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Critics Want JoePa's Statue Down

Others demand that Penn State drop, or change, football

(Newser) - The reverberations of the Freeh Report continue, and while Joe Paterno's family concedes "it can be argued that Joe Paterno should have gone further," relatives insist that to think "he would have protected Jerry Sandusky to avoid bad publicity is simply not realistic." (The Daily ...

Nike Pulls Paterno's Name Off Child Care Center

Freeh report changes shoe company's tune

(Newser) - Nike has decided to drop Joe Paterno's name from the company's child care center, in light of the unsettling revelations in the Freeh Report . Until now, Nike had left the legendary coach's name alone, even as it began to seem, as Clare O'Connor at Forbes quips,...

Damning Penn State Report Released

 Damning Penn State 
 Report Released 

Damning Penn State Report Released

Freeh Report: Spanier, Schultz, Paterno, Curley all disregarded victims' safety

(Newser) - Today's most anticipated news event has arrived: The 9am ET release of the so-called Freeh Report, Penn State's internal investigation into the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse scandal based on more than 3.5 million emails and documents and 430 interviews. Highlights of the report, whose compilation was helmed by...

It's Time to See Joe Paterno as He Really Was: a Liar

Paterno helped drive Sandusky cover-up: Buzz Bissinger

(Newser) - Newly released Penn State emails from 2001 imply that Joe Paterno helped drive a cover-up of the infamous Jerry Sandusky shower incident, which flies in the face of Paterno's grand jury testimony. In the Daily Beast , Buzz Bissinger pulls no punches as he rails against the lionization of...

2001 Penn State Emails: Was There a Cover-Up?

President, officials apparently sent emails about the Sandusky shower incident

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky may be behind bars , but the allegations are still coming—this time, against Penn State. CNN was given access to emails sent in 2001 that raise questions about what former Penn State President Graham Spanier and two former officials (then-VP Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley )...

McQueary: No Question Sandusky Was Abusing Child

Cites 'skin-on-skin smacking sound'

(Newser) - Despite questions raised over his story , Mike McQueary says he's sure: Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing a child in the Penn State showers. The former assistant coach testified today in the case that he heard a "skin-on-skin smacking sound" and spotted Sandusky "standing behind a boy who...

Sandusky Trial to Hear 'Creepy' Love Letters to Accuser

Joe Paterno's wife, son may testify for defense

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky wrote love letters to an alleged victim that will be read aloud at his child sex abuse trial, sources tell ABC . One of the eight accusers, known as Victim 4, is expected to be the first witness called against the former Penn State coach. He will show the...

Paterno Pension: $13.4M

Paterno Pension: $13.4M

Penn State charities to get $1.5M

(Newser) - Joe Paterno's 61 years at Penn State brought him a state pension of $13.4 million. His wife will get an initial payment of $10.1 million this month, and the family will donate $1.5 million to Penn State charities, the AP reports. Paterno didn't get any...

Mike McQueary Suing Penn State as Whistleblower

It's unclear why

(Newser) - Some might think of Mike McQueary as the antithesis of a whistleblower, but the former receivers coach has notified Penn State that he intends to sue the university for an amount beyond normal arbitration rules in a whistleblower lawsuit, the Centre Daily Times reports. The notice doesn't indicate precisely...

Penn State Paid Paterno Estate $5.7M

Pay recognized 'decades-long' contribution, says official

(Newser) - Even though Penn State coach Joe Paterno was forced out of his job for his failure to help prevent suspected sex assaults by his assistant coach, his estate was paid $5.7 million by the university. The money covers contract and pension payments, including a $3 million retirement bonus that...

Paterno Fired for &#39;Failure of Leadership&#39;
 Fired for 
 'Failure of 

Paterno Fired for 'Failure of Leadership'

Penn State board of trustees details how it came to decision to fire 'Joe Pa'

(Newser) - Penn State fired iconic coach Joe Paterno last year for his "failure of leadership" in not doing more to stop Jerry Sandusky's alleged sex abuse of young boys, according to a report the university's trustees released today detailing the reasons for their decision. While Paterno did his...

Nike Founder Defends Paterno, Gets Standing O

Blame investigation, not legendary coach: Phil Knight

(Newser) - Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight brought a Joe Paterno memorial crowd to its feet when he defended the former coach over the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Paterno "gave full disclosure to his superiors, information that went up the chains to the head of the campus police and the president...

Sandusky Weighs in on Paterno's Death

'This is a sad day!' former Penn State coach declares

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky is an expert at running his mouth when he should probably shut it , so it comes as little surprise that the retired Penn State coach, now facing child sex abuse charges, felt the need to issue a statement on Joe Paterno's death. "This is a sad...

Westboro Will Picket Joe Paterno's Funeral

Margie Phelps says he 'partook of sin for fame and fortune'

(Newser) - Joe Paterno's death caused, to put it mildly, mixed reactions: The Hollywood Reporter has a roundup, and it includes everything from George HW Bush's glowing remembrance of the Penn State coach to this zinger from a Late Show writer and producer: "Will there be a moment...

Penn State Reels Over Paterno's Death

Tributes paid to iconic coach's complicated legacy

(Newser) - Candles, flowers, and mourners surround Penn State's statue of "Joe Pa"; the men's basketball team observed a moment of silence before its game today; and the tributes are rolling in as State College pays tribute to the complicated legacy of Joe Paterno :
  • Former Penn State President Graham

Joe Paterno Dead at 85
 Joe Paterno Dead at 85 

Joe Paterno Dead at 85

Penn State confirms death of beloved former coach

(Newser) - Joe Paterno, who racked up more wins than anyone else in major college football but was fired from Penn State amid a child sex abuse scandal, has died, his family confirmed this morning. He was 85. Paterno "died as he lived," read the statement. "He fought hard...

Penn State Editor Quits Over Paterno Death Report

Ex-coach in serious condition, but many outlets reported him dead

(Newser) - The managing editor of a student-run news organization that covers Penn State resigned yesterday after the publication's Twitter account sent messages saying former coach Joe Paterno had died, according to a letter on the publication's website. Paterno's sons refuted accounts of their 85-year-old father's death in...

Joe Paterno in Serious Condition

Former Penn State coach takes turn for the worse with lung cancer

(Newser) - Joe Paterno's doctors say the former Penn State coach's condition has become "serious" after he experienced complications from lung cancer in recent days. The winningest major college football coach of all time, Paterno was diagnosed shortly after Penn State's board of trustees ousted him Nov. 9...

Paterno Tells His Side of the Story

'I never heard of ... rape and a man': former Penn State coach

(Newser) - Joe Paterno recounted his version of the Jerry Sandusky rape case during two interviews this week with the Washington Post . Fragile from chemotherapy and wheelchair-bound with a broken pelvis, Paterno said Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary came to him in 2002 describing a vague scene of Sandusky fondling a...

Penn State Alums Fume Over Handling of Scandal

President tours state to discuss Sandusky aftermath, Paterno firing

(Newser) - Penn State's president is holding town-hall meetings for alums as fallout from the Jerry Sandusky scandal continues, and audiences aren't going easy on the school's leader—especially where Joe Paterno is concerned. At his second of three stops, Rodney Erickson heaped the blamed squarely on Sandusky, the...

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