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'6 Californias' Breakup Plan Headed for Ballot

Measure gets 800K signatures, will likely see 2016 vote

(Newser) - A measure that will let Californians vote on abolishing California appears to be headed for 2016 ballots. Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper says he has gathered enough signatures for his " Six Californias" plan to go ahead and he plans to file them with state authorities today, reports Reuters . His...

Spitzer Nabs 27K Signatures in Comptroller Run

Far more than required 3,750

(Newser) - It takes 3,750 signatures to get on the ballot for New York City's comptroller race—and Eliot Spitzer already has some 27,000, he says. "Against the odds and all predictions, and in light of some who tried to thwart the effort, I am pleased to announce...

Oops: Broward County in Florida Finds 1K Ballots

Box was misplaced in a warehouse

(Newser) - Florida's making it a little too easy now for the voting jokes: WSVN reports that Broward County officials have turned up a box with nearly 1,000 uncounted paper ballots in a warehouse. But it's this line in particular that stands out in the report: "The supervisor...

Romney Adviser: We Lost Florida
Romney Adviser:
We Lost Florida

Romney Adviser: We Lost Florida

Counting continues, but outcome looks certain

(Newser) - Three of Florida's big counties are still counting absentee ballots, but an adviser to Mitt Romney says it's all over: “We thought based on our polling and range of organization that we had done what we needed to win," Brett Doster tells the Miami Herald . "...

4 Ways Election Day Could Go Horribly Wrong

Chances of 2000-style debacle high, experts say

(Newser) - Election Day is almost here and experts fear that the chances of a 2000-style mess that prevents the winner from being known for days or weeks are higher than ever this time around. NBC runs through some of the worst-case scenarios.
  • Provisional ballots could make it impossible to determine the

E-Voting Machines Totally Hackable, Experts Warn

Two of them even installed Pac-Man in one paperless machine

(Newser) - You take time off work, cast your ballot, get your sticker—only to learn that the electronic voting machine you used was hacked and your vote rendered meaningless. E-voting experts are predicting similar scenarios in the 17 states that still use paperless machines, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A cheater...

Florida Candidate Changes Name to .Com Address


(Newser) - On the congressional ballot in Florida this November, voters will see the name of one of the candidate's websites: . That's because Eddie Gonzalez, a contender for the spot in the House of Representatives, legally changed his name to, yes,, reports AP . "Since I'...

Oops: Some Illinois Ballots Too Big for Scanners

Officials get unpleasant Election Day surprise

(Newser) - Illinois has something to work on for the general election in November: making sure its ballots aren't too big. Elections officials discovered to their alarm today that some ballots would not fit into scanners for counting and had to be trimmed by hand, reports the Chicago Tribune . The snafu...

Gingrich's Chances in Virginia: Slim

Looking at 'alternative methods' to get on ballot

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich hasn't given up on Virginia just yet. After learning Saturday morning that he would not be on the state's primary ballot then vowing to run an "aggressive" write-in campaign, only to find out that write-ins aren't permitted on primary ballots there, his campaign rep...

Hey, Virginia: Gingrich Wants You to Write Him In

But there's one major problem...

(Newser) - When it comes to Virginia, Newt Gingrich doesn't plan to go gentle into that good night. Following the Republican Party of Virginia's early morning announcement that the candidate did not have enough valid signatures to get on the primary ballot, Gingrich's camp said, via press release, that...

'Rich Whitey' Appears on Chicago Ballots

Misspelling of Rich Whitney's name to be corrected

(Newser) - A certain “Rich Whitey” is running for governor of Illinois—or so the ballots have it. Thousands of electronic voting machines, including about 500 currently being used for early voting, contain a misspelling of Green Party hopeful Rich Whitney’s last name, the AP reports. “We don't have...

Karzai Set Up 800 Fake Poll Sites, Say Diplomats

Ten times as many ballots as voters, say Western officials

(Newser) - Hamid Karzai's supporters set up hundreds of fake polling stations that delivered hundreds of thousands of votes to the Afghan president, even though nobody voted there, diplomats tell the New York Times. The incumbent's team created as many as 800 fake sites, existing only on paper. Karzai allies also occupied...

Karzai Team Forged All 24K Ballots in 1 District: Charge

Afghan president's campaign allegedly detained tribal leader, closed polls

(Newser) - Tribal leaders in southern Afghanistan make the strongest allegations yet of ballot fraud, telling Dexter Filkins of the New York Times that in their district, "Hamid Karzai's people stuffed all the ballot boxes." Members of the Bariz tribe, who endorsed challenger Abdullah Abdullah, say aides to Karzai's brother—...

Franken Picks Up 87 Votes in Minn. Race

Dem gains some 90 votes in rejected-ballot count

(Newser) - As election officials in Minnesota tallied up some 350 previously-rejected Senate ballots today, Al Franken stretched out his lead over Norm Coleman by almost 90 votes, making it more than 312, the Star Tribune reports. That’s good news for Franken in Coleman’s lawsuit over the election, which a...

Franken Moves to Dismiss Coleman Lawsuit

Coleman hasn't met his burden of proof, he says

(Newser) - Al Franken asked judges today to dismiss a lawsuit that has bogged down Minnesota’s US Senate vote recount, saying Republican opponent Norm Coleman didn’t prove his claim that 2000 absentee ballots were improperly rejected. Since resting their case, Coleman’s lawyers have focused on using Franken’s witnesses...

Coleman Team: 'Set Aside' This Election

GOP defense rests most of case; now it's Franken's turn

(Newser) - A lawyer for Norm Coleman suggested the election should be "set aside" in a letter to the court reviewing Minnesota’s US Senate election results, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. “Some courts have held that when the number of illegal votes exceeds the margin between the candidates—and it...

Steele Will Head RNC
 Steele Will Head RNC 

Steele Will Head RNC

(Newser) - Michael Steele emerged from a grueling contest today to become the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee, Politico reports. The six-ballot process, the most drawn-out in years, ended in the rare election of a non-member. “This is awesome,” the former Maryland lieutenant governor said, drawing a...

Franken, Coleman Agree to Count 900 Rejected Ballots

But court case could keep race on for months

(Newser) - The battling campaigns in the Minnesota Senate race have agreed to count some 900 incorrectly rejected ballots, an unexpectedly high proportion of the 1,350 reviewed by county officials. The system required both campaigns to agree on every ballot, which made such a figure seem unlikely, Talking Points Memo reports....

Coleman Claims 150 Ballots Were Double-Counted

Minn. board faces new hurdles as it resolves disputes in Senate race

(Newser) - The Minnesota Senate recount is moving at a one-step-forward, two-steps-back pace, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports, with Republican Norm Coleman’s campaign saying 150 ballots were double-counted, and that the total tally needs to be adjusted by the Canvassing Board. The board, which is in the process of evaluating disputed ballots,...

Minn. Board Can't Keep Up With New Ballot Challenges

Candidates add to pile as panel starts sifting

(Newser) - The Minnesota state Canvassing Board began evaluating challenged ballots in the Senate recount yesterday, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. These votes, where one of the campaigns disputed voter intent, are the last major obstacle in the count. But the campaigns say that having seen the standards, they may revive some withdrawn...

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