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Earthquake Felt Countries Away Hits Near Iran Nuclear Plant

It struck 60 miles east of Bushehr

(Newser) - An earthquake hit Iran early Thursday just 60 miles away from the country's only operating nuclear power plant. According to the USGS , the 5.5 magnitude quake struck 6.2 miles below the surface, strong and shallow enough to cause widespread damage, though Iran hasn't reported damage at...

Quake Kills 7 Near Iran Nuke Plant

Bushehr reactor undamaged by 5.8 temblor

(Newser) - For the second time this year, a deadly earthquake has struck close to Iran's only nuclear reactor—and rattled neighbors across the Persian Gulf. The 5.8 magnitude quake that hit 38 miles north of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, in the same region where a slightly stronger quake...

7.8-Magnitude Quake Rocks Iran
 7.8-Magnitude Quake Hits Iran 

7.8-Magnitude Quake Hits Iran

Tremors felt throughout Middle East

(Newser) - A 7.8-magnitude earthquake has rocked Iran near the Pakistan border, according to the USGS . State-run TV initially reported that at least 40 were killed, but it has since retracted that, saying only 5 were injured, the BBC reports. "Fortunately, the earthquake resulted in no fatalities," a provincial...

6.3 Quake Strikes Near Iran's Nuclear Site

Just 55 miles from Bushehr; reverberations felt across Gulf

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake shook south western Iran this morning, near the country's Bushehr reactor, the US Geological Survey reported today. The quake clocked in at 6.3 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter just 55 miles from Bushehr. Social media reports spotted by the BBC indicate that reverberations...

US Steps up Spying on Iran Nuke Reactor

Concerned about safety at Bushehr

(Newser) - Concerned over fuel rods that were unexpectedly discharged in October, the US has increased spying on Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor, officials tell the Wall Street Journal . Spent fuel from Bushehr was supposed to be returned to Russia, which commissioned and built the reactor, so the US was surprised when...

Iran Nuclear Plant Bushehr Goes Online
 Iran Nuke Plant Goes Online 

Iran Nuke Plant Goes Online

Bushehr joins power grid, be inaugurated next Monday

(Newser) - Just in case you got a good night's sleep, you can stew on this tonight: Iran says its Bushehr nuclear plant went online last night, beginning testing on the national power grid that had been delayed for years. The Russian-built plant, which Tehran says will eventually supply 2.5%...

Final Tests Under Way at Iran's Nuclear Power Plant

Bushehr expected to generate electricity in the next two months

(Newser) - Iran's first nuclear power plant is expected to begin generating electricity within two months, according to Iranian media. Final tests are being conducted at the Russian-built Bushehr complex, following a series of missed deadlines, Reuters reports. After fuel was first loaded into Bushehr last August, officials predicted the plant...

Russia: Iran Could Cause 'Another Chernobyl'

Damaged nuclear reactor activation should not be rushed, scientists insist

(Newser) - If Iran’s attempts to activate its first nuclear power plant go forward as planned, we could be facing “another Chernobyl,” Russian officials warn. Russia has been assisting Iran with its controversial Bushehr reactor, which was reportedly damaged by the Stuxnet virus . Because of that damage, Russian scientists...

Iran Begins Loading Nuke Reactor Core

Country's first nuclear plant set to supply power by 2011

(Newser) - Iran has moved a step closer to bringing its first nuclear reactor online, according to officials. State media reports that fuel rods have been loaded into the core of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. The Iranian government says the plant—hit by delays including a leak and...

Iran Arrests 'Nuclear Spies' Amid Stuxnet Worm Scare

It provides few details, says systems are safe

(Newser) - Iran sought to reassure its residents today that the nation's nuclear programs are safe from Stuxnet , which might be the scariest computer virus known to man. The intelligence chief said authorities had arrested "nuclear spies," though he didn't say who, how many, or where they're from, reports the...

Virus Attacking Iran Has Israeli Calling Card

Esther mention could point finger at Israel, or be red herring

(Newser) - Computer experts have found a clue that might indicate the origin of Stuxnet , the rogue super-virus that’s believed to target Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor. One file in the code is named “Myrtus,” which can be read as a reference to Esther, the Old Testament heroine who...

'Weapon Worm' Infects Iran Nuke Plant

But out-of-control malware is exacting 'collateral damage' in digital battle

(Newser) - What may be the world's first major "weapon worm" has already infected workers' personal computers at Iran's Bushehr nuclear facility just weeks before the power station is set to go online, officials have confirmed. Experts believe the damaging Stuxnet worm is the work of engineers so organized and well-funded...

Could 'Super Malware' Destroy Iran's Nukes?

'Stuxnet' can search and destroy real-world targets

(Newser) - It sounds like something from an awfully imaginative spy flick: A virus that can mysteriously search out and destroy real-world, bricks-and-mortar targets. But it's real, say security researchers. They've identified just such a program, called Stuxnet, and at least one expert thinks it may have already hit Iran's Bushehr nuclear...

Iran Begins Fueling Nuclear Reactor

What UN sanctions?

(Newser) - Trivialities like UN sanctions aside, Iran began loading fuel into its first nuclear reactor today—with Russian engineers assisting to ensure the plant produces only energy and not, say, warheads. The plant at Bushehr itself apparently doesn't concern the outside world so much as Iran's other uranium enrichment activities, but...

Bolton: Israel Has 3 Days to Attack Iran

Before nuclear reactor is unsafe to attack

(Newser) - Israel only has three days to launch a military strike on Iran’s nuclear reactor before it contains live fuel, and it should probably take the shot, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton told Israeli radio today. Russia has announced that it will begin installing fuel rods in...

Iran Will Fire Up Nuke Plant
 Iran Will Fire Up Nuke Plant 

Iran Will Fire Up Nuke Plant

Russian will load the uranium fuel next week

(Newser) - Russia's nuclear agency said today that it will load fuel into Iran's first nuclear power plant next week, defying US calls to hold off the start of the launch. The uranium fuel will be loaded into the Bushehr reactor on Aug. 21, beginning the startup process. "From that moment...

Iran Plans 19 Nuke Plants
Iran Plans 19 Nuke Plants

Iran Plans 19 Nuke Plants

Rejects calls to drop uranium enrichment

(Newser) - Iran has dismissed calls to drop uranium enrichment and plans 19 new nuclear power plants, Reuters reports. "US officials have talked of negotiations" on the condition that Iran stop the enrichment, "but we do not accept any preconditions for talks," Iran's Foreign Minister said today. The UN...

Russia Gives Iran Nuclear Fuel
Russia Gives Iran Nuclear Fuel

Russia Gives Iran Nuclear Fuel

Says Tehran has promised not to develop weaponry

(Newser) - Russia delivered nuclear material to Iran yesterday, the BBC reports, ignoring Washington’s protests. Russia says it has assurances that the plutonium will only be used for the nuclear power plant in Bushehr, which is being built by a Russian company, but the US says that spent uranium could be...

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