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UConn Star: I Go to Bed 'Starving'

Lawmakers take notice of Shabazz Napier comments

(Newser) - Shabazz Napier's star performance in last night's NCAA championship game is drawing attention to comments made last week that further stoke the debate over whether to pay student athletes. Napier was last week asked about the National Labor Relation Board's ruling that Northwestern football players were employees...

Lawsuit: College Sports Form Unfair 'Cartel'

Attorney Jeffrey Kessler wants players to get paid

(Newser) - The debate over whether to pay student athletes is about to involve the US legal system, CNN reports. An attorney has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of four plaintiffs—all past and present university football and basketball players—that calls the NCAA and five top athletic conferences a "...

Hazing Gets Whole Cornell Lacrosse Team Suspended

Players in trouble after 'coerced' drinking

(Newser) - It's going to be a quiet autumn for the Cornell men's lacrosse team, which made it to the NCAA semifinals last year. The whole team was suspended temporarily on Sept. 13 over what the university calls alleged "coerced consumption of alcohol by underage freshmen"—"a...

Rutgers Suspends Another Coach Over Verbal Abuse

Lacrosse team's Brian Brecht on the hot seat this time

(Newser) - See if this sounds familiar: Rutgers has suspended a men's coach on allegations of verbal abuse. This time, it's lacrosse coach Brian Brecht, but the university hasn't released any details of the investigation, reports the Star-Ledger of New Jersey. The school has been poring over practice tapes...

Schools Spend Way More on Athletes Than Students

Six times more at Division I colleges

(Newser) - Sorry brainiacs, but if you go to a Division I public school, you can expect your institution to spend more—much more—on athletes than on education. A new analysis picked up by USA Today lays out some key stats:
  • At 97 schools that compete in top-tier football, per-athlete spending

Pa. Gov to Sue NCAA Over Sandusky Sanctions

Lawmakers don't want Penn State fine spent in other states

(Newser) - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett plans to sue the NCAA in federal court over stiff sanctions imposed against Penn State University in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal. The Republican governor plans to hold a news conference today to announce the filing. The suit is an antitrust...

Why College Sports Are Broke
 Why College Sports Are Broke 

Why College Sports Are Broke

Greed and need to compete ruin many programs

(Newser) - College athletic programs across the country are slashing sports and running up debts like teenagers with their first credit cards. Of the 227 public universities in Division I, just 22 turned a profit last year. Why? Because the drive to compete in theoretical cash cow sports like football and basketball...

College Football, Your Days Are Numbered
College Football, Your
Days Are Numbered

College Football, Your Days Are Numbered

And maybe yours, too, NFL: Malcolm Gladwell

(Newser) - Author and columnist Malcolm Gladwell thinks college football—and eventually, the NFL—is headed for years of decline and possibly oblivion as concussion evidence rolls in and the lawsuits pile up . "The factor that I think will be decisive is the head-injury issue," he says in a Slate...

Ralph Nader: Stop Giving Athletes Scholarships

He calls the NCAA tournament a 'pro' competition

(Newser) - Ralph Nader has set his sites on a new target: college sports. Nader's "League of Fans" group is calling for a ban on college athletic scholarships, as a way to "de-professionalize" school athletic programs. "As we near the exciting conclusion of 'March Madness—which would more accurately...

Cam Newton Deserved the Money His Dad Tried to Snag

It's time we actually paid college athletes, writes Buzz Bissinger

(Newser) - Cam Newton's father was conspicuously absent when his son was presented with the Heisman Trophy Saturday. Why? Because the NCAA, "like the Mafia," doesn't actually keep college football clean, writes Buzz Bissinger on the Daily Beast : Rather, it finds "fall guys to protect the multimillion-dollar empire,"...

Quidditch Takes a Cutthroat Turn

Players are battling for the soul of the sport

(Newser) - Harry Potter's favorite game of Quidditch is continuing to sweep US college campuses with techniques and rules making matches more competitive. The real-life game that began at Middlebury has "grown up," and now involves deadly serious faceoffs, new brooms (that don't make players fly), and a 60-team World...

Are College Coaches Spinning Out of Control?

Leach, Mangino, and Leavitt hint at disturbing trend

(Newser) - College football’s bowl season has been overshadowed by a rash of player abuse allegations that paint a disturbing portrait of big-time coaches. First there was Mark Mangino, who threatened to send a player home to “get shot with your homies,” then Jim Leavitt, who was accused of...

FSU Glams Up Hoops Stars, Sparks Uproar
 FSU Glams Up 
 Hoops Stars, 
 Sparks Uproar 

FSU Glams Up Hoops Stars, Sparks Uproar

Marketing Florida State players smacks of homophobia

(Newser) - Female basketball stars' three-pointers, hook shots, muscles, and agility don't score with Florida State University officials. They've also got to look good in the slinky gowns they had to don for the team's website. Now women are crying foul. Each member of the team, some provocatively clutching basketballs, wears a...

Quidditch Scores Big on College Campuses

Inability to fly on broomsticks doesn't stop undergrads

(Newser) - Heads up, NCAA: Quidditch has cast its spell on America's campuses. Technically known as Muggle Quidditch—due to the lack of actual flying brooms—the game looks like "a mixture between ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball," one player tells the Chicago Sun-Times . And if it sounds like a fringe...

Feds Mull Taxing College Sports, but Pickings Are Slim

(Newser) - The Congressional Budget Office, eager for new sources of income, is considering taxation options for the nation’s collegiate athletic franchises, the Economist reports. Among the proposals are curtailing deductions for charitable donations to college sports programs; limiting tax-exempt bonds; and, most drastically, stripping the programs of their traditional tax-exempt...

Colleges Drop SAT Bar for Jocks

Athletes score 220 points lower on SAT than average classmate

(Newser) - Though athletes have long enjoyed a break on college admissions, new numbers on how far they lag behind other students on SAT scores have raised concerns of fairness. Nationwide, football jocks average 220 points lower on the SAT than their classmates at 54 universities studied by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Basketball...

'Jocks Only' Tutoring Centers Irk Others on Campus

Critics say investing in flashy, athletes-only centers is unfair to other students

(Newser) - Resentment is building as college athletic tutoring centers nationwide get bigger and flashier, the Chicago Tribune reports. Critics say that the multi-million-dollar, athletes-only centers should be open to all. Some suggest that, since the centers are generally funded and run by the athletic department, they create a conflict of interest;...

FSU Safety Nabs Rhodes Scholarship

Florida State safety is the first major footballer to nab the honor in a generation

(Newser) - Florida State defensive back Myron Rolle has been awarded a Rhodes scholarship, making him the first Division I football player in a generation to win the nation's most prestigious post-grad award, reports the New York Times. Rolle will do a one-year masters degree in medical anthropology at the University of...

Texas U to Launch Own 24/7 Sports Network

UT aims to cash in big time on Longhorns

(Newser) - In what could become the first of its kind enterprise, the University of Texas is negotiating to create its own 24-hour sports channel, reports BusinessWeek. University officials have teamed up with IMG Worldwide talent agency to negotiate programming distribution of the tentatively named Longhorn Sports Network on Time Warner, Comast,...

On Sports Exchange, 'Trade' Takes on New Meaning

Create a 'Sportfolio' and buy and sell shares in your favorite athletes

(Newser) - Trading baseball cards with your friends is so 20th century. A new website allows sports fans to trade shares in athletes and even teams, effectively wagering real money on the performance of pro and college athletes, reports Reuters. "I see the marketplace being enormous," says an early investor...

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