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College Prof Fired After Confrontation With Journalists

Hunter College's Shellyne Rodriguez chased after 'New York Post' reporter, photog with machete

(Newser) - Hunter College adjunct professor Shellyne Rodriguez was initially embroiled in controversy over a viral video showing her cursing at anti-abortion students. But all that was overshadowed Tuesday when the 45-year-old was captured in another video chasing journalists with a machete. A reporter and photographer from the New York Post had...

New York Post: Sexist, Racist Headlines Posted by Employee

The employee has since been fired

(Newser) - The New York Post says a rogue employee was responsible for racist, violent, and sexually explicit headlines targeting politicians from President Biden to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday. Readers of the Post's website and Twitter account awoke to fake headlines calling for assassinations of those politicians as well as...

2 Murdoch Newspapers Go After Trump
2 Murdoch
Go After

2 Murdoch Newspapers Go After Trump

'New York Post' and 'Wall Street Journal' publish scathing editorials

(Newser) - Is Rupert Murdoch parting ways with Donald Trump? The conservative editorial pages of two of his US newspapers have published blistering editorials against the former president in the wake of the most recent Jan. 6 hearing , notes CNN .
  • Wall Street Journal: In an editorial headlined, "The President Who Stood

NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor
NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor

NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor

Editorial board says Kathryn Garcia is 'the most qualified person'

(Newser) - Andrew Yang is probably the biggest of more than a dozen names in the race to be mayor of New York City. "But nothing so far suggests that he has the experience to run New York City on Day 1," according to the New York Times ' editorial...

NY Post Reporter Who Wrote Fake 'Kam On In' Story Is Out

Article claimed VP's book was included in 'welcome kit' for migrant children

(Newser) - The reporter who penned a New York Post article peddling a fake claim about Vice President Kamala Harris is out. Laura Italiano announced her resignation on Twitter on Tuesday, calling the "incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against" her...

Trump Loses Another Big Voice in His Fight

'New York Post' tells him to 'stop the insanity' over election challenges

(Newser) - Another staunch ally of President Trump wants him to give up his fight over the election. The New York Post is out Monday with a headline blaring "Stop The Insanity" on its cover, reports the Hill . The editorial board refers to Trump's ongoing challenge of the results as...

Paramedic Was Outed Over Racy Photos. Now, the Backlash

Lauren Kwei, 23, says how she makes extra money is her business

(Newser) - A New York City paramedic who was outed by the New York Post for posting nude photos for profit online is speaking out to defend herself. And 23-year-old Lauren Kwei is getting help from the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Post story last week identified Kwei as the operator...

Writer Reportedly Wouldn't Allow Byline on Biden Story

Reports say NY Post staffers thought the piece was too 'flimsy'

(Newser) - The New York Times and New York Magazine are out with stories casting doubt on the credibility of a New York Post piece on Joe and Hunter Biden. The Post , meanwhile, is standing by its story and firing back at critics. The Times reports that skepticism about the story, which...

New York Post Slammed for Its 'Kim Thong Un' Cover

Many are calling poke at Kim Kardashian 'sexist,' inappropriate

(Newser) - The jokes of a "Trump-Kim" summit came flying fast after Kim Kardashian met with the president Wednesday at the White House, but one snarky headline isn't going over so well. Per HuffPost , Kardashian was there to talk to Trump about criminal justice reform and to press for a...

Post's Kimye Wedding Announcement Not Very Nice

Shots fired

(Newser) - It's safe to say the New York Post is not a fan of America's favorite newlyweds . The paper gave Kim Kardashian and Kanye West what Mashable calls the "world's worst wedding announcement" in its print edition. The piece, which is attributed only to "Post Wire...

NY Post: Spitzer's Got a Girlfriend

Tabloid apparently stalking Client No. 9, worried he's not getting enough sleep

(Newser) - For you weary souls feeling bludgeoned by the whole Duck Dynasty saga , the New York Post is doggedly determined to make you think about something else, something you probably never wanted to scar your retinas with again: Eliot Spitzer's romantic life. Specifically, the affair that the somehow-still-married disgraced former...

NYPD Secretly Labeled Mosques 'Terror Enterprises'

Designation allowed them to spy on anyone attending

(Newser) - The New York Police Department secretly opened "terrorism enterprise investigations" into at least 10 of the city's mosques, effectively designating every single congregant as a valid surveillance target. Documents uncovered by the AP show that the NYPD spied on countless Muslims, and even tried to get informants onto...

Kris Jenner Tries, Fails to Bribe Negative Reviewer

Sends her a fancy pen with which to write a nicer review

(Newser) - No one was expecting Kris Jenner's new talk show to get good reviews ... no one except Kris Jenner, apparently. A few hours after Linda Stasi wrote a particularly scathing take on the show in the New York Post (it's "soul-sucking," and Jenner "comes across as...

New York Post Sued by Its Bogus Bombing Suspects

Pair identified on cover as 'bag men' want payback

(Newser) - We're going to go out on a limb and say that next time there's a terrorist attack on the US, the New York Post will fact-check better. It would be hard to do worse than its post-Boston Marathon effort, which saw it run a cover declaring two innocent...

Falsely Accused Boston Teen: It's 'Scary'

Salah Barhoum says he's a target after photo shows up on New York Post

(Newser) - Take a look at the two suspects sought by the FBI in the Boston bombings, and one person you will not see is 17-year-old Salah Barhoum. Which is notable only because the Boston-area teen woke up today to discover he and a friend were pictured on the front page of...

Maid Settling Strauss-Kahn Suit, Likely for Millions

Move also ends New York Post spat

(Newser) - The hotel maid who sued Dominique Strauss-Kahn for alleged sexual assault is due to sign off on a multimillion-dollar settlement today, the New York Daily News reports. A Bronx court has called for an interpreter for Nafissatou Diallo, pointing to an end to the case. An earlier report, denied by...

Why We're So Disturbed by Post's Subway Cover

Two writers weigh in on the controversial picture of Ki Suk Han

(Newser) - When the New York Post splashed a picture of Ki Suk Han's final moments on its cover yesterday, it managed to do a rare thing: get the general public interested in journalism ethics. People were incensed, and in the New York Times , David Carr examines why that is. The...

Post Photog: I Was Too Far Away to Help Guy in Subway

R. Umar Abbasi says critics 'have no idea how very quickly it happened'

(Newser) - The freelance photographer who snapped the New York Post's much-maligned front-page picture of Ki Suk Han seconds before he was killed by a subway train is stepping up his defense against "armchair critics" who say he should have been helping rather than shooting. In a rambling piece in...

NY Post Bashed for Photo of Man's Final Moments

Some wondering why photographer didn't help Ki Suk Han

(Newser) - The New York Post's front page today features a picture of the last moments of the man who was pushed in front of the subway and killed yesterday, above the blaring headline, "DOOMED." It's obviously sparked outrage on various levels, with many questioning whether the cover,...

NY Post to Ahmadinejad: Shalom!
 NY Post to Ahmadinejad: Shalom! 

NY Post to Ahmadinejad: Shalom!

Tab sends Iranian Jewish-themed welcome basket

(Newser) - World leaders and despots alike are descending on New York City ahead of this week's UN General Assembly, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is among them, reports the New York Post , which is so looking forward to the Iranian leader's "annual hate-spewing address" that it put together a special...

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