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Idol Cruises Into 11th Season
 Idol Cruises Into 11th Season 

Idol Cruises Into 11th Season

And its long run could continue for quite a while: USA Today

(Newser) - American Idol has dominated the Nielsen ratings for 10 seasons, and its 11th season starts up tonight. Bill Keveney of USA Today rounds up some reasons why this pop culture institution might just go on forever:

Kelly Clarkson Loves Ron Paul, Haters Pounce

Singer sets off Twitter fracas after backing Ron Paul

(Newser) - Kelly Clarkson knows all about casting votes in public when it comes to singing, but politics is whole different kettle of fish: The former American Idol champ stirred up a hornet's nest with a tweet of support for fellow Texan Ron Paul, notes AFP . "I love Ron Paul....

Idol Producer: J.Lo Coming Back

Oh, and so are Randy and Steven Tyler

(Newser) - Though we haven't heard the words from J.Lo herself, an executive producer of American Idol says celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez will return for another season. Nigel Lythgoe made the announcement on the On-Air with Ryan Seacrest program yesterday morning. He acknowledged it wasn't official, but he added...

J-Lo May Not Come Back to American Idol

'I have a lot of other things happening,' says Jennifer Lopez

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez may come back for a second year as a judge on American Idol. Or she may not. "You know, this is the question of the hour. I don't know, I don't know," Lopez said yesterday in an interview with the BBC. "I had...

Fly Ties: Fish Bait Goes High Fashion

Fly fishermen reeling as women snap up rooster feathers

(Newser) - For every trendy lady you see running around with long feather extensions in her hair, a fly fisherman somewhere sadly goes without a lure. Hackles—the long, skinny rooster feathers fishermen use to make lures for bait—have been selling out nationwide. Hairdressers have gotten desperate to follow the craze...

Oprah Finale Draws Biggest Audience Since 1994

And it's not the only TV finale drawing eyeballs this week

(Newser) - It's starting to look like Americans haven't moved from the couch all week. Early numbers show yesterday's finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show drew the most viewers it has had in 17 years. The final episode—which featured no guests , but rather a personal conversation between Oprah,...

Great Scotty! McCreery Wins Idol

NC country singer become Idol's youngest champ

(Newser) - Scott McCreery won the battle of the teenage country singers last night and walked off with this year's American Idol crown. The deep-voiced grocery store clerk from North Carolina is, at 17, the youngest ever to win the singing contest, reports the New York Daily News . Defeated finalist Lauren...

Paula Abdul Rejoining Simon Cowell on X Factor

Idol Judges Will Reunite for His New Talent Reality Show

(Newser) - It will be just like old times: Paula Abdul will join Simon Cowell as a judge on his new talent show, the X Factor, reports AP . The move had been rumored , but a source says Abdul will indeed be at the judges' table when the first taping takes place Sunday...

Gaga Smacks Ariz. Crackdown
 Gaga Smacks Ariz. Crackdown 
Also, headed to 'Idol'

Gaga Smacks Ariz. Crackdown

Singer is no fan of immigration law, will join 'American Idol'

(Newser) - Gay rights champion Lady Gaga is now taking on illegal immigration and Arizona's controversial crackdown in particular: The singer, in Mexico City for two shows, smacked the law yesterday, saying, "I don't stand by many of those unjust immigration laws in my country." She said she...

Jennifer Lopez Is Idol’s Best Judge Ever

Because she knows how to create a star from modest talent: Jon Caramanica

(Newser) - Simon who? Jennifer Lopez has emerged as "the most cogent, sensible, and helpful judge Idol has ever had," writes Jon Caramanica in the New York Times . It makes prefect sense: Lopez, after all, is neither a great singer nor a great actress, but she's famous for both...

Steven Tyler: Joe Perry and I Were ‘Snorting Everything’

But nowadays, all he needs is 'American Idol'

(Newser) - Steven Tyler graces two magazine covers this week, waxing nostalgic about "snorting everything" a few years back in Rolling Stone while telling People how he gets high nowadays, even without drugs. When Aerosmith tried to record a new album a couple years ago, Tyler and Joe Perry did drugs...

Idol Debut: Tyler's a Dog, J.Lo Is 'Vacuous'
 Idol Debut: 
 Tyler's a Dog, 
 J.Lo Is 'Vacuous' 
review roundup

Idol Debut: Tyler's a Dog, J.Lo Is 'Vacuous'

But ultimately, the show isn't much different, critics say

(Newser) - American Idol’s two new high-profile judges debuted last night, and critics, for the most part, yawned:
  • “Losing Simon Cowell from American Idol was like losing Alan Alda from MASH,” moans Ken Levine on the Huffington Post . In his place, we have Jennifer Lopez, “a vacuous former

Angry Sarah Palin: Book Leaks Illegal ... Right?

America By Heart leaks irk Alaskan

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is not happy that excerpts from her new book America By Heart have been leaked online , and she's seeking legal advice—on Twitter. "The publishing world is LEAKING out-of-context excerpts of my book w/out my permission? Isn't that illegal?" she tweeted. Gawker , one of those publishing the...

Palin Rips Reality TV Contestants in New Book

American Idol participants suffer from 'cult of self-esteem'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's new book comes out next week, and leaked excerpts from America By Heart have made their way from anti-Palin blog Palingates to the "lamestream media." The book is part memoir, part manifesto, and while some of Palin's targets—including Levi Johnston, whose rise to fame was...

Rupert Murdoch: Schools Can Learn From Idol

Show has tougher standards, he says

(Newser) - Place Rupert Murdoch squarely in the Waiting for Superman camp, the new documentary about how lousy the US school system is. The News Corp. chief takes to the pages of his own Wall Street Journal today to complain that teachers unions and their political cronies are being richly rewarded while...

Idol Gig: The Kiss of Death for J.Lo

Now she's just ... Paula Abdul's replacement

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have finally been confirmed as the newest American Idol judges, but wait a sec before you break out the congratulatory champagne. You might recall that Jennifer Lopez used to be an “international music and movie sensation/fashion icon/business mogul,” writes Ben Barna in BlackBook...

Tone-Deaf Terror Suspect Auditioned for Idol

"I like hockey,' he told judges in 2008

(Newser) - Before Khurram Syed Sher allegedly began plotting a terror attack in Canada, he wanted to be a singing star and auditioned for Canada's version of American Idol. Sher, 28, sings a horrifically clunky version of Avril Lavigne's Complicated, complete with arthritic moonwalk, in his 2008 audition tape, reports AP . The...

Steven Tyler Has Signed on to American Idol: Sources

(Newser) - American Idol hopefuls: You may want to start brushing up on "Sweet Emotion." Steven Tyler signed a deal to become the next American Idol judge last week, according to show insiders, becoming one of two replacement judges to fill seats vacated by Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres at...

Diva JLo Booted as American Idol Judge

She reportedly made too many demands of Fox

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez's hopes of being the newest American Idol judge were short-lived. Fox pulled the plug on the Latina diva because "her demands got out of hand," says one source. "Fox just had enough.” Read the full article at People or go here to see why...

Idol Alum Fantasia Hospitalized After OD

'Overwhelmed' singer took aspirin, sleep aid

(Newser) - Former American Idol champ Fantasia Barrino is hospitalized after overdosing on a combination of aspirin and a sleep aid, but her manager says her life isn't in danger. Fantasia had been distraught and "overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention" related to her affair with the married Antwaun...

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