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Jen Pawol Takes Field in Spring Training Game

Groundbreaking female umpire will work behind the plate next

(Newser) - It took eight years, but Jen Pawol has made the leap from the minors to a major league game spring training contest as an umpire. Pawol worked the Grapefruit League opener Saturday between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals in West Palm Beach, Florida. The debut marked the first time...

Female Umpire Moves Closer to Big Leagues

Jen Pawol will work spring training games this year

(Newser) - Jen Pawol is on the verge of becoming Major League Baseball's first female umpire. The 47-year-old from New Jersey has been selected to work a full-time big league spring training schedule this year, reports CBS Sports . That puts her on track to become the first woman to umpire a...

Think Twice Before Yelling at Your Kid's Ump Here
This Town's
Little League Has
'Ingenious' Plan
for Unruly Parents
in case you missed it

This Town's Little League Has 'Ingenious' Plan for Unruly Parents

In Deptford, New Jersey, abusive spectators will have to take on umpire duties or be banned

(Newser) - If you've ever attended a children's sporting event, you've likely witnessed a select few parents who get a little too much into the game, becoming agitated from the sidelines and even berating the refs or umpires. One New Jersey town has come up with a solution for...

'Mother of the Year' Accused of Attacking Umpire at Kid's Game

Mississippi woman faces ban from recreational facility

(Newser) - A woman wore a T-shirt saying "Mother of the Year" to a children's softball game in Laurel, Mississippi, on Saturday night—but her behavior at the game raises some serious concerns about the judging process. Kiara Thomas, mother of one of the 12-year-old players, was arrested and charged...

Checks of Pitchers for Cheating to Become Less Predictable

Spin rates rose once players got used to inspections, MLB memo says

(Newser) - Major League Baseball is asking umpires to make more random checks of pitchers for sticky substances after watching its crackdown become less effective late last season. Regular checks for grip aids began June 21. Spin rates fell at first, an MLB sent memo to teams and players Friday says. "...

MLB Hiring Humans to Run Robot Umpires
Robot Umpires
Reach Triple A

Robot Umpires Reach Triple A

MLB is hiring humans to help run the technology

(Newser) - Robo-umps are making the jump to Triple A, a phone call away from the majors, and baseball needs somebody to assist them. MLB has posted an ad on its site looking for ABS techs, Axios reports. The employee will "physically support the plate umpire including his device, its functionality,...

Umpires Aren't Robots—Yet
Blown Call Makes
Case for Robot

Blown Call Makes Case for Robot Umpires

Technology has stepped in after human error before, David Von Drehle writes

(Newser) - After the Dodgers-Giants playoff game Thursday night, Gabe Morales was able to watch replays of his call that ended San Francisco's season. The umpire had ruled that the Giants' Wilmer Flores had gone around while trying to check his swing. That was the third strike, the last out of...

Woman to Rule Men's Final for the First Time

Marija Cicak will umpire Wimbledon's Djokovic-Berrettini championship match

(Newser) - There will be a female chair umpire for the Wimbledon men's singles final for the first time in the history of a tournament first played in 1877. Marija Cicak, a 43-year-old from Croatia, will officiate Sunday when Novak Djokovic faces Matteo Berrettini for the championship at the All England...

Fight Over Cap Blows Lid Off Cheating Suspicions
Fight Over Cap Blows
Lid Off Cheating Suspicions
in case you missed it

Fight Over Cap Blows Lid Off Cheating Suspicions

Umpire may have gotten ahead of MLB by ejecting manager and pitcher's hat

(Newser) - When Giovanny Gallegos jogged in from the bullpen to pitch during Wednesday's Cardinals-White Sox game, umpires noticed a dark spot on his cap. Crew chief Joe West, with the authority granted him by MLB rule 6.02(c)(7), asked for the cap to check for illegal substances, CBS reports. A...

He Hit a Home Run, Then 'Not the Smartest Move'

Minnesota Twins' Josh Donaldson is ejected after words with umpire Dan Bellino and a lot of dust

(Newser) - With a four-game playoff series hanging in the balance between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Josh Donaldson's home run should've given the Twins a big boost. And it did, until what happened as he crossed home plate. Per MLB , words were exchanged between Donaldson...

Computer Plate Umps OK'd in New Labor Deal

Ping! "Steeee-rike!"

(Newser) - Computer plate umpires could be called up to the major leagues at some point during the next five seasons. Umpires agreed to cooperate with Major League Baseball in the development and testing of an automated ball-strike system as part of a five-year labor contract announced Saturday, sources tell the AP...

MLB Ump Warns of 'CIVAL WAR' in Pro-Trump Tweet

League looking into deleted post by Rob Drake

(Newser) - Rob Drake's 20 years as an MLB umpire may now be in jeopardy after a tweet about the possible impeachment of President Trump. As in, he's clearly upset by the impeachment inquiry, evidenced by a post seen by ESPN that he put up late Tuesday (and has since...

Tennis Umps Reportedly Mull a Boycott of Serena Games

They feel 'thrown to the wolves,' per rumblings

(Newser) - Serena Williams has already been hit with a $17,000 fine for a confrontation Saturday at the US Open with the chair umpire. Now she may face a boycott from other umps who stand behind Carlos Ramos, per the Washington Post . In Serena's court: the US Tennis Association, tennis...

Hall of Fame Umpire Nicknamed 'God' Dies
Hall of Fame
'God' Dies

Hall of Fame Umpire Nicknamed 'God' Dies

'A generation of umpires learned as a result of Doug's example'

(Newser) - Doug Harvey was so sure of his calls on the diamond, he ended every game the same way. Following the last out, the umpire took his wad of chewing tobacco and flung it on home plate. "I never did have any doubt in my mind," he once said....

Crazy Call Creates Mayhem in Playoff Game

Disputed infield fly rule helps Cardinals beat Braves

(Newser) - The first wild-card playoff game in baseball history turned out to be just plain wild yesterday, thanks to a complicated rule that has long been part of baseball, even if many people don't know exactly what it is. The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves 6-3, with help...

Baseball Should Ban Arguments With Umps

They cheapen the game: Bill Plaschke

(Newser) - Kick all the dirt you like, it won't change the call. But that doesn't stop MLB players and managers from harassing umpires. "Why is this the only sport where these childish rebellions against authority are not only accepted, but condoned and sometimes even celebrated?" writes Bill Plaschke...

The Worst Calls of All Time
 The Worst Calls of All Time 

The Worst Calls of All Time

Don't feel bad, Armando, you're not alone

(Newser) - In honor of Armando Galarraga's perfect one-hitter, Salon decided to compile a list of some of the biggest blown calls in history. And we decided that it would be more fun to watch those blown calls than to read about them. So check out this video gallery, and get ready...

For Female Umps, No Field of Dreams
 For Female Umps, 
 No Field of Dreams 

For Female Umps, No Field of Dreams

Female umpire speaks out against baseball's 'stained-grass ceiling'

(Newser) - Forget blown calls. The real problem with umpires in the MLB, says Perry Barber: A complete lack of females. Barber, who has been in the business since 1981, works high school, college, spring training, and Independent League games—and tells DoubleX , “ We’re just going to have to storm...

Umps Under Fire After Rash of Botched Calls

 Umps Under Fire 
 After Rash of 
 Botched Calls 

mlb playoffs

Umps Under Fire After Rash of Botched Calls

Postseason miscues have MLB considering drastic changes

(Newser) - This year’s postseason has featured the usual thrills—pitchers' duels, come-from-behind victories—and an outbreak of something unusual: botched calls by umpires. The threat of more gaffes in next week’s World Series has the tradition-bound sport considering expanding the use of instant replay beyond the verification of home...

Time to Ditch Umps? (Or at Least Some of Them)

Machines might be able to do this job better

(Newser) - Joe Mauer smashed a ball to left field in the 11th inning Friday, and it landed fair, a foot inside the line. But it won’t show up on any box score, because umpire Phil Cuzzi, standing just 10 feet away, ruled it foul. It’s just one of several...

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