky Williams: How many drug tests can one man fail?
  • Lance Armstrong: "It’s difficult to come up with a

Clemens Offers Fresh Denial of 'Impossible' Steroid Use

(Newser) - Roger Clemens again denied past steroid use today, and criticized a new book that claims to detail his transgressions, the New York Daily News reports. It’s “impossible” that trainer Brian McNamee injected the pitcher with steroids “because he’s never given me any,” he told an...

Drugs Found on Clemens' Injection Kit

Lawyer says McNamee must have planted evidence

(Newser) - Federal investigators have found traces of banned, performance-enhancing substances on the paraphernalia Brian McNamee used to inject Roger Clemens, the New York Times reports. Clemens’ DNA was found on at least one of the syringes last month, but the pitcher says he was only injected with Vitamin B12 and painkillers....

McGwire Hall Snub Bodes Ill for Bonds, Clemens
McGwire Hall Snub Bodes
Ill for Bonds, Clemens

McGwire Hall Snub Bodes Ill for Bonds, Clemens

Could Bonds, Clemens face exclusion?

(Newser) - Mark McGwire's awful showing in Hall of Fame voting—he got only 21.9% of votes this year, which is actually worse than last year and way below the required 75%—is a good sign that that fellow steroid pals Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds face long odds when they...

Federal Grand Jury Will Look at Clemens' Perjury Case

McNamee, Radomski may help get indictment for lying to Congress over drugs

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury to investigate whether Roger Clemens committed perjury when he told Congress he’d never taken steroids, ESPN reports. The grand jury has subpoenaed Kirk Radomski, who says he supplied Clemens with drugs through the pitcher’s trainer, Brian McNamee.

Best Sports Stories of 2008
 Best Sports Stories of 2008 

Best Sports Stories of 2008

Evil Bill, golden Michael, ailing Tiger, and hapless Lions held our fascination

(Newser) - Every fan has favorite storylines from the year in sports, but a few were universally intriguing, Reid Cherner and Tom Weir write in USA Today:
  1. Michael Phelps' eight golds in the 08/08/08 Olympics gave America a reason to root.
  2. Our favorite hoodied villain, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, finally got his

Trainer Slaps Clemens With $10M Defamation Suit

McNamee, made famous by the Mitchell report, sticks it to ex-boss

(Newser) - Brian McNamee is suing his former boss for $10 million, the New York Post reports, saying Roger Clemens libeled and slandered him in the wake of the Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball. The former star pitcher is likewise suing McNamee for telling federal investigators Clemens used steroids, but McNamee...

McCready 'Recovering Nicely'

McCready 'Recovering Nicely'

Doctors repair tendon in country singer's left rm

(Newser) - Country crooner Mindy McCready is in stable condition after attempting suicide, the New York Daily News reports. Roger Clemens' former mistress underwent surgery in Nashville yesterday to fix a tendon in her left arm. "She is recovering nicely," a source said. A "very intoxicated" McCready slit...

Singer McCready Attempts Suicide

(Newser) - Country singer Mindy McCready, dragged into an uncomfortable spotlight in April when she admitted to an affair with Roger Clemens, has been hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt, the Daily News reports. McCready's brother found her in her Nashville home after she cut her wrists and took pills. McCready, 33,...

Big Names Await News on Pardons

Gonzales, Clemens could be excused from future accusations

(Newser) - President Bush continues to be stingy with pardons, but some big names will be hoping for clemency in December, the AP reports. Among the 2,000 applicants are junk-bond king Michael Milken and American-born Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh. Bush also could excuse potential future convicts such as pitcher Roger...

McCready to Clemens' Wife: Sorry

Singer apologizes for affair with Clemens

(Newser) - Country singer Mindy McCready apologized to Roger Clemens’ wife for carrying on an affair with the baseball great, the New York Daily News reports. “I was young,” McCready said. “I now know better.” The singer denied rumors she wanted to marry Clemens, saying, “I wanted...

Dealer Says He Sent Clemens HGH
Dealer Says
He Sent Clemens HGH

Dealer Says He Sent Clemens HGH

Ex-Mets staffer said to turn over shipping receipts to feds

(Newser) - Admitted drug dealer Kirk Radomski has turned over to federal authorities proof that he mailed human growth hormone to Roger Clemens, the New York Daily News reports. Sources claim Radomski has shipping receipts for HGH kits mailed to Clemens’ Texas mansion. The former Yankees and Houston Astros pitcher is under...

Why Is 'Supermom' Getting the Bonds Treatment?

If it weren't for McNamee, maybe we'd still be happily naive about sports doping

(Newser) - Some are calling five-time Olympic swimmer Dara Torres "Supermom," but Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star thinks that "Wonder Woman" might be more appropriate. Everyone's wondering how a 41-year-old new mother could come back from retirement and surgery to take first place at her fifth qualifiers....

Roger Clemens Takes Swing at Used-Car Sales

Beleaguered ex-big leaguer hawks his Bentley to pay bills

(Newser) - It’s hard to imagine, but apparently Roger Clemens is a little short this month. The former pitcher has sold his Bentley to Bret Michaels to help pay his legal fees, the New York Post reports. “Clemens is apparently selling his lavish goods,” an insider said. “Bret...

Clemens Used Viagra for On-Field Boost

Source knows at least one drug Rocket was on

(Newser) - Roger Clemens was on at least one performance enhancing drug, a clubhouse source tells the New York Daily News: Viagra. Clemens wasn’t using Vitamin V to help with the ladies, he—and several of his teammates—were using it to improve his on-field performance. Viagra has become a major...

Clemens: I'm Sorry for Mistakes I Made

Scandal-plagued pitcher still denies drug use, 'improper' affair

(Newser) - Roger Clemens broke his silence on the allegations that he has had numerous affairs, apologizing for his "mistakes" in a statement to the Houston Chronicle. The Rocket stressed that his "personal life has nothing to do with the accusations of steroid and HGH use," and denied beginning...

Roger's Pals Appeal: Cut Your Losses!

Friends want Rocket to drop suit, critics agree

(Newser) - Friends and critics of Roger Clemens agree on one thing: He's well beyond "say it ain't so" and entering "stop the bleeding" territory. Those close to the rambling family man are urging him to drop his defamation lawsuit against Brian McNamee, and a legal expert compares him to...

Clemens Had More Women, Source Says
Clemens Had More Women, Source Says

Clemens Had More Women, Source Says

'Family man' flew several in private jet; gave gifts of jewelry

(Newser) - It wasn't just country singer Mindy McCready that Roger Clemens carried on with, a source tells the New York Daily News. The former Major League pitcher apparently had several lovely lady friends whom he jetted across the country in his plane and presented with expensive jewelry. One of them admitted...

Tearful Singer: Clemens Affair Rumors True

Country star McCready confirms relationship with embattled pitcher

(Newser) - Country star Mindy McCready confirmed that she had a 10-year affair with Roger Clemens in a tearful interview yesterday with the New York Daily News. "I cannot refute anything in the story," McCready says. The two met in 1991, when the singer was 15, and Clemens was 28...

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