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When Packs Cost $1 More, 1 in 5 Smokers Quit

Researchers say taxes are more effective than bans

(Newser) - Addiction has many costs, but at least when it comes to cigarettes, price can be a serious deterrent. In fact, one in five people quit smoking if the price of a pack jumps by $1, researchers report in the journal Epidemiology . They looked at the smoking habits of 632 smokers...

Cigarette Taxes Cut Down on Drinking, Too
Cigarette Taxes Cut Down
on Drinking, Too
study says

Cigarette Taxes Cut Down on Drinking, Too

Yale researchers see decreases, especially among men

(Newser) - States that raise taxes on cigarettes tend to see a decrease in smoking. But a decrease in drinking, too? Yes, say researchers at Yale, reports WebMD . They studied the drinking habits of residents in states where cigarette taxes increased and found that people were boozing less, too. It mostly applied...

Tobacco Giants Pummel Plan to Tax Cali Cigarettes

Proposition 29 vote up in the air before Tuesday vote

(Newser) - The battle over a proposed cigarette tax has turned surprisingly fierce in California, a state that once led the anti-smoking crusade, the New York Times reports. Proponents of the $1-a-pack plan, called Proposition 29, say it will raise about $735 million for cancer research. But $47 million in advertisements (mostly...

Aussies May Charge $20 Per Pack of Ciggies

(Newser) - Australians may be coughing up $20 for a pack of cigarettes if officials approve a new anti-smoking plan, the Age reports. The proposal, designed to cut Aussie smoking by a third, would ban all tobacco sponsorship and online sales, devote 95% of cigarette packaging to graphic health warnings, and tax...

Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers
Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers

Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers

We're smoking less because it's dumb, not because of policy: Will

(Newser) - President Obama might have praised Congress' tobacco bill, but for George F. Will, the new legislation gives just two muscular groups reason to celebrate: Philip Morris and "the Democratic Party's fountain of funds, the trial bar." New restrictions on cigarette advertising will help Philip Morris vault over competitors,...

SF Smokers May Have to Cough Up for Butt Cleanup

Mayor proposes hefty tax hike to make smokers cover litter removal

(Newser) - San Francisco's mayor believes non-smokers shouldn't have to cover the costs of cleaning up cigarette butts, the New York Times reports. Gavin Newsom has proposed a 33-cent tax on each pack of cigarettes sold, which he says will cover the $10 million a year it costs to pick up after...

Big Tobacco Suffers Big Setbacks in DC

Despite massive lobbying, regulation looks likely to pass

(Newser) - After years of winning its fights in Washington, Big Tobacco is steeling itself for a major defeat: Not only did Congress pass an excise tax hike of 62 cents a pack of cigarettes, which went into effect this week, but the House voted overwhelmingly to submit the industry to FDA...

Smokers Gasp at Highest Tax Hike Ever

They're hit twice as companies boost their profits, too

(Newser) - Smokers are feeling pinched by today's 62-cent hike in the federal cigarette tax, the biggest ever. Federal taxes now top $1 per pack, CNN reports. At the same time, manufacturers and retailers have raised prices to boost dwindling profits. "They're picking on smokers," an 83-year-old said of the...

Utah Considers Caffeine Tax
 Utah Considers Caffeine Tax 

Utah Considers Caffeine Tax

Legislators consider tithing both soda and coffee

(Newser) - After seeing multiple proposals to raise the tax on cigarettes fail, one Utah legislator has set his sights on another addictive substance: caffeine. Rep. Craig Frank has initiated a yearlong study on the impact of such a tax, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. If it can fly anywhere, Utah might...

NYC Cigs Hit a Smokin' $10 a Pack

Advocates hope 62-cent federal tax will reduce deaths, costs

(Newser) - Smokers in New York City will soon be shelling out $10 for a pack of cigarettes, the New York Post reports. Lawmakers plan to pay for the new Children’s Health Insurance Program law with a 62-cent federal tax on cigarettes, pushing the NYC price to a 10-spot—the nation’...

Obama Signs Kids' Health Bill
Obama Signs Kids' Health Bill

Obama Signs Kids' Health Bill

SCHIP extension, twice vetoed by Bush, brings care to 4M, adds 62¢ to cigarette tax

(Newser) - President Obama today signed into law a measure that will bring health care to an estimated 4 million children, CNN reports. The $35 billion expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, a move twice vetoed by President Bush, will be financed by adding 62¢ per pack to the...

Senate Passes Children's Health Insurance Bill

Expansion of health insurance for low-income kids passes over GOP objections

(Newser) - The Senate has passed a $32.8 billion bill to dramatically expand children's health insurance, the Washington Post reports. The State Children's Health Insurance Program will now cover 11 million low-income children, up from 7 million. The bill, which will be funded by an extra 61-cent tax on every packet...

Tax Soda: It's the New Tobacco
 Tax Soda: It's the New Tobacco 

Tax Soda: It's the New Tobacco

Less obese, less diabetic America just a couple of laws away

(Newser) - The cigarette tax "was the biggest health care breakthrough in the last 40 years in the United States," and its successor may be the 18% tax on non-diet soda New York Gov. David Patterson is pitching, writes Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. Not only do empty...

Calif. Closer to Expanding Health Care

Assembly OKs $14B plan that mandates coverage for millions

(Newser) - The lower house of the California legislature yesterday approved a $14.4 billion bill to expand health care to millions of residents, a move analysts say could spark similar actions nationwide, the Los Angeles Times reports. But first skeptical state senators and voters must weigh in. The plan would require...

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