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LG Exec Allegedly Broke Rival's Washing Machines

Jo Seong-jin indicted for alleged vandalism

(Newser) - Jo Seong-jin, a top exec for LG Electronics, has been accused of vandalizing washing machines made by rival company Samsung. He and two other LG executives have been indicted over the incident, an LG spokesperson tells the Wall Street Journal . Before a trade show in Germany last September, Samsung said...

GM Teams With LG on Electric Cars

Electronics maker to do more than just provide batteries

(Newser) - Hot on the heels of news of the Ford-Toyota deal , we’ve got word of a far stranger electric car pact: General Motors has agreed to a deal to co-develop cars with LG Group, the Wall Street Journal reports. The consumer electronics company already makes the battery for the Chevy...

3-D Glasses Here for the Long Haul

High-tech viewing will require low-tech eyewear for at least another decade

(Newser) - 3-D television is a reality: LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony will be selling sets by the end of the year. But they'll all require viewers to wear 3-D glasses to get the full effect. 3-D for the naked eye is under intense development that's expected to take at least another...

2010 Will Be the Year of 3D TV

Ready or not, there's a new wave of high-end sets coming

(Newser) - Ready or not, 3D TV is coming this year, with every major television manufacturer planning to unveil a 3D set at today's Consumer Electronics Show. DirecTV is also expected to announce some 3D channel offerings on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that ESPN plans to launch a 3D network...

Microsoft Muscles Into Cell Market With New OS

Firm will offer Windows Mobile on 50 smartphones

(Newser) - Microsoft is pushing deeper into the cellphone market with a deal to put a new operating system on 50 LG smartphones, the New York Times reports. The company unveiled a more user-friendly OS—"We were dinged for not having a friendly consumer interface," an exec says—and...

Skip the Ties and Tools: Dads Want Gadgets

High-tech is the way to make dad feel like a million on his special day

(Newser) - Lose the power tools and the landscaping implements this Father's Day, ABC News suggests. The kind of cutting edge Dad really wants can't be found at the hardware store. Among them:
  • For dads who want media at their fingertips, the enV2 by LG hosts music and video via V CAST

Phone Makers Chase Fickle Customers
Phone Makers Chase Fickle Customers

Phone Makers Chase Fickle Customers

Execs obsess over consumer wants, 'subliminal' needs

(Newser) - With the cellphone industry increasingly hit-driven, phone designers are plumbing the consumer psyche through cultural experts and focus groups, reports the New York Times. "Our job is to be behaviorists and psychologists," says an exec. Competition has heated up as consumers buy—and discard—phones at an ever-faster...

LG Pulls Laptop Model After Battery Melts

Firms chooses caution after 2nd battery breakdown of 2008

(Newser) - LG pulled a laptop model from stores following a report that the battery melted while in use, the AP reports. A company spokesman said it had opened an investigation into the meltdown, adding that the model is no longer in production and is sold only in South Korea.

NetFlix Tries to Pre-Empt Apple
NetFlix Tries to Pre-Empt Apple

NetFlix Tries to Pre-Empt Apple

New rental rivals prepare for Internet movie showdown

(Newser) - Netflix and Apple are preparing to go head-to-head in the burgeoning business of delivering movies over the Internet . AP reports Netflix is expanding its fledgling movie streaming service,  Watch Instantly, to give most subscribers unlimited access to 6,000 titles. The move comes just as Apple is about to...

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