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NM City Illustrates Problems of America's Drinking Water

Sunland Park has had illegal levels of arsenic for years, with no resolution

(Newser) - Big headlines occasionally surface about serious problems with drinking water in American cities, as with Flint, Michigan , and Jackson, Mississippi . But the Washington Post reports that the issue may be more widespread than is realized five decades after the passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The newspaper zeroes in...

Prosecutors: Dentist Who Killed Wife Laced Her Protein Shakes

Dentist James Craig is accused of using arsenic, cyanide to kill wife

(Newser) - Investigators say a Colorado dentist accused of killing his wife researched how to poison her and get away with it, searching online for answers to questions like "is arsenic detectable in autopsy?" On Wednesday, prosecutors are set to present their evidence against James Craig to a judge to show...

Baby Foods Contain Toxic Heavy Metals: Report

House panel pushes FDA to set standards

(Newser) - A House Oversight Committee report says alarming levels of toxic heavy metals—including arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury—have been found in major-label baby food products. The heavy metals can imperil infant neurological development in infants. The subcommittee's chairman expressed frustration with federal regulators, the Washington Post reports. "...

Researchers Say This Is How to Cook Rice for Your Kids

New method removes the majority of the naturally occurring arsenic

(Newser) - There's naturally occurring arsenic in rice, and researchers have identified a method of cooking it that will get rid of the majority of it. In a paper published in Science of the Total Environment , researchers with the University of Sheffield's Institute for Sustainable Food tested a number of...

Toxic Metals Found in 95% of Baby Foods
Toxic Metals Found
in 95% of Baby Foods

Toxic Metals Found in 95% of Baby Foods

Contaminants hurt developing brains, researchers warn

(Newser) - Toxic metals now banned in pesticides still linger in our soil and water—and they are present in a frightening proportion of baby foods, according to a new study. Researchers at the Healthy Babies Bright Futures Foundation say arsenic, lead, mercury, or cadmium were found in almost all of the...

Amid a Trio of Rare Books, a Toxic Find

Tomes in Denmark university library were coated in arsenic-laced paint

(Newser) - If one were to handpick a career that guaranteed a safe work environment, librarian would seem a reasonable choice. A trio of books found at the University of Southern Denmark may have just upended that assumption as researchers discovered a possible toxic avenger from the Renaissance era. Experts were studying...

Houston Floodwaters Are Full of Sewage: Report

Testing by 'NYT' shows E. coli is rampant

(Newser) - Houston's floodwaters are contaminated with dangerous bacteria likely responsible for an upswing in health issues, reports the New York Times . The Times organized a team of scientists from Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University who tested floodwaters in two Houston neighborhoods. In a family's living room at...

Arsenic-Spewing Smokestack Plagues Town Decades Later

Residents say EPA botched cleanup of contaminated soil, water

(Newser) - In Montana, there's a smokestack preserved as a state park that nobody can visit because of pollution at the site. Residents rallied to keep the stack, which can be seen from a viewing area about a mile away, as part of the legacy of southwestern Montana's mining days,...

Yellowstone’s Arsenic Gets Park Service Sued
Yellowstone’s Arsenic
Gets Park Service Sued 
in case you missed it

Yellowstone’s Arsenic Gets Park Service Sued

By a tiny Montana sewer authority left holding the bag

(Newser) - There's a rumble brewing in the wilds of Montana, but the unlikely parties involved aren't slinging guns so much as heading for court. The Gardiner Water and Sewer Treatment District is suing none other than the National Park Service, reports Courthouse News Service , and it's over less-than-pristine...

Ind. Residents: We Were Poisoned for Years

Complex soil tainted by lead, arsenic

(Newser) - Residents of the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, Ind., remember having "mud fights" as kids, per the Guardian . Today, the once-happy memory haunts them. The EPA recently revealed that the top six inches of soil surrounding the complex—built atop a former smelting operation—contains 30 times...

One of Our Largest Water Sources Is Contaminated

Water in Indo-Gangetic Basin contains toxic salt and arsenic

(Newser) - A river basin in southern Asia is so enormous that 750 million people rely on it for their groundwater. Now, a new study in Nature Geoscience presents an equally staggering stat: 60% of that water is unfit for drinking or farming because it's contaminated by salt or arsenic, reports...

Arsenic-Spewing Battery Plant Could Be Giving Neighbors Cancer

It's been ordered to reduce emissions in the coming months

(Newser) - A battery recycling plant has to find some way to curb its arsenic emissions after officials found it was putting 12,000 neighbors at an unacceptable risk of cancer, the Los Angeles Times reports. Quemetco Inc. in the City of Industry has 30 days to notify its neighbors of the...

Babies Fed Rice Cereal Have Far Higher Arsenic Levels

Move over rice, other grains may become more popular cereal

(Newser) - Feeding infants rice cereals as first foods is taking a new hit from researchers and organizations alike, and now a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics adds to the growing chorus that rice be scaled back or put off altogether. This is because, as researchers report, infants who are fed...

There's Arsenic in Your Red Wine

But levels aren't dangerous if considered alone

(Newser) - Red wine may help fight cancer , but it may also help bring about the disease if you don't watch your intake and diet. Scientists tested 65 US wines and found all but one contained arsenic in levels that exceed the 10 parts per billion permitted in drinking water, according...

Arsenic and Old Lace Killer's Privacy to Be Protected

Court rules against release of her records

(Newser) - The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that records related to the incarceration in a mental hospital of a serial killer who inspired the 1944 play and movie Arsenic and Old Lace do not have to be made public. In a decision released today, the justices ruled unanimously that a trial...

This Cooking Method Helps Rid Rice of Arsenic

Fire up your coffeemaker, scientists say

(Newser) - High levels of arsenic in rice shouldn't scare you away, scientists say, because they've found a way to flush most of the toxin, the journal Nature notes. Researchers for the study in Plos One acquired 41 rice samples from at least a dozen countries and dumped them into...

Arsenic: A New Weapon Against Breast Cancer?

Mortality rates drop up to 70% in city with high amounts in water

(Newser) - You probably associate arsenic more with health problems than with health benefits, but it seems the chemical could actually help in the fight against breast cancer. The news comes from a study of a city in Chile. Between 1958 and 1970, Antofagasta had way too much arsenic in its water:...

Here's How Much Arsenic Is in Rice
 Here's How Much 
 Arsenic Is in Rice 
new report

Here's How Much Arsenic Is in Rice

Scientists tested 128 samples of 3 types of rice and several grains

(Newser) - After releasing a report in 2012 that left several questions unanswered, Consumer Reports yesterday released an updated report on levels of arsenic in different kinds of rice, as well as other grains. Available both online and in the January 2015 magazine, the report finds that the source and type of...

Arsenic in Water May Sap IQ
 in Water 
 May Sap IQ 
study says

Arsenic in Water May Sap IQ

At levels well below the EPA's guidelines

(Newser) - Could your water be making you dumber? If it has arsenic in it, it might, a new study suggests. Researchers followed 272 Maine schoolchildren over the course of five years, and found that those whose water contained arsenic tended to have lower IQs, the Portland Press Herald reports. "Everyone...

FDA Cracks Down on Arsenic in Apple Juice

Must meet standards for drinking water

(Newser) - Warnings of low levels of arsenic in apple juice have parents worried, but the FDA is taking action. Though the agency has insisted the amounts found in the juice aren't hazardous, it will now require that arsenic levels in apple juice be no higher than those allowed in drinking...

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