Democratic National Convention

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Chelsea Clinton to Join Mom on Day 4
 Chelsea Clinton to 
 Join Mom on Day 4 
democratic convention

Chelsea Clinton to Join Mom on Day 4

Former first daughter's speech bound to draw comparisons to Ivanka Trump

(Newser) - As the Democratic National Convention heads into its final night, viewers may experience a subtle sense of deja vu from last week's RNC event : the presidential nominee being preceded by an intimate speech from a daughter. It's Chelsea Clinton's turn to "sell Mrs. Clinton to the...

WikiLeaks Voicemails Reveal ... Kid Talking About Elephants

And they didn't drop on Wednesday night

(Newser) - "WikiLeaks Releases Hacked DNC Voicemails," read the original headline on the Hill's piece, and many others like it on Wednesday. That's not exactly how it went down, as the edited Hill headline makes clear. What to know about the 29 voicemails included in the DNC dump:...

Winners, Losers From DNC Day 3
 Winners, Losers 
 From DNC Day 3 

Winners, Losers From DNC Day 3

It was a good day for the party's big guns

(Newser) - Wednesday was the penultimate day of the Democratic convention and it ran smoothly enough for speakers to focus on praise of Hillary Clinton—and takedowns of Donald Trump—instead of calls for party unity, though Bernie Sanders supporters didn't go completely unheard. But some Dems had a better day...

Obama&#39;s 5 Best Lines
 Obama's 5 Best Lines 
democratic convention

Obama's 5 Best Lines

'I ask you to carry her the same way you carried me'

(Newser) - Amid shouts of "Yes we can" and even a few of "Four more years," President Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, delivering a message of optimism as he looked back at the last eight years and endorsed Hillary Clinton—and the American people—to...

Kaine &#39;Humbly&#39; Accepts Nomination, Mocks Trump
 Kaine 'Humbly' 
 Accepts Nomination, 
 Zings Trump 

Kaine 'Humbly' Accepts Nomination, Zings Trump

'Trump has a passion. It's himself'

(Newser) - Tim Kaine introduced himself to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, telling the crowd he "humbly" accepted the VP nomination and giving his life story before launching some fierce attacks on Donald Trump. There were big cheers whenever the former Virginia governor switched to speaking Spanish, the Guardian...

Bloomberg: Trump a &#39;Con,&#39; &#39;Demagogue&#39;

 Trump a 'Con,' 
Democratic Convention

Bloomberg: Trump a 'Con,' 'Demagogue'

The DNC fights New York billionaire with New York billionaire

(Newser) - Perhaps in an effort to fight fire with fire, the Democratic National Convention welcomed its own New York billionaire to the stage Wednesday night. As a former Republican and current Independent, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg came out against parts of the Democratic platform but fully against Donald...

Joe Biden&#39;s Fiery Speech: &#39;Never, Never, Never&#39;

 Joe Biden's Fiery 
 Speech: 'Never, 
 Never, Never' 
Democratic Convention

Joe Biden's Fiery Speech: 'Never, Never, Never'

'We do not scare easily,' veep tells DNC

(Newser) - Vice President Joe Biden fired up the Democratic National Convention crowd on Wednesday, delivering a rousing, patriotic endorsement of Hillary Clinton and condemnation of Donald Trump. He praised the "unbreakable spirit of the people of America" and insisted that "it's never, never, never been a good bet...

Panetta: Trump Inviting Russia to Hack Clinton Is 'Inconceivable'

He says Clinton is the candidate who will keep America safe

(Newser) - Former secretary of defense Leon Panetta says he's worked with nine presidents from both parties and Hillary Clinton is more prepared than any of them to keep America safe and prosperous. "She is smart, she is principled, she is tough, and she is ready," Panetta told the...

Gabby Giffords: Speaking Is Hard; 'I Want to Say 'Madam President' '

Former congresswoman speaks out against gun violence at DNC

(Newser) - Five years after surviving a near-fatal assassination attempt, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords told the Democratic National Convention : “Speaking is difficult for me, but come January I want to say these two words: 'Madam President'." Giffords capped off a string of speakers calling on the government to do...

Stars Light Up 3rd Night of DNC

 Stars Light Up 
 3rd Night of DNC 

Stars Light Up 3rd Night of DNC

Angela Bassett, Sigourney Weaver, Lenny Kravitz, most of Broadway, among those who turn out

(Newser) - Angela Bassett and Sigourney Weaver, Empire producer Lee Daniels, and rocker Lenny Kravitz are providing the celebrity power Wednesday on Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention. Weaver introduced a climate-change film by director James Cameron, "Not Reality TV," featuring Jack Black, Don Cheadle, America Ferrera, and the...

DNC Day 3: America Meets Tim Kaine

Obama, Biden will also speak in Philadelphia

(Newser) - President Obama and VP Joe Biden will attempt to top Bill Clinton's " prosaic love letter " to Hillary Clinton on the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. Other big names scheduled to speak, per the Los Angeles Times , include Harry Reid, Gabby Giffords, Jesse Jackson,...

Sarah Silverman: The DNC Said 'No' to One Joke

She acknowledges she can be a bit 'obnoxious'

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman drew one of the biggest cheers of Monday night at the Democratic National Convention when she told Bernie Sanders diehards they were "being ridiculous." But there was one line the Democratic National Committee informed the comedian she couldn't deliver during her speech, she tells the...

4 Takes on Bill&#39;s Speech
 4 Takes on Bill's 'Love Letter' 

4 Takes on Bill's 'Love Letter'

Maybe there was a reference to 1998...

(Newser) - There was no shortage of history made on Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention: Hours after Hillary Clinton became the first female major-party nominee , Bill Clinton delivered the first convention speech from a would-be "first gentleman," offering a heartfelt account of his life with the woman he...

Hillary: 'We Put the Biggest Crack in That Glass Ceiling Yet'

She makes surprise DNC appearance via video link

(Newser) - After Bill Clinton's warmly received speech at the DNC Tuesday night, Meryl Streep took the stage, followed by Alicia Keys, followed by a surprise appearance from the nominee herself via satellite video from New York. She appeared on the big screen after a montage of former presidents, including the...

Bill Clinton&#39;s 5 Biggest Lines
 Bill Clinton's 5 Biggest Lines 
democratic convention

Bill Clinton's 5 Biggest Lines

He recounts courtship in deeply personal DNC speech

(Newser) - Tuesday night marked the 10th time Bill Clinton had addressed a Democratic National Convention—but it was the first time Bill, or anybody, had made a speech as the husband of the nominee . The Wells Fargo Center seemed completely absorbed as Bill recounted the early years of his life with...

America Ferrera: According to Trump, I'm Probably a Rapist

She, Lena Dunham take the stage at the DNC

(Newser) - Actors Lena Dunham and America Ferrera took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday and went right for the jugular: "I’m Lena Dunham and according to Donald Trump my body is probably like a two." "And I’m America Ferrera and according to Donald...

The One Word Hillary Tweeted After Her Nomination
 The One Word Hillary 
 Tweeted After Her 
democratic convention

The One Word Hillary Tweeted After Her Nomination


(Newser) - Hillary Clinton shattered a major glass ceiling tonight , and took to Twitter to mark the moment. Her first tweet after she became the Democratic Party's official nominee reads simply, "History." Then, along with the message "Stronger together," she tweeted a video of Bernie Sanders asking...

Hillary Clinton Has Officially Made History

 Hillary Clinton 
 Has Officially 
 Made History 
Democratic Convention

Hillary Clinton Has Officially Made History

She became 1st woman nominated for president by major party on Tuesday

(Newser) - As she did in the primary, Hillary Clinton got all the delegates she needed during Tuesday's roll call at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to officially became the Democratic nominee for president, ABC News reports. It's the first time a woman has been the presidential nominee of...

Bill Clinton to Battle 'Bernie or Bust' on DNC's 2nd Night

Plus, mothers of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner speak on gun violence

(Newser) - The name organizers hope will be on everyone's mind during the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday—besides Hillary Clinton's, of course—is that of her husband. Bill Clinton will headline the evening four years after giving what CBS News calls a better pitch for...

Susan Sarandon Looked Absolutely Miserable in Philly
Susan Sarandon Looked Absolutely Miserable in Philly
democratic convention

Susan Sarandon Looked Absolutely Miserable in Philly

She's not denying it, either

(Newser) - It's no secret that Susan Sarandon, like Sarah Silverman and Rosario Dawson , is one of the Hollywood luminaries who've been stumping for Team Bernie, not Team Hillary. So it wasn't totally surprising the actress was captured on camera Monday night at Philly's Democratic National Convention with...

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