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Right-Wing Blog Heads for Chapter 11

Founder of Gateway Pundit blames 'progressive liberal lawfare attacks' but vows to keep publishing

(Newser) - A popular far-right blog has filed for bankruptcy, though its founder vows to continue publishing. The Washington Post reports that the Gateway Pundit, run by Jim Hoft, is seeking Chapter 11 protections after a series of lawsuits accusing the site of promoting conspiracy theories on the 2020 election, school shootings,...

It's Ridiculous to Complain About Fox News
It's Ridiculous to Complain About Fox News 
Howard Kurtz

It's Ridiculous to Complain About Fox News

Howard Kurtz: Obama, in particular, needs to stop whining

(Newser) - President Obama and Al Gore have been whining about Fox News lately, and Howard Kurtz has had enough. Dislike the network all you want, but it's successful where Gore's Current TV wasn't. "Isn't that the free market at work?" writes Kurtz for CNN . But the...

Conservative Media Blew It
 Conservative Media Blew It 

Conservative Media Blew It

How the right-wing media failed its audience: Conor Friedersdorf

(Newser) - If you relied on conservative media for your election news, last night's Obama win likely came as quite a surprise. But, while right-wing pundits had long been predicting a Romney victory, the mainstream media knew all along that the president had a much better shot, writes Conor Friedersdorf in...

Herman Cain Gets His Own Radio Show

Libertarian host Neal Boortz gives up his seat after 20 years

(Newser) - Herman Cain may not be a professional has-been after all. The former pizza entrepreneur, talk show host, and GOP presidential candidate is returning to the airwaves on Atlanta's News-Talk WSB radio, the Los Angeles Times reports. The man with the "9-9-9" tax plan will take over from libertarian-leaning...

141 Companies on Limbaugh Ad Exodus

McDonald's, NBC, US Army join the anti-Rush list

(Newser) - The Limbaugh advertising stampede is now officially an exodus. What was "only" 45 companies listed last week has expanded into a mass migration of 141 advertisers, according to an internal Premiere Radio Networks memo obtained by the Traffic Directors Guild of America . The memo lists 96 national companies that...

Santorum: Fox, O'Reilly Dissed Me

Former senator complains that right-wing media dismissed his candidacy

(Newser) - Seems Dan Savage isn't the only member of the media with whom Rick Santorum has a bone to pick: Even the right-wing media stalwarts over at Fox News have dissed the former Pennsylvania senator's candidacy, he complains today in a radio interview picked up by Mark Halperin of...

Orrin Onken: Secrets of a Glenn Beck-Loving Liberal

 Secrets of a  
in case you missed it

Secrets of a Beck-Loving Liberal

Right-wing radio is lefty Orrin Onken's guilty pleasure

(Newser) - There’s something about right-wing talk radio that’s undeniably attractive—even for a “sushi-eating, Prius-driving, gay-marriage-supporting Oregon liberal” like Orrin Onken, he writes in Salon . Though he’s always been a lefty, Onken began listening in high school, and he’s maintained his “dirty little secret” for...

Limbaugh: Loughner Has Democrats' 'Full Support'

Rush thinks lefties don't want him convicted of murder

(Newser) - Sure, Jared Loughner might have shot a Democrat, but in Rush Limbaugh's fevered imagination, Democrats are in his corner and trying to get him off the hook. "What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country," Limbaugh declared...

All Aboard the Right's Misleading 'Humbug Express'
All Aboard the Right's Misleading 'Humbug Express'

All Aboard the Right's Misleading 'Humbug Express'

If 'everyone knows' it, no one will question it

(Newser) - This Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge would salute the American right wing: its “media infrastructure” has become a “humbug factory,” capable of spreading propaganda so widely that “it becomes part of what ‘everyone knows.’” Take the widespread idea that President Obama has presided over a...

Sharron Angle: We're Headed for Armed Revolt

Second Amendment lets people protect selves from 'tyranny'

(Newser) - Democrats have fielded no shortage of crazy talk from Sharron Angle, the GOP candidate taking on Harry Reid, but here’s a doozy. In January, Angle actually floated the possibility of an armed conservative insurrection, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post reports. Asked about the Second Amendment on a right-wing...

Just How Rich Is Sarah Palin?

Bringing in $12M in the last year, she's taken political entertainment to a new high

(Newser) - You knew she checked out of Alaska politics in order to cash in. Now Gabriel Sherman looks at just how successful Sarah Palin has been, estimating—what with the book, the TV show, the Fox deal, and the speeches at $100,000 a pop—a total take in the last...

Rush Limbaugh Fires Back at Obama

People 'literally fear' for the country, he says

(Newser) - After President Obama called out Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for dispensing "vitriol," Limbaugh is returning fire. (Summary of Obama interview with CBS here .) In an email to Politico , Limbaugh says his popularity isn't dependent on the economy—"I have yet to have a down year...

Right Believed Its Own Hype on Health Care
Right Believed Its Own Hype on Health Care

Right Believed Its Own Hype on Health Care

And now it's having a nervous breakdown

(Newser) - Unable to deal with the passage of health care reform, the GOP noise machine has suffered a complete nervous breakdown this week, literally declaring this the end of America as we know it. Why the hysterics? Because the right wing “made the mistake of believing their own hype,”...

Ailes Drives Fox News' Fantastic Success

CEO's midwestern values shaped right-wing powerhouse

(Newser) - “Television is not a gimmick, and if you think it is, you’ll lose again,” a 27-year-old Roger Ailes told Richard Nixon as he sought the Oval Office in 1968. Days later, Ailes had a job aboard the ultimately successful campaign. Decades later, many similarly derided the launch...

Why Americans Admire Glenn Beck More Than the Pope
Why Americans Admire Glenn Beck More Than the Pope
Dana milbank

Why Americans Admire Glenn Beck More Than the Pope

He's liberated by not believing most of what he spews

(Newser) - Why has Glenn Beck left all the other right-wing talkers in the dust as he amasses both audience and influence? It's simple, says Dana Milbank: "He goes places where others are forbidden by conscience." Beck doesn't even believe the flamboyant conspiracies and distortions he floats, Milbank argues. "...

ADL: Beck Is Top Hate Monger

He's offering 'platform to extremists,' report charges

(Newser) - Right-wing Fox mouth Glenn Beck is the most toxic media hate monger operating in the US today, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League. "Beck has made a habit of demonizing President Obama and promoting conspiracy theories about his administration," the r eport states. He "has...

Beck, Limbaugh & Co. Scare GOP Brass

Top Republicans complain talkers are pushing party to fringe

(Newser) - Top Republicans are fed up with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh—off the record at least. Without naming names, Politico says that “congressional leaders” privately complain that the conservative commentariat is hurting their chances in 2010 by pushing the party too far to the fringe. Operatives close to top...

Limbaugh Compares NYT Reporter to 'Jihad Guys'

Tells Times' Revkin to 'go kill yourself'

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh really outdid himself yesterday, comparing New York Times environmental reporter Andy Revkin to a terrorist and urging him to commit suicide. Well, that’s not entirely fair. Actually, Limbaugh compared all “militant environmentalists” to “the jihad guys,” who, in Limbaugh’s telling, “convince these...

Beck: Progressives Are Like Slave Owners
 Beck: Progressives 
 Are Like Slave Owners 

Beck: Progressives Are Like Slave Owners

Plus, Fox News host is now traveling with an armed guard

(Newser) - Glenn Beck’s latest metaphor: Progressives are like slave owners. He came up with this one last night while bemoaning the thousands of people in Detroit who lined up to apply for, as he called it, “free government money that we don’t know where it came from,”...

Glenn Beck's Paranoia Is a Gold Mine
Glenn Beck's Paranoia
Is a Gold Mine

Glenn Beck's Paranoia Is a Gold Mine

Gold to guns, scribe says there's profit to be made off right wingers

(Newser) - Move over Jim Cramer. When it comes to possibly unhinged investment gurus, Mike Madden of Salon says he’s going with Glenn Beck and G. Gordon Liddy. Ever since advertisers began boycotting Beck, gold sellers have been grabbing space. The weirdest ad features G. Gordon Liddy mocking Fed policies that...

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