Michigan primary

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Romney Closing Gap in Michigan

Rick Santorum's 15-point lead shrinks to 4

(Newser) - Last week, Rick Santorum led Mitt Romney in the Michigan race by 15 points ; now, that lead is down to just four points, Public Policy Polling finds. Some 37% of voters say they support Santorum, compared to 33% for Romney; Ron Paul follows with 15%, while Newt Gingrich stands at...

Santorum Ad Goes After Mud-Slinger 'Rombo'

Romney's negative attacks will backfire, it warns

(Newser) - The newest buzz-generating character on the campaign trail is "Rombo," courtesy of a Rick Santorum ad. In it, a Mitt Romeny lookalike tries to spray Santorum with a mud gun only to have it backfire on his white shirt. Romney's "negative attack machine is back, on...

Romney Goes All-In on Michigan
 Romney Goes All-In on Michigan

Romney Goes All-In on Michigan

And his supporters think he'll win

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's campaign machine has revved into overdrive in Michigan, sending top operatives to the state and pouring money into TV ads, including a $1.3 million buy yesterday—not that Team Romney thinks it's got anything to worry about. Despite the most recent poll data , Romney's...

Santorum Could Grab Michigan From Romney

Candidate now polling at the top, focusing resources on the state

(Newser) - Could Rick Santorum pull off a win in Michigan, where Mitt Romney grew up during his father's tenure as governor? The latest Public Policy Poll shows that it's a definite possibility—Santorum leads Romney 39% to 24% in the state—and a half-dozen insiders tell Politico that Santorum'...

Gingrich Expects to Lose in Nevada, Michigan

Campaign dials back expectations, sets sights on caucus states

(Newser) - It doesn't look like Newt Gingrich will win in Florida today, and his campaign doesn't think he'll win the next contest either. A campaign spokesman tried to dial back expectations today, telling CNN that Gingrich wasn't expecting much from Nevada—which holds its caucuses five days...

Mich., Fla. Get Full Delegations
 Mich., Fla. Get Full Delegations

Mich., Fla. Get Full Delegations

But compromise shouldn't endanger Obama

(Newser) - The much-contested delegations from Michigan and Florida will receive full voting rights at the Democratic National Convention tonight, the Washington Post reports. Michigan and Florida’s primaries favored Hillary Clinton, but adjustments have been made in Obama’s favor, and Clinton seems poised to release her delegates to vote as...

Dems Seat Fla., Mich. Delegates as Half-Votes

Raucous hearing leaves Obama 66 delegates from victory

(Newser) - Democratic officials voted today to seat Florida and Michigan primary delegates as half-votes, the AP reports. At a boisterous hearing, delayed by nearly 3 hours of private talks, the party seated Florida delegates based on the state's primary vote, with 105 for Clinton and 67 for Obama. The Michigan deal...

Democrats to Settle Score on Fla., Mich.

Committee likely to seat half of delegates, a blow to Clinton

(Newser) - The Democratic rules committee has begun a daylong meeting to try to settle the dispute over the seating of Florida and Michigan’s delegates, chosen in violation of party rules. Many Dems expect half the delegations from each state to be seated, the Washington Post reports, which would do little...

Top Democrats Say Race Ends Next Week

Reid, Pelosi to push for quick resolution, good news for Obama

(Newser) - Democratic leaders say the primary fight will be over next week, making it all but certain that Barack Obama will be the nominee. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and party chief Howard Dean say they will press uncommitted superdelegates to make up their minds by midweek,...

Mich.-Fla. Plan, Net Gain of 19 for Clinton, Picking Up Steam

Move would raise Obama target but get Hillary little closer; 50-50 split irks Mich. Dem

(Newser) - A plan to give each of Florida’s Democratic delegates a half-vote and to split Michigan’s halved delegates evenly between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is “gaining some traction in the right circles” ahead of Saturday’s DNC meeting, Talking Points Memo discerns from an MSNBC report. The...

DNC Lawyers: Only Half of Fla., Mich. Can Be Seated Saturday

Rules committee not allowed to go further

(Newser) - By Democratic Party rules, the long-awaited committee meeting on Saturday is authorized to re-seat no more than half of the outlaw delegations from Florida and Michigan, party lawyers have advised in a new memo. The Rules and Bylaws Committee is required to maintain a penalty for the leapfrogging states that...

Clinton's Delegate Math Goes From Fuzzy to Demeaning

Equating Fla., Mich. struggle to democratic, feminist, civil-rights causes mocks them all

(Newser) - Attempts by Hillary Clinton supporters to link the push to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations with fights for suffrage and other freedoms the world over is "an equation that makes a mockery of democracy and feminism,” Harold Meyerson writes in the Washington Post—particularly since Clinton herself...

Bill Decries 'Cover-Up' By Dem Brass

'They' are trying to pressure superdelegates, bury poll numbers favoring Hillary

(Newser) - Bill Clinton claimed this weekend that there is a conspiracy to bury polls showing Hillary to be the better Democratic general-election candidate against John McCain, adding, “I have never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully just for running.” “Oh, this is so terrible," said the former...

Bush v. Gore 's Lessons for 2008
 Bush v. Gore's Lessons for 2008 

Bush v. Gore's Lessons for 2008

2000 election mess colors Obama-Clinton contest

(Newser) - Memorial Day dates from the Civil War, but this week, thanks to HBO’s Recount, a different internecine conflict will be in the air: the 2000 election. The generally factual portrayal of the Florida snafu gets Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker thinking about another hairsplitting debate over vote counting....

Dems Jockey on Florida and Michigan Votes

Clinton wants outlaws seated; Obama would go 'more than halfway'

(Newser) - With primary voting in its final stretch, the long-simmering argument about outlaw Florida and Michigan balloting is heating up. Hillary Clinton's camp is still arguing that all delegates should be seated, while Barack Obama said seating half the Florida delegates would be “a very reasonable solution”—though he...

No, She Isn&rsquo;t Winning the Popular Vote
No, She Isn’t Winning the Popular Vote

No, She Isn’t Winning the Popular Vote

Claim divisive at best, untrue at worst, so let's just call it a tie

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s insistence that she’s winning the popular vote not only promotes a meaningless rubric in a delegate contest, but it's also a dangerous claim—and a false one, Jonathan Alter writes in Newsweek. Not only is Clinton trampling on old sore spots (think Al Gore in 2000),...

Clinton Ready to Take It to Convention

Defiant candidate emphasizes the importance of Florida's vote

(Newser) - A defiant Hillary Clinton signaled yesterday that she might take the nomination fight all the way to the convention, the New York Times reports, again emphasizing the importance of seating Florida and Michigan delegates in a swing through the Sunshine State. Those delegates still wouldn't erase Barack Obama's lead, but...

Maybe She's Looking to Bargain
 Maybe She's
 to Bargain 

Maybe She's Looking to Bargain

Help with campaign debt among the possibilities

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s tactics have been especially divisive in the last few days, and Katharine Q. Seelye writes in the Times that maybe she’s “veering into dangerous territory” to force her rival to bargain. Some suggestions on what she wants from him:

Michigan Settles on Delegate Plan
Settles on
Delegate Plan

Michigan Settles on Delegate Plan

Clinton would get 69, Obama 59 in new compromise

(Newser) - The Michigan Democratic Party agreed yesterday to a plan to split its delegates to the August convention: The state wants to award 69 to Hillary Clinton and 59 to Barack Obama, who did not appear on the ballot in the primary, which was voided because it broke party rules. Michigan...

Downtrodden Clinton Aides Grasp at Fla., Mich. Straws

Top adviser: 'We lost this thing in February'

(Newser) - Last night’s primary disappointments have Hillary Clinton's aides skeptical about their candidate’s chances, the Washington Post reports. Advisers say their only hope is a last-ditch push to include results from Florida and Michigan. “Absent some sort of miracle on May 31st, it’s going to be tough...

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