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We're All Guilty in 'iPad Suicides'
 We're All Guilty 
 in 'iPad Suicides' 

We're All Guilty in 'iPad Suicides'

Foxconn workers work crazy hours to build our toys for cheap

(Newser) - At least 10 young workers at China's Foxconn factory have killed themselves this year, and you could argue that pretty much everyone reading this was in some way complicit in their deaths. Why? Because Foxconn makes products for Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Nintendo and more, so odds are that at...

New Trend in Online Dating: Outsourcing

Virtual assistants do all the work for you, even set up dates

(Newser) - Are you an executive too busy to scan OkCupid profiles? Are you a shy person who wishes online dating could be even less personal? Then you, my friend, need the services of Virtual Dating Assistants , a full-scale Internet-dating outsourcing company. Like a modern-day Cyrano, Virtual Dating Assistants—or one of...

Spammers Will Pay You $1 to Crack This Code*

*Provided you do it 1,000 times

(Newser) - Captchas—those squiggly words you occasionally have to decipher on websites—can prove that you're not a spambot, but they can't prove you're not a teenager from India who's working for a spambot. Enterprising spammers are getting past the squiggly code the way any enterprising corporation would: They're outsourcing, the...

Kids Outsource Homework to Indian Tutors

Cultural divide an issue, but tutors far cheaper overseas

(Newser) - Big corporations aren’t the only ones going to India for cheap help; a growing number of parents are having their kids call overseas for help with their schoolwork. For just $99 a month, students can get unlimited help with English, math, or science from TutorVista, a network of Indian...

Iconic Brands We've Outsourced
 Iconic Brands 
 We've Outsourced 
Not Made in usa

Iconic Brands We've Outsourced

Globalization has pushed a lot of Americana overseas

(Newser) - Baseballs are as American as Mom and apple pie, right? Well, hopefully they have parents and pastry in Costa Rica, too, because that’s where Rawlings’ factory is located now. Loads of other all-American brands aren’t so all-American anymore, Newsweek reports, singling out the companies seen in the slideshow...

Facebook Turns to Indian Workers

Company plans to double number of support centers

(Newser) - Facebook is bumping its number of support center to four with a new office in Hyderabad, India. The Indian office, the company's first in Asia, will supplement existing operations in Palo Alto, Calif., and Dublin, and a recently announced Austin, Texas office, and let the company provide better round-the-clock, multi-lingual...

One Quarter of Jobs Lost Are Gone for Good

Recession changing America's mix of employers

(Newser) - One quarter of the jobs lost since the beginning of the recession won't be coming back. Instead, the estimated 8.4 million goner gigs will be replaced with different jobs in growing industries, finds a Wall Street Journal forecast. "Displaced workers won't be rehired unless we have double the...

Now Driving Innovation in India: the Poor

As developed economies slump, it markets directly to the lower class

(Newser) - Indian engineers once did little but cater to Western companies, while consumers at home made do with hand-me-down products from the developed world. That is changing in a big way as foreign economies crater and the 1.1 billion consumers of the subcontinent reveal a taste for, well, consuming. And...

Bailed-Out GM to Take More Jobs Overseas

Cars sold here, built elsewhere to double amid taxpayer support

(Newser) - General Motors is set to boost its overseas operations, nearly doubling the number of cars it builds outside the US but sells here—even though billions of government dollars are supporting the firm and its restructuring plans, the Washington Post reports. This puts the Obama administration in a tight position:...

IBM Slashes 5K US Jobs
 IBM Slashes 5K US Jobs 

IBM Slashes 5K US Jobs

Moves many to India

(Newser) - IBM will cut 5,000 US jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports, sending many to India to continue its expansion there and downsizing in the US. The cuts hit IBM’s global business services unit. They stem in part from customers ending contracts and the automation of some work, but...

Obama Puts Brakes on Contractors
Obama Puts Brakes on Contractors

Obama Puts Brakes on Contractors

Bush's 'market-based' government hasn't been cheaper or better

(Newser) - President Obama slipped an important policy change under the radar last week, saying government needs to make “a real choice between investments that are designed to keep the American people safe, and those that are designed to make a defense contractor rich.” Thomas Frank was listening, and he...

Warner Bros. Slashing 10% of Workforce

600 workers to be laid off; 300 jobs to be outsourced

(Newser) - Even the Dark Knight is no match for this economy. Warner Bros. is cutting 800 jobs across all levels of the firm, shrinking its workforce by 10%, the Wall Street Journal reports. That means 600 employees will have to leave, with 300 departing in the next few weeks. The rest...

'India's Enron' Imperils Booming Industry

$1B scandal threatens India's role as major outsourcing center for top companies

(Newser) - A $1 billion accounting fraud at Satyam is being described as India's Enron, and it could have a major impact on how Fortune 500 companies use Indian companies for outsourcing critical computer and IT functions, reports the Financial Times. The CEO of Satyam, India’s fourth-largest IT services company, resigned...

Picking Up on Frustration, Call Centers Move Back Home

Dell support defeats language barrier

(Newser) - A new service from computer-maker Dell spotlights a customer-service trend: US-based call centers catering to American consumers. Dell users frustrated by language-barrier-induced difficulties they’ve encountered while on the line to India or the Philippines can pay $12.95 per month, the Washington Post reports, for access to a domestic...

Boeing Reaches Deal With Striking Union

Tentative agreement would end 52-day machinists walkout

(Newser) - Boeing's 27,000 striking machinists could be back to work within days if they approve a deal hammered out with the help of a federal mediator late last night, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The deal will give machinists a 15% pay increase over four years and limit the amount of...

Outsourcing Still Alive and Well
 Outsourcing Still Alive and Well 

Outsourcing Still Alive and Well

Rising costs of business are more powerful than 'backshoring' trned

(Newser) - Reports of the death of outsourcing have been greatly exaggerated, three specialists in the field write in strategy+business. While a few big companies such as Dell and Apple have scaled back on customer service operations overseas, these decisions remain the exception to the rule, no matter what you read in...

Boeing CEO Hopeful as Strike Talks Set to Resume

Firm may find compromise on crucial outsourcing issue

(Newser) - Boeing’s CEO is confident that the next round of talks could resolve a costly strike by its machinists union, the Seattle Times reports. With formal negotiations set to resume tomorrow, Jim McNerney thinks headway can be made on the pivotal issue of outsourcing the production of parts traditionally fashioned...

Indian Debt Collectors See US' Dark Side

Outsourced call centers get ring-side seat for economic crash

(Newser) - Most Indian call center employees develop a fairly utopian view of the US, which seems a land of brand-name splendor and plenty. Not so at Aegis BPO Services, a call center specializing in debt collection, where employees are getting an up-close and personal look at the credit crunch. “It’...

US Slowdown Hits India's IT Sector Hard

Economic slump adds challenge for industry pondering next steps

(Newser) - The credit crunch that has shifted the US economy into neutral has slowed the growth of India’s tech sector, which once boasted growth rates of 40% in the overall strong economy, the Wall Street Journal reports. The slowdown comes as the sector faces increasing competition from abroad and rising...

The Win-Win Economics of Medical Tourism
The Win-Win Economics of Medical Tourism

The Win-Win Economics of Medical Tourism

Growing trend of traveling for health care doesn't have to hurt anyone

(Newser) - The spread of “medical tourism”—uninsured and underinsured patients seeking cheap health care in Southeast Asia or Latin America—has fueled fears that developing nations will divert resources from state health systems caring for their own citizens. But, the Economist argues, “if governments make the best of...

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