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Arsenic Found in Hundreds of Beer Samples

But experts say not to worry

(Newser) - The filtering process may make your beer look nice and clear—but it may also be adding traces of arsenic to your booze. Researchers found arsenic in hundreds of samples of the stuff; some had more than 25 parts per billion, more than twice the US standard for water, NPR...

Consumer Reports: Rice Has Too Much Arsenic

It advises people to cut down

(Newser) - If rice is a big part of your diet, Consumer Reports suggests you cut down. Its testing turned up what it calls "troubling" amounts of arsenic in all types of rice and rice products. The group called on the FDA to develop better safety standards and to phase out...

Study Finds Arsenic in Baby Formula, Cereal Bars

Organic brown rice syrup appears to be the common link

(Newser) - A new study has found troubling levels of a kind of arsenic known to cause cancer in infant formulas and cereal bars that contain organic brown rice syrup. Arsenic is often found in rice, because rice absorbs the toxin from the soil, the LA Times explains. The study tested 17...

Rice Could Expose You to Arsenic
 Rice Could 
 Expose You 
 to Arsenic 
study says

Rice Could Expose You to Arsenic

Although not in levels higher than EPA standards: study

(Newser) - Rice: It seems so innocent, but a new study finds that eating it can expose you to arsenic. Chronic high exposure to the chemical has been linked to cancers and other health problems, but scientists are also growing concerned about low-dose exposures. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable because links have...

Consumer Reports Warns of Arsenic in Fruit Juices

It wants FDA to tighten standards

(Newser) - Apple juice and grape juice have levels of arsenic that could raise kids' risk of cancer, according to an investigation by Consumer Reports . The study of 88 samples of fruit juice bought in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut found that 10% had arsenic levels that exceeded standards set for...

Author: Arsenic Poisoning Killed Jane Austen

She may have gotten it as medicine

(Newser) - A crime writer poring over Jane Austen's letters thinks she knows what killed the author at age 41: arsenic poisoning. Lindsay Ashford sees telltale hints in Austen's own words, written just months before she died, including this line: "I am considerably better now and am recovering my...

FDA: Chickens Contain Arsenic
 FDA: Chickens Contain Arsenic 

FDA: Chickens Contain Arsenic

Maker of arsenic-laced food to suspend sales

(Newser) - Pfizer has suspended sales of an arsenic-laced drug that’s been fed to chickens for decades, after the FDA released a study showing that the arsenic winds up in parts of the chicken that consumers eat. The FDA stressed that chicken meat probably doesn’t contain enough arsenic to pose...

Scientists Blast NASA's Arsenic-Based Life Paper

Researchers refuse to respond directly to criticism

(Newser) - Scientists are coming out of the woodwork to deride NASA’s finding of arsenic-based life as flim-flam. “I was outraged at how bad the science was,” one microbiology professor tells Slate , and she wasn’t alone; Slate tracked down dozens of experts to ask their opinion of the...

Felisa Wolfe-Simon Is the Young NASA Scientist Who Led the 'New Life' Research
 Girls, Meet Your 
 New Role Model 

Girls, Meet Your New Role Model

Felisa Wolfe-Simon is the young scientist behind the 'new life' discovery

(Newser) - Jezebel has a girl crush, and it's a good one. Meet Felisa Wolfe-Simon, the lead scientist behind the whiz-bang discovery about potential new life forms . Though only in her early 30s by "standard graduation-year math," she is already "insanely accomplished by anyone's standards," writes Irin...

Your Turkey May Have Feasted on ... Arsenic

It's a common ingredient in turkey feed

(Newser) - Here's a fun fact to throw around the Thanksgiving table: Lots of turkey farms use arsenic in their feed. Yes, that arsenic, the deadly poison, which can control stomach bugs in turkeys and fatten them up, explains NPR's Shots health blog . It can also show up in the turkey meat...

Diabetes Linked to Arsenic in Tap Water

Study suggests millions may face serious risk from their tap

(Newser) - Arsenic in the drinking water of millions of Americans may be contributing to the diabetes epidemic, Bloomberg reports. Researchers found that people with high levels of arsenic in their urine were nearly four times more likely to have type 2 diabetes. Higher rates of diabetes occurred even with trace amounts...

Napolean Didn't Meet Aresenic-Laced End

Italian researchers deflate claim of arsenic death

(Newser) - For decades scholars have debated whether Napoleon, who died in exile on the island of St. Helena in 1821, was poisoned with arsenic by his British captors; as recently as 2002 a biographer wrote that there was "nothing improbable about the hypothesis." But now a team of Italian...

Arsenic Wasn't Napoleon's Waterloo: Study

Military diet, not murderous Brits, likely killed the little emperor

(Newser) - Rumors that Napoleon Bonaparte was poisoned with arsenic have persisted since he died in exile 187 years ago on the island of St. Helena. Italian scientists now say they've established that the French emperor's death had more to do with bad French army food than murderous British guards, the Daily ...

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