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Icon's Grave Gets Protection From Election Tributes

'I Voted' stickers are hard on Susan B. Anthony's gravestone

(Newser) - Susan B. Anthony remains an inspiration, but her headstone just can't take an Election Day honor anymore. Visitors to the cemetery in Rochester, New York, where the suffragette is buried often leave "I Voted" stickers behind. Adhesive residue and solvents that were employed to remove the stickers have...

Trump Will Pardon Suffragist Figure Susan B. Anthony

She was arrested for voting in 1872

(Newser) - President Trump said Tuesday he will pardon Susan B. Anthony, a leader in the women’s suffrage movement, who was arrested for voting in 1872 in violation of laws permitting only men to vote, per the AP . Anthony is best known for her role in the movement to secure voting...

NY Has Corny Salute to Women's Suffrage

3-acre corn maze honors native Susan B. Anthony

(Newser) - An upstate New York farm is marking the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in the state in distinctly fall fashion, with a corn maze in the shape of Susan B. Anthony. Stokoe Farms' owner Suzanne Stokoe says she wanted to honor one of Rochester's most famous citizens with...

Grave of Susan B. Anthony Open Late for Voters

Gravesite hours extended on Tuesday so visitors can celebrate their vote

(Newser) - Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY, is extending its hours on Tuesday from its usual 5:30pm closing time to 9pm—not to let its permanent residents slip out and cast a ballot, but to allow voters to celebrate Election Day at the grave of Susan B. Anthony, the Democrat ...

Mayor Thanks Susan B. Anthony After Clinton's Nom

'Dear Susan B: We thought you might like to know...'

(Newser) - A letter of thanks has been left at the New York state grave of suffragette Susan B. Anthony following Hillary Clinton's historic nomination, New York Upstate reports. The sign was left by Lovely Warren, the current—and first female—mayor of Rochester, according to WHEC . Anthony, who was from...

Supreme Court OKs Challenge on Law Against Lying

Court also strikes down 'straw man' gun purchases

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that an anti-abortion group can challenge an Ohio law that bars people from making false statements about political candidates during a campaign. The high court said the Susan B. Anthony List does not have to wait until it is prosecuted under the law to...

Pelosi: Spirits of Women Suffragists Visited Me

'At last we have a seat at the table,' they told her at the White House

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi has a story she likes to tell, and it's a strange one. She swears the ghosts of American suffragists visited her in the White House, reports CNSNews . Pelosi seems sincere in the telling, and she's spoken of the experience a number of times in speeches. (CNS...

HS Kids Take Color-Blind View of History

Women, blacks dominate students' list of famous Americans

(Newser) - Martin Luther King Jr. is the most famous American in history, according to 2,000 high school students asked to name the top 10, reports USA Today. In a dramatic break from the "dead white male" paradigm, African Americans, women, and Arfican-American women dominated the list, with Rosa Parks...

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