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For Biden and Trump, 'Serious Concerns' Out of Michigan

Both see a sizable chunk of voters withholding support

(Newser) - President Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cruised to lopsided victories in Michigan primaries on Tuesday, but "a glance under the hood of the results reveals serious concerns for both campaigns," per CNN . For Biden, it's a sizable group of Democrats protesting his administration's support...

Biden Wins in Michigan, With Eyes on 'Uncommitted'

'Uncommitted' protest garners north of 100K votes against him

(Newser) - That President Biden cruised to an easy win in Tuesday's Michigan primary is not a surprise. The big question was how many votes will be logged in protest against him as "uncommitted." The AP called the race for the president when the last polls closed at 9pm...

Trump Racks Up Another Win in Michigan

His victory over Nikki Haley is called quickly after the polls close

(Newser) - Donald Trump continued his domination in the GOP primaries by easily defeating Nikki Haley in Michigan on Tuesday. The AP called the race for the former president when the last polls closed at 9pm Eastern. The outcome had never been in doubt, with Trump up by 50 points (and sometimes...

Big Michigan Question for Biden: the Anti-War Vote
Biden's Biggest Challenger
in Michigan Has No Name
the rundown

Biden's Biggest Challenger in Michigan Has No Name

Arab American voters in the state push 'uncommitted' option to protest his support of Israel

(Newser) - President Biden's biggest challenge in Tuesday's primary in Michigan is expected to come from a nameless competitor—"uncommitted." Prominent Arab Americans in the state are urging Democrats to vote that way as a protest over Biden's support for Israel in the ongoing war in Gaza....

Daughter Pleads: 'Do Not Vote for My Dad'
'For the Love of
God Do Not Vote
for My Dad'
in case you missed it

'For the Love of God Do Not Vote for My Dad'

Woman's father, running for Michigan state rep, says they disagree over issues including BLM

(Newser) - Robert Regan is being campaigned against—by his own daughter. Regan, a Republican candidate for Michigan State representative, has described himself as "so conservative that he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal," and the Daily Dot reports that his stances include calling for English to be Michigan'...

Biden Won After 'Suburban Surge'
Biden Won After
'Suburban Surge'

Biden Won After 'Suburban Surge'

Ex-VP racking up primary victories from suburbanites looking for a moderate

(Newser) - Former Vice President Joe Biden has solidly taken front-runner status after Tuesday's primaries , and a big part of his more recent victories can be attributed to what the Washington Post calls a "suburban surge." The paper notes that voter turnout in Michigan especially saw a spike in...

Biden Scores First Win in Tuesday Primaries
Joe Biden Just Notched
Another Major Victory

Joe Biden Just Notched Another Major Victory

He takes Michigan, along with Mississippi and Missouri

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders' chances of winning the Democratic nomination just got much more difficult. The AP called all-important Michigan (125 delegates) for Joe Biden Tuesday night. Sanders won the state in 2016 in a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton, but he could not repeat the magic. He trailed Biden by 12...

New Poll Is Bad News for Sanders' Chances

He's way behind in Michigan, but he stunned pollsters there in 2016

(Newser) - Michigan is being called a must-win state for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, which means a new poll from the Detroit Free Press will not be pleasant reading for his campaign. On the eve of the state's primary, the survey has Joe Biden up 24 points in the state, 51...

One State, Bernie Can't Lose
Bernie Faces Must-Win State

Bernie Faces Must-Win State

Losing Michigan could be catastrophic, write David Siders and Holly Otterbein

(Newser) - Super Tuesday was tough on Bernie Sanders—but Michigan? It could be the end. So argue David Siders and Holly Otterbein in a sobering analysis of the March 10 primary. "It was Michigan where Sanders engineered a primary day miracle four years ago, upsetting Hillary Clinton and imprinting his...

Michigan Too Close to Call for Democrats
 Sanders Wins Michigan 

Sanders Wins Michigan

It was a tight race in a key state

(Newser) - The biggest prize of the night was Michigan, and it ended up being a tight finish between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. With more than 99% of results in, CNN and NBC are projecting Sanders as the winner with 50% of the vote to Clinton's 48%. Both candidates campaigned...

Media Decided GOP Race Was Over on Feb. 28
Media Decided GOP Race Was Over on Feb. 28
new report

Media Decided GOP Race Was Over on Feb. 28

Even though Santorum didn't bow out until April 10

(Newser) - No one's been nominated yet—but the media crowned Mitt Romney the winner of the GOP primaries after he took Michigan on Feb. 28, a Pew report finds. Of course, Romney didn't essentially seal the deal until Rick Santorum dropped out. That happened on April 10, weeks after...

Rick Cries Foul as Mitt Gets Extra Michigan Delegate

We explained the rules wrong, state GOP says

(Newser) - Michigan's GOP has outraged Rick Santorum's campaign by flip-flopping on how delegates are awarded. Before this week's primary, officials repeatedly said two delegates would be awarded for each congressional district, with two at-large delegates to be split between candidates who received more than 15% of the vote....

Mitt Romney Holds Onto Lead, Sort Of

 Mitt Romney 
 Holds Onto 
 Lead, Sort Of 
Primary Postgame

Mitt Romney Holds Onto Lead, Sort Of

Pundits weigh in on what his Michigan, Arizona victories mean

(Newser) - Mitt Romney may have had to sweat a little, but he won in both Michigan and Arizona last night. Is he the favorite for the nomination again? Here's what pundits are saying:
  • We'll let Romney himself have the first word: "We didn't win by a lot,

Romney Wins Michigan
 Romney Grabs Michigan 

Romney Grabs Michigan

He squeaks out victory over Santorum in must-win state

(Newser) - Mitt Romney needed a win in Michigan and he got one, though the narrow margin of victory in the state where he was born and raised may worry supporters, reports the Wall Street Journal . Romney ended up taking 41% of the vote, Rick Santorum finished a few points behind with...

Mitt Wins Easily in Arizona

Rick Santorum a distant second

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has, as predicted, cruised to victory in Arizona's Republican primary, winning all 29 of its delegates. Romney took 47.3% % of the vote, Rick Santorum came in second with 26.6%, 16.2% chose Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul came in last with 8.4%. Exit...

Santorum Call Could Backfire, McCain-Style

 Santorum Call 
 Could Backfire, 
Steve Kornacki

Santorum Call Could Backfire, McCain-Style

Mitt Romney will be able to slap an asterisk on Michigan results: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Rick Santorum's attempt to rally Michigan Democrats to his cause via a robocall makes strategic sense—he needs to do something to overcome Romney's presumably already banked lead among early voters—but it could backfire, and "give Romney an opportunity to argue that the Michigan result should...

Santorum Call Tells Democrats to Vote for Him

Mitt Romney calls it 'outrageous, and a terrible dirty trick'

(Newser) - Rick Santorum must have thought the Daily Kos had the right idea with Operation Hilarity . Santorum's campaign has been sending out a robocall to Michigan Democrats, urging them to vote for him, Talking Points Memo reports. In the ad, a deep-voiced man says that Mitt Romney's opposition of...

Romney: I'll Win Michigan

 in Michigan 
tonight's primaries

Romney, Santorum Neck-and-Neck in Michigan

Romney has Arizona in the bag

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is feeling confident. The former governor is boasting that he'll take the hard-fought Michigan primary today, the AP reports—but it's going to be a nail-biter. Eleventh-hour polls show Romney and Rick Santorum neck-and-neck in the state. Nate Silver is estimating Romney will best Santorum by...

Empty Stadium Overshadows Romney Coverage

Maybe cavernous Ford Field wasn't the best choice

(Newser) - Team Romney must want a do-over. Coverage of a much-hyped economic speech at Detroit's Ford Field yesterday is getting attention mainly for two things: His poorly received ad lib about owning a few Cadillacs and, more prominently, all those empty seats. A few examples:
  • Washington Post : "Empty seats

Romney's Auto Bailout Stand Haunts Him in Michigan

Chrysler, General Motors should never have been rescued, Mitt argued

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's opposition to the Detroit bailout plan may come back to haunt him in the Michigan primary , the New York Times reports. Not only did Bain Capital, the equity firm he founded, refuse to pump money into a flailing General Motors—Romney himself wrote an op-ed for the...

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