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Southern Baptists Reject Pleas, Expel Churches Led by Women

Rick Warren, female pastor fail to move convention

(Newser) - Pleas from pastors whose churches are being expelled because they're led by women failed to persuade Southern Baptists to reverse their decision. Delegates made the expulsions from the denomination final at their annual convention in New Orleans, the New York Times reports, despite emotional speeches from the leaders of...

In Crisis, Southern Baptists Agree to Track Alleged Abusers

Texas pastor Bart Barber also elected SBC president at national meeting

(Newser) - The Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to create a way to track pastors and other church workers credibly accused of sex abuse and launch a new task force to oversee further reforms in the nation's largest Protestant denomination. The vote came three weeks after the release of a...

Evangelist Rick Warren to Retire as Saddleback Pastor

Health issues make preaching six times per Sunday difficult

(Newser) - Rick Warren, California megachurch founder, author of the bestselling The Purpose Driven Life, and one of the most prominent evangelical Christian leaders in the nation, has announced his retirement. Saddleback Church will begin looking for his successor this week, Warren told the congregation Sunday, the Orange County Register reports. Warren...

The Latest Diet Trend Comes From ...God

The "Daniel Fast" involves sticking to fruits, veggies, whole grains

(Newser) - Most of America's most obese metropolitan areas are in the Bible belt, and a study points to a higher risk of future obesity among church-going young people. But Christians may also have an advantage in reaching their dietary goals—one that comes straight from heaven. "I probably couldn’...

Rick Warren: Son Shot Self With 'Unregistered Gun'

Serial number rubbed off: sheriff's rep

(Newser) - Rick Warren's son committed suicide using an unregistered gun, the pastor said in a tweet yesterday. "Someone on the Internet sold Matthew an unregistered gun. I pray he seeks God's forgiveness. I forgive him," the pastor tweeted . An Orange County sheriff's rep says the gun'...

After Son's Suicide, Rick Warren 'Overwhelmed' by Support

Matthew shot himself Friday morning: report

(Newser) - Rick Warren's Saddleback megachurch is grappling with the aftermath of his son Matthew's apparent suicide , with the pastor taking to Twitter and Facebook to thank followers for their support, the AP reports. Wife "Kay and I are overwhelmed by your love, prayers, and kind words," he...

Son of Pastor Rick Warren Kills Himself

Matthew Warren succumbed to 'wave of despair'

(Newser) - The Southern California church headed by popular evangelical Pastor Rick Warren said his 27-year-old son committed suicide today. Warren's Saddleback Valley Community Church near Los Angeles said in a statement that Matthew Warren had struggled with mental illness and deep depression. "Matthew was an incredibly kind, gentle and...

Piers Morgan: The Bible Is 'Inherently Flawed'

CNN host crosses swords with pastor Rick Warren

(Newser) - Is Piers Morgan bucking for a new petition to get him deported? Following one to have him sent to Britain over his views on guns—and another by Brits refusing to take him back —the suddenly controversial CNN host called the Bible "inherently flawed," reports the Daily ...

10 Pastors Who Are Absolutely Loaded

God's work can apparently bring in a lot of cash

(Newser) - You probably wouldn't think of "religious leader" as a job that would bring in big bucks, and for the most part, you'd be right: Catholic priests make just $25,000 to $30,000 per year, and the average Protestant pastor brings in $40,000. But get a...

Rick Warren's Plea Rakes In $2.4M

Saddleback pastor sought $900K from parishioners to bridge budget gap

(Newser) - Evangelical pastor Rick Warren's plea for donations to fill a $900,000 deficit at his Southern California megachurch brought in $2.4 million, Warren announced to cheers at the church yesterday. Warren said the amount raised after the appeal was posted online Wednesday included only money parishioners brought in person...

Rick Warren Asks Followers for $900K, Pronto

Unexpected deficit sparks 'urgent' call for donations by tomorrow

(Newser) - Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church has hit a major fundraising speedbump and has asked members to help out with almost $1 million by tomorrow. Warren described the situation yesterday in an “urgent letter unlike any I've written in 30 years.” Last weekend, “our total offerings were less...

Warren Cancels ABC Interview at Last Minute

Pastor had been slated to clarify position on gay marriage

(Newser) - Rick Warren, who had been expected to explain contradicting statements about gay marriage today on ABC's This Week, backed out at the last minute because he was “sick with exhaustion,” Politico reports. The prominent evangelical pastor was to clarify the difference between his claims last week that he...

Warren Prayed for All—but Invoked Jesus
Warren Prayed for All—but Invoked Jesus

Warren Prayed for All—but Invoked Jesus

Clever phrasing keeps his prayer from being controversial

(Newser) - Laden with pre-inaugural controversy, Rick Warren’s invocation today was “both inevitable and surprising,” writes Lisa Miller in Newsweek. “Inevitably,” he focused on being inclusive, alluding to Christian, Muslim, and Jewish rites; the "unkempt" pastor knows how to “strike an empathic, populist chord.”...

Despite Warren, Calif. Gays Celebrate Obama

Gathering at West Hollywood gay bar hiss at controversial pastor's invocation

(Newser) - A crowd gathered today at West Hollywood’s premier gay bar to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration, but also to watch with dismay as Rev. Rick Warren took the Capitol stage, the Advocate reports. Many in the community were shocked by Obama’s choice of the anti-gay marriage pastor to...

Rev. Warren References MLK in Invocation

Obama's pick sparked gay-rights controversy

(Newser) - Offering the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration, Rev. Rick Warren called the moment “a hinge-point in history: the first inauguration of an African American as the 44th president.” The controversial pastor added, “We know that today Dr King and a great cloud of witnesses are shouting in...

Protestants Hold Inauguration Monopoly
Protestants Hold Inauguration Monopoly

Protestants Hold Inauguration Monopoly

Priests, rabbis have been missing from ceremony for 20 years

(Newser) - Barack Obama's swearing-in will be the sixth straight inauguration where rabbis and Catholic priests will be absent from the dais, reports Time. For decades it was traditional to have Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish representatives at the ceremony, but Billy Graham’s invocation (and benediction) at George Bush’s 1989 inauguration...

Obama Has Met Only Half of Rick Warren
Obama Has Met
Only Half of Rick Warren

Obama Has Met Only Half of Rick Warren

Evangelical's split personality includes 'bland Pastor Rick' and arch conservative

(Newser) - Evangelical Rick Warren has fooled many Americans, Barack Obama included, with his lifelong attempt at creating a double personality, Amy Sullivan writes in Time. There's Pastor Rick—the apparently progressive anti-poverty, concerned-about-AIDS persona Obama invited to deliver the inaugural invocation, and there's the divisive staunch conservative the president-elect should quickly...

Openly Gay Bishop Tapped for Inauguration

Robinson will speak Sunday, has been critical of Warren

(Newser) - Barack Obama has asked Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the only openly gay Episcopal bishop, to deliver the invocation at the opening event of Inauguration Week, the Boston Globe reports. Robinson had been among those who criticized Obama for asking same-sex marriage opponent Rick Warren to deliver the main inaugural invocation.

Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It
Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It
Talk Show Roundup

Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It

Obama aide says tax cut coming; Laura Bush defends George

(Newser) - To those who object to Rick Warren delivering the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration, chief adviser David Axelrod has a message: chill out. On today's Meet the Press, he heralded the choice as political bridge-building: A conservative pastor praying for a progressive president "is a healthy thing and...

I'm Anti-Gay Marriage, Not Anti-Gay: Warren

Controversial pastor aims to dampen criticism, civilize discourse

(Newser) - Rick Warren continues to refine his stance on gays and gay marriage, saying he is “not opposed to gays having their partnership,” and that his anti-gay marriage stance doesn’t make him anti-gay, the AP reports. “I’m opposed to gays using the term marriage for their...

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