Democratic National Convention

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Dems to Delegates: Don't Go to the Convention

Democrats go virtual; Republicans not so much

(Newser) - Senate and House Democrats are being urged not to attend next month's Democratic National Convention in Wisconsin, where Joe Biden will be officially named as nominee. Senior adviser for Congressional affairs Chasseny Lewis sent an email to congressional chiefs of staff Thursday, saying members "should not plan to...

Biden, but not Many Others, Will Attend Party's Convention

Not even wars had kept crowds away, but party says the issue is public health

(Newser) - Democrats will hold an almost entirely virtual presidential nominating convention Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee, using live broadcasts and online streaming, party officials said Wednesday. Joe Biden plans to accept the presidential nomination in person, the AP reports, but it remains to be seen whether there will be a significant in-person...

Coronavirus May Make Election 2020 Even Weirder

Biden says online Democratic convention is 'very possible'

(Newser) - Joe Biden said Sunday that the Democratic National Convention, already delayed until August because of the coronavirus, may need to take place online as the pandemic continues to reshape the race for the White House, the AP reports. The party "may have to do a virtual convention,” the...

Democrats Push Back Date of 2020 Convention

It's now set for August instead of July

(Newser) - Joe Biden is getting his wish . Democrats on Thursday postponed this summer's presidential convention by a month, reports Politico and the New York Times . Instead of taking place in July, the party's four-day event is now scheduled to start August 17 in Milwaukee. The Republican convention is scheduled...

Biden: Dem Convention Should Be Postponed

'I think it's going to have to move into August'

(Newser) - Joe Biden is on course to become the Democratic nominee—but it may not become official until a lot later than expected. The candidate said Wednesday night that the Democratic National Convention should be pushed back from July to August because of the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reports....

GOP Still 'Fully Committed' to Convention

Alternatives have not been discussed, RNC says

(Newser) - Major summer events including the Olympics have been canceled or postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic—but it's full steam ahead for the Republican National Convention, according to organizers. The North Carolina Republican Party says they are still planning to hold their statewide convention in May and the Republican National...

Sanders Responds to Idea of '2 Old White Guys' Ticket

A Bernie-Biden unity ticket will 'probably not' happen

(Newser) - While Joe Biden is riding high after Super Tuesday, he has yet to unite the Democratic Party, which is why Brian Klaas at the Washington Post is urging him to "announce his pick for vice president this week." So what are the chances that Biden will team up...

Odds of a Brokered Convention Seem to Be Rising

The Hill says Bloomberg's entry makes it more possible nobody gets enough delegates

(Newser) - The magic number is 1,990. But as New Hampshire prepares to vote on Tuesday, an analysis at the Hill suggests it's increasingly possible none of the Democratic candidates will collect the necessary number of delegates over the next several months to clinch the party nomination. Which means one...

Democrats Pick Site of 2020 Convention

Milwaukee wins out over Miami, Houston

(Newser) - Democrats picked Milwaukee on Monday to host their 2020 national convention, setting up the party's standard-bearer to accept the presidential nomination in the heart of the old industrial belt that delivered Donald Trump to the White House. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez chose Milwaukee over Houston and Miami...

Khizr Khan: Trump ‘a Person Without a Soul'

'This is a person without empathy' who is 'unfit' for the presidency

(Newser) - The father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in the line of duty and the Republican presidential nominee continue to lob verbal bombs at each other, with Khizr Kahn dismissing Donald Trump's attack on his wife as being "typical of a person without a soul." Kahn is digging...

Trump Jr.'s Plagiarism Tweet Causes a Ruckus

Later suggests accusation against Obama was tongue-in-cheek

(Newser) - There's a new plagiarism kerfuffle making the rounds in political circles, but this one is a little strange. It begins with this tweet from Donald Trump Jr.: "I'm honored that POTUS would plagiarize a line from my speech last week. Where's the outrage?" He was referring...

Historic Speech &#39;Was Exactly Who Clinton Is&#39;
 Historic Speech 'Was 
 Exactly Who Clinton Is' 

Historic Speech 'Was Exactly Who Clinton Is'

'Workmanlike' address gets mixed reviews

(Newser) - It was an instantly historic speech: Hillary Clinton stood before Democratic delegates in Philadelphia Thursday night and became the first woman to accept a major party's presidential nomination. Opinions on her convention address are split, largely along partisan lines, though all agree that it was quintessential Hillary Clinton. A...

Trump Fires Back at Clinton Acceptance Speech

He says he wanted to 'hit' several DNC speakers

(Newser) - "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons," Hillary Clinton said in her acceptance speech to the Democratic convention Thursday night—and it wasn't long before the man she was talking about fired back on Twitter. In...

Hillary&#39;s 5 Best Lines
 Hillary's 5 Best Lines 
democratic convention

Hillary's 5 Best Lines

'A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons'

(Newser) - "It is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in America's promise that I accept your nomination for president of the United States," Hillary Clinton told the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, delivering a fiery acceptance speech that cast herself as a unifier who can keep America safe,...

Chelsea: &#39;My Wonderful, Thoughtful, Hilarious Mother&#39;
Chelsea: 'My Wonderful, Thoughtful, Hilarious Mother'
democratic convention

Chelsea: 'My Wonderful, Thoughtful, Hilarious Mother'

'Grandma would be so, so proud of you tonight'

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton looked back to moments growing up in the White House and praised her "wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious" mother in her speech to the Democratic convention Thursday night. "I'm here as a proud American, a proud Democrat, a proud mother, and, tonight in particular, a very, very...

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lands One-Liner Against Trump
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lands 
 One-Liner Against Trump 
democratic convention

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lands One-Liner Against Trump

No, he explains, he's not Michael Jordan

(Newser) - NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a serious duty at the Democratic convention—to tell the story of American Muslim soldier Humayun SM Khan, who was killed in Iraq—but he couldn't resist a quick dig at Donald Trump upon taking the podium. “Hello, everyone. I’m Michael Jordan,...

Dad of Slain US Muslim Soldier Offers Trump His Constitution
 Dad of Slain US Muslim Soldier 
 Offers Trump His Constitution 
democratic convention

Dad of Slain US Muslim Soldier Offers Trump His Constitution

Khizr Khan says GOP nominee routinely smears Muslims

(Newser) - The father of a Muslim American soldier who was killed fighting in Iraq got a rousing ovation Thursday at the Democratic convention when he invoked his son's memory—and pulled a copy of the Constitution from his pocket for Donald Trump. "I will gladly lend you my copy,...

A Rarity: Republican Addresses Democrats

 A Rarity: 
democratic convention

A Rarity: Republican Addresses Democrats

Doug Elmets to Trump: You're no Ronald Reagan

(Newser) - A Republican made his way onto the speakers' roster Thursday night at the Democratic convention, but it soon became clear why. Former Reagan administration official Doug Elmets explained that he'll be voting Democratic for the first time in his life, and he used his own version of a now-famous...

Former Michigan Governor Channels Carly Simon to Skewer Trump

'You're so vain ...'

(Newser) - Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm woke up a relatively subdued crowd at the Democratic convention with an energetic speech that praised Hillary Clinton but also mocked Donald Trump's ego. One of the biggest applause lines came when she summoned a famous song: "Donald, you’re so vain, you...

Openly Trans Person Addresses Convention for 1st Time Ever

Sarah McBride just made history

(Newser) - A historic first just happened at the Democratic National Convention—and this time we're not talking about the nomination of Hillary Clinton. When Sarah McBride took the stage to speak Thursday she became the first openly transgender person to address a national party convention, Vox reports. Introducing herself as...

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