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Ohio Will Need to Tweak Its Law to Get Biden on the Ballot

Otherwise he could miss the deadline, the state's election office says

(Newser) - President Biden could be left off the ballot in Ohio this fall unless the state's Republican-dominated legislature creates an exception to the ballot deadline or the Democratic Party moves up its convention, according to the office that oversees the state's elections. Ohio's deadline to certify presidential candidates...

Monumental Ruling Puts Supreme Court in Hot Seat

Ruling Puts
Supreme Court
in Hot Seat
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Monumental Ruling Puts Supreme Court in Hot Seat

Trump is widely expected to prevail in ballot challenge, however

(Newser) - The bombshell decision of the Colorado Supreme Court to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot in that state now shifts attention to the US Supreme Court, where an appeal is expected to land quickly. The Colorado court ruled 4-3 that Trump engaged in insurrection and is therefore barred...

Inside California Dems' Effort to Boot Trump From Ballot

Group asks state attorney general to expedite court ruling on former president's eligibility

(Newser) - Nine Democrats in California are seeking an expedited court ruling that could bar former President Donald Trump from the March 5 presidential primary ballot, claiming he's ineligible to resume office. The lawmakers—who echo conservative law scholars in arguing Trump may have violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment,...

In Ohio, a 'Huge Step Forward' for Abortion Access

Abortion rights advocates submit nearly double the number of signatures needed to get on ballot

(Newser) - Groups hoping to enshrine abortion rights in Ohio's Constitution delivered nearly double the number of signatures needed to place an amendment on the statewide ballot this fall, aiming to signal sweeping widespread support for an issue that still faces the threat of needing a significantly increased victory margin. Ohioans...

Printer Errors to Slow Count in 2 Places

Counties in Oregon, Pennsylvania say the results will be accurate

(Newser) - Printing mistakes will force local election officials in Pennsylvania and Oregon to redo thousands of mailed ballots, a laborious process that could delay results for some closely contested races in Tuesday's primaries. In Pennsylvania, where GOP primaries for governor and US Senate are drawing national attention, officials in Republican-leaning...

Talk Show Host Wins Fight for Spot on Recall Ballot

Judge decides Larry Elder didn't owe state any tax returns anyway

(Newser) - With only hours to go before the list of candidates in California's recall election to decide the governorship was to become final, a judge decided it should include talk show host Larry Elder. The secretary of state had said Elder didn't meet the requirement to submit tax returns...

His Mom Voted for Trump. She Died in 2008.

Pa. man gets 5 years of probation for unlawful voting for casting absentee ballot for dead mother

(Newser) - Elizabeth Bartman voted for President Trump in the 2020 election, but there was one problem: She'd been dead since 2008. Now, her son has been sentenced to five years of probation after he confessed to securing an absentee ballot in his mom's name and casting it. The Philadelphia ...

Giuliani Claims 'Big Win for Honest Elections'
Judge: You Can Analyze
Those Voting Machines
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Judge: You Can Analyze Those Voting Machines

Rudy Giuliani calls it a 'big win,' but that might not be true

(Newser) - A judge ruled Friday that forensic photos can be taken of Dominion vote tabulation machines in one Michigan county, a move hailed by Rudy Giuliani—although it's unrelated to the presidential election, the Detroit News reports. The judge said a voter had complained about three ballots allegedly being ignored...

After Supreme Court Order on Pa. Ballots, a Trump Tirade

Justice Alito says ballots received after Election Day must be segregated, but count continues

(Newser) - As Joe Biden closes in on a win , Pennsylvania remains a key state that could put him over the top. And per a ruling from Pennsylvania's Supreme Court, ballots postmarked by Tuesday but received by 5pm Friday are allowed in the count. But on Friday, in response to a...

Media Rejects 'Conspiracy' in Arizona

'Sharpiegate' theory comes to life on social media

(Newser) - As states across the US release vote totals for the presidential election, some social media users are falsely claiming that ballots are being invalidated in Arizona. The supposed culprit: Sharpie markers, the AP reports. In what's come to be known as #Sharpiegate, social media posts suggest that election officials...

Chaos Erupts at Ballot-Counting Center

Challengers claim they are barred from vote-counting room

(Newser) - A chaotic scene broke out Wednesday in Detroit when dozens of poll challengers claimed they were being barred from a ballot-counting area, the Detroit Free Press reports. Told the room at TCF Center had hit capacity, people banged on windows and doors, and some chanted "Stop the vote."...

California Ballot Box Apparently Set on Fire

More than 200 ballots were impacted

(Newser) - Authorities believe a California ballot box was set on fire in Los Angeles Sunday night. The ballots inside were, obviously, damaged; the Guardian reports firefighters had to spray water into the box to extinguish the blaze, then cut the box open with a chainsaw to get the ballots out. The...

Judge Blocks Texas Governor's Order on Ballot Drop-Offs

Greg Abbott had mandated just one ballot drop-off site per county, drawing cries of voter suppression

(Newser) - Last week, cries of voter suppression arose after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order that limited mail-in ballot drop-off locations to just one per county throughout the state. Now, a federal judge has blocked that order, noting that it puts an unacceptable burden on more vulnerable voters in...

In Texas, Cries of Voter Suppression

Governor's order limits ballot drop-off sites to 1 per county

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Thursday limiting ballot drop-off locations to one per county in what one county clerk says is "a deliberate attempt to manipulate the election." Harris County, encompassing Houston and some 4.7 million residents, planned 12 drop-off sites following an executive...

Judge: Trump, Postal Service Are in Cahoots

Judge Stanley Bastian issues a nationwide injunction against the USPS 'leave behind' policy

(Newser) - A US judge on Thursday blocked controversial Postal Service changes that have slowed mail nationwide, calling them "a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service" before the November election, the AP reports. Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, said he was issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction...

Pelosi in Rare Saturday Session: 'Ignore' Trump

The speaker calls in lawmakers over Republican objections

(Newser) - The House is meeting for a rare Saturday session over mail delivery disruptions, poised to approve legislation that would reverse recent changes in US Postal Service operations and send $25 billion in emergency funds to shore up the agency ahead of the November election, the AP reports. Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

Cuomo Offers Way to 'Fix' Mail-In Ballots

New York state's governor says voters should be able to amend errors

(Newser) - Anticipating a wave of mail-in voting this fall, New York state will now give voters a chance to correct missing signatures and other clerical errors so their absentee ballots can be counted—but the exact provisions haven't yet been made public after last-minute negotiations between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and...

McEnany Is Asked: Will Trump Accept the Election Outcome?

Kayleigh McEnany answers without really answering

(Newser) - White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany punted twice Wednesday when asked whether President Trump would accept an election loss in November, the Hill reports. "The president believes he's done a great job for the American people, and that will show in November," she said, telling a reporter...

Lawmaker Names Trump in Criminal Referral

'We simply cannot be polite to corruption,' says Rep. Bill Pascrell

(Newser) - A House Democrat is seeking an investigation into what he calls the Trump administration's "accelerated arson" of the US Postal Service, the New Jersey Herald reports. "I call upon you to open a wide-ranging investigation of Trump's action to interfere with our elections and empanel a...

State to Kanye: You Gave Us 1.9K Invalid Signatures

He's unlikely to get on the ballot in his home state of Illinois

(Newser) - Looks like Kanye West won't be on the Illinois ballot after all, TMZ reports. The politically inspired rapper handed in his petition to appear on his home state's presidential ballot in November, but officials rejected 1,928 of his submitted signatures—more than half—which leaves him over...

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