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She Scored Win Over Abusive Hubby. Then, Molotov Cocktails

Battered wife Natasha Bourdon's home burns to the ground

(Newser) - A Canadian woman won a divorce battle that meant she'd be allowed to stay in her home while her abusive husband paid the mortgage—and less than 48 hours after that decision, the house burned to the ground. Police in Calgary, Alberta, confirmed the Dec. 3 fire occurred under...

7-Year-Old Hero: 'I Didn't Want My Sister to Die'

Eli Davidson says he was 'brave inside' as he entered the house

(Newser) - Meet Eli Davidson, a 7-year-old boy who saved his sister this week from a house fire. "I was scared but I didn't want my sister to die," he tells WVLT . His mother, Nicole Davidson, says she woke up Tuesday night to find their house on fire in...

Police Officer Rushes Into Burning House for His Sons

The boys weren't hurt, but their father is hospitalized

(Newser) - An Oklahoma police officer says he'd have run into a burning house to save anybody. But it wasn't just anybody who was trapped by flames on Friday—it was his two children. Anthony Louie, a police officer in Seminole, was on duty when he got a call about...

Dozens of Firefighters Rush to Denzel Washington Home

Smoke was spotted coming out of his Beverly Crest, Calif., residence; actor is said to be safe

(Newser) - More than three dozen firefighters from the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills fire departments rushed to the Beverly Crest home of Denzel Washington on Wednesday night after smoke was seen coming out of the four-story mansion's second floor, reports CBS Los Angeles . There were no flames seen, and with...

A Brutal House Fire Killed 5. Now, a Photo of the Suspects

Members of a Senegalese family were killed in the Aug. 5 blaze in Denver

(Newser) - There's a $14,000 reward for information on a blaze in Denver earlier this month that killed five Senegalese family members. Now police have released a photo they hope will help them catch the suspects. Per CNN , the image shows three masked individuals wearing dark-colored hoodies on Aug. 5...

7 People, One Dog Dead in 'Horrific Scene'

Authorities trying to piece together what happened in mass shooting in Morgan County, Alabama

(Newser) - Deputies responding to a call about a shooting in Alabama early Friday found seven people dead inside a home that had been set afire, news outlets reported, per the AP . Morgan County deputies were able to put out the fire before firefighters got to the scene, and that’s when...

5-Year-Old Saves Sister From Fire, Goes Back for Dog

Georgia's Noah Woods is being hailed as a hero

(Newser) - First Noah Woods saved his sister, pulling her out a window during a house fire last weekend in Georgia's Bartow County. Then he went back for the family dog. Have we mentioned Noah is 5 years old? Fire officials say the blaze in Noah's Kingston home started Sunday...

Firefighter Pulls Woman From Burning Home, Is Suspended

Atlanta fire chief says Daniel Dwyer should have waited for the rest of his team

(Newser) - Last June, Atlanta firefighter Daniel Dwyer responded to a house fire and was the first member of the search team ready to enter the burning structure—so he did. He pulled out Sally Skrine, alive, though the 95-year-old woman eventually died of her injuries. And in return for what many...

As a House Burned, Firefighters Posed for a New Year's Selfie

Crews may face discipline for 'despicable' celebration

(Newser) - Firefighters took a moment from their work on New Year's Eve to pose for a celebratory selfie in front of a Detroit house being consumed by flames. The Facebook post caught the attention of the city's fire commissioner, among others, reports USA Today , which posted the photo. A...

Toddler Dies Trying to Save Puppy From Burning Home

Family lost track of 23-month-old while scrambling to put out fire

(Newser) - Arkansas couple Kurtis and Caitlin Sharp lost their home and their possessions in a house fire Saturday, but that was far from the worst loss they suffered that day. As family members, who were outside when the fire broke out around 5pm, were calling for help and trying to put...

Boy Charged With Arson, Murder Has Charges Explained to Him

At 9-year-old's court appearance, judge explained many words, concepts

(Newser) - The Illinois 9-year-old charged with five counts of murder in an April mobile home fire appeared in court Monday, where the judge repeatedly had to explain concepts and words the child didn't understand. The boy is accused of setting the Goodfield fire that ultimately killed his two young half-siblings,...

Murder Charge Against 9-Year-Old Triggers Debate

Mom says boy accused of setting fatal fire 'not a monster'; critics say murder charge is too severe

(Newser) - The mother of a 9-year-old accused of setting an Illinois mobile home fire in April that killed five family members is speaking out—and she wants people to know her son is "not a monster," per the AP . The 28-year-old mom, IDed by the Chicago Tribune as Katie...

Extension Cord Caused Fire That Killed 5 Children: Probe

Agencies find the blaze was accidental

(Newser) - Investigators are blaming an electrical extension cord for a fire that killed five small children two months ago in Pennsylvania. The investigative team said Thursday that the deadly Aug. 11 fire at the Erie home that included the Harris Family Daycare was caused by an electrical failure associated with the...

Dog Nudged Owner Awake. 'Then I Saw the Flames'

Way to go, Curly

(Newser) - Curly the dog deserves a heck of a treat after saving his owner from a house fire. A Vietnam veteran living alone in South Carolina, Brian Rand was fast asleep early Monday as his Beaufort home caught fire, per CNN . He only noticed when his best friend Curly, adopted from...

Cops: Man Blows Himself Up on Daughter's Wedding Day

Unidentified Pennsylvania resident is found amid the rubble

(Newser) - A man in suburban Pittsburgh apparently blew up his house—with him inside it—while his daughter was getting married, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Neighbors describe seeing the man, who remains unidentified, outside his Edgewood home shortly before it exploded Saturday afternoon. Authorities say they later found him amid the...

Firefighter Was on a False Alarm as His Children Died

Mother says she 'lost a piece of me'

(Newser) - Three of five kids killed in a fire at a home child care center in Pennsylvania were the children of a volunteer firefighter who was responding to another call, an official said Monday. Luther Jones' two daughters and a son were trapped in a blaze in the lakeside city of...

He Woke Up Early at a Sleepover. Then He Smelled Smoke

Quick-thinking Jayden Espinosa, 5, saves 13 people from apartment fire

(Newser) - A 5-year-old at a Chicago sleepover is now being hailed as a hero for saving 12 people and himself from an early-morning fire. WPVI reports Jayden Espinosa was sleeping over at his aunt's apartment last weekend, and he woke up Saturday morning while everyone else was still snoozing. Jayden...

11 Years Later, He&#39;s Charged With Unspeakable Crime
11 Years Later, He's Charged
With Unspeakable Crime
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11 Years Later, He's Charged With Unspeakable Crime

Ohio's Peter Romans accused in arson that killed his wife and 2 children in 2008

(Newser) - An Ohio man was arrested this week and charged with killing his wife and two children by setting fire to their family home. Beyond the heinousness of the alleged crime is this wrinkle—the fire took place in 2008. Peter Romans, 59, is now in jail on three counts of...

He Escaped the Fire, Then Realized His Niece Was Still Inside

20-year-old Derrick Byrd seriously burned rescuing 8-year-old, but says he'd do it all over again

(Newser) - While every family may have a "fun" uncle, this Washington state family probably prefers having one who's a hero. When a fire broke out at an Aberdeen home early Thursday, with seven family members inside, 20-year-old Derrick Byrd "jumped into action," 14 News reports. He says...

Police Body Cam Shows Rescue of Toddler, Grandma

Officer saved them from Missouri house fire

(Newser) - The dramatic rescue of a trapped 3-year-old girl and her grandmother from a house fire in Missouri was captured on police body cam video . The Hazelwood Police Department says a policeman identified only as Officer Rodriguez arrived on the scene before the fire department Friday, observed that the home's...

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