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Ultra-Polite Cupcake Burglar Calls Bakery to Apologize
This Bakery
Break-In Was
About as Weird
as It Can Get
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This Bakery Break-In Was About as Weird as It Can Get

Man cleaned up mess from his break-in at Vancouver shop, took selfies, stole 6 cupcakes

(Newser) - "Canadians are known worldwide for sometimes being too nice" is how one media outlet is framing a cupcake caper out of British Columbia, in which both the perp and the bakery owner he inconvenienced are making headlines for their classic Canadian courtesy. The CBC reports on the incident, which...

Bear Busts Into Bakery, Scarfs Down 60 Cupcakes

Bakery owner heard worker 'screaming bloody murder,' then walked in to quite a scene

(Newser) - A hungry black bear barged into the garage of a Connecticut bakery, scared several employees, and helped itself to 60 cupcakes before ambling away. Workers at Taste by Spellbound in the town of Avon were loading cakes into a van for delivery on Wednesday when the bear showed up, per...

Eatery Regrets 'Pro-Life Cupcake Day'

Kopp's Frozen Custard of Milwaukee apologizes: 'It was never our intention to get political'

(Newser) - Kopp's of Milwaukee is known for its burgers, frozen custard, and now, a cupcake-themed controversy. The hubbub began when the Wisconsin eatery put out its October "flavor forecast," which announces upcoming special days around the US and the custard flavors that Kopp's promotes to go along...

Soldier Who Brought Cupcakes Is Convicted After Troops Grew Paranoid
Soldier Who
Brought Cupcakes
Is Convicted After
Troops Grew Paranoid
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Soldier Who Brought Cupcakes Is Convicted After Troops Grew Paranoid

Canadian bombardier made marijuana dessert at home

(Newser) - Canadian soldiers complained of feeling paranoid, sluggish, and confused during a live firearms field exercise on a hot day in 2018. Medical officials were called to the training site in New Brunswick, and the cause was traced to the homemade chocolate cupcakes the troops had just eaten, the BBC reports....

Pastry Chef Arrested Over Risque Cupcakes

Woman in Egypt in hot water after images go viral

(Newser) - A female pastry chef has been arrested in Egypt for the crime of selling cupcakes decorated with penises, vaginas, and butts. The Ministry of Youth and Sports launched an investigation after photos of women eating the cupcakes at a birthday party at a Cairo sports club went viral. The chef,...

Florida Siblings' Cupcake Fight Ends in Arrests

Police say Eddie Yaddow kicked his pregnant sister in the stomach

(Newser) - Sweets turned sour early last Saturday in Florida when a pregnant woman and her brother were arrested following a cupcake fight, Fox 5 reports. Police say 24-year-old Latanya Daugherty and 30-year-old Eddie Yaddow were arguing about who should punish her child when Daugherty threw cupcakes at her brother. Yaddow then...

Cupcakes May Have Landed Food Network in Hot Water

Blogger sues, claims network copied recipe video

(Newser) - Recipes can't be copyrighted, but videos can, which is why the Food Network may now find itself in a pot of hot water. In a lawsuit filed in California on Thursday, food blogger Elizabeth LaBau of claims the network not only stole her "signature recipe" but...

'Cupcake Burglar' Busted Thanks to Frosting

It wasn't hard for Michigan police to track her down

(Newser) - A home burglary in Alpena, Mich., was solved pretty quickly, thanks to some literal icing. Cops say a woman broke into a home early Sunday, knocking over a tray of cupcakes and other items before she fled when the homeowner confronted her, Michigan Live reports. Police found the suspect a...

Harvard Students Invent Cake From a Spray Can

The 2 students get a big thumbs-up from a Boston culinary star

(Newser) - For two Harvard University undergrads, what began as "an excuse to eat a lot of cake" may turn into the invention of a lifetime. John McCallum, a 20-year-old from Louisiana, was daydreaming about cake his freshman year during his “Science of Cooking” class when he happened to see...

Expensive Cupcakes: A Fading Fad?

'Wall Street Journal' thinks the market is crumbling

(Newser) - Hard as it may be to believe, the popular fad of paying dearly for a fancy cupcake might be fading at last, reports the Wall Street Journal . The paper sees all kinds of signs of trouble for the once-booming gourmet cupcake market, starting with the fact that shares of industry...

TSA: We Were Right to Take That Cupcake

 TSA: We 
 Were Right 
 to Take That 
in case you missed it

TSA: We Were Right to Take That Cupcake

...because it was a cupcake in a jar

(Newser) - Cupcakegate 2011 is proving to have quite the shelf life. The TSA commented on the sugary brouhaha this week, by way of a blog post on the topic. If you'll recall, security agents in Las Vegas confiscated a cupcake that Rebecca Hains was trying to take through security late...

Flier: TSA Said My Cupcake Was a Security Threat

The 'gel-like' frosting apparently raised alarm

(Newser) - One sign the TSA has officially gone overboard: One of its agents deemed a Massachusetts woman's cupcake a security threat. Rebecca Hains says she was moving through security at a Las Vegas airport on Wednesday when a TSA agent took her aside and explained that the cupcake's frosting...

Woman Charged for Hitting Hubby With Cupcakes

Quarrel turns ugly when wife opens cake box

(Newser) - Well, it's one way to lose weight: A Chicago woman was charged with domestic battery this weekend for hurling cupcakes at her husband, the Chicago Tribune reports. Police say the woman quarreled with her hubby on Saturday night, then struck him on the head and pelted him with cakes...

Brits Attacked al-Qaeda Using ... Cupcake Recipe

Instead of recipe for pipe bombs, would-be terrorists get sweet surprise

(Newser) - The latest weapon of choice against al-Qaeda: the Mojito Cupcake. No, seriously. British intelligence hacked into an online English-language magazine designed to recruit lone-wolfs to the terror organization, after which any prospects who downloaded the 67-page copy of "Inspire" saw only computer code where the oh-so-helpful article "Make...

NY Politician Busts Boys' Cupcake Stand

Young entrepreneurs ground up in legal Mix Master

(Newser) - A sweet deal turned into a sticky legal mess for two suburban New York boys aiming to raise some dough by selling cupcakes and brownies in a local park. A Westchester County politician called the cops on the 13-year-old kids because they were operating without a license. Young entrepreneur Kevin...

'Cupcakists' Find Happiness in a Simple Pastry

Cultural movement extols the virtues of butter and frosting

(Newser) - Johnny Cupcakes operates stores that sell cupcake-themed merchandise—shirts and stickers bearing a skull-and-crossbones logo with a cupcake instead of a skull—but not cupcakes. Johnny Cupcakes sells the idea of cupcakes, a symbol of an uncomplicated, untouchable childhood pleasure, safe from the stresses of adult life, writes Jennie Yabroff....

On Shared Birthday, Obama Surprises Reporter Thomas

Veteran White House reporter asks for 'a real health care reform bill'

(Newser) - President Obama celebrated his own birthday today by leading the White House press corps in singing Happy Birthday to veteran reporter Helen Thomas. Obama is 48 today; Thomas turns 89.

Upscale Street Vendors Spark NYC Food Fight

(Newser) - Old guard NYC food vendors are serving up a side of invective with their hot dogs, aimed at upscale newcomers disturbing the traditional order, the Times reports. In the last year the recession has pushed white-collar workers of all stripes onto the street, but the newbies don’t understand—or...

More Schools Ban Cupcakes
More Schools
Ban Cupcakes

More Schools Ban Cupcakes

Holiday parties to substitute fruit, other 'healthy' treats to replace banned sweets

(Newser) - Holiday parties in classrooms around Chicago won't be covered with red and green sprinkles this year, the Chicago Tribune reports. More and more schools are banning cupcakes in favor of "healthy" things like fruit skewers fashioned into reindeer antlers. It's part of a national trend to make special-occasion snacks...

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