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'Race Hammers' Crushed Rush Deal: O'Reilly

Limbaugh 'should sue' NBC, CNN for '1984 attack'

(Newser) - "Thought police" in the media who have unfairly skewered Rush Limbaugh as a racist spoiled his bid to become an owner of the Rams, charged right-wing media maven Bill O'Reilly. Now that he's been dumped from the buyers' group after the controversy over his participation, Limbaugh should sue media...

Rush: I'm Not a Right-Wing Monster
 Rush: I'm Not a 

Rush: I'm Not a Right-Wing Monster

Limbaugh says he's mostly kidding, screwing with media

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh insists he’s not controversial. “I say nothing that’s shocking or surprising,” he said during a three-hour interview with MSNBC. That's a caricature by detractors who want to portray him as far-right fringe. What he is, he added, is entertaining: "I turn people on....

Right Suddenly Embraces Truther King

Alex Jones is like Glenn Beck, only moreso

(Newser) - It wasn’t long ago that the right wing hated Alex Jones. A top voice in the 9/11 Truth movement, he was repeatedly ridiculed on Fox News, and Michelle Malkin said Ron Paul’s association with him should disqualify him from the GOP primary debates. But Jones is a non-partisan...

Beck and Co.: Just Little Men With Big Voices
 Beck and Co.: Just Little 
 Men With Big Voices 

David Brooks

Beck and Co.: Just Little Men With Big Voices

(Newser) - Once again the right-wing radio guys have managed to convince everyone that they are a great and powerful force to be reckoned with. David Brooks revisits the 2007 Republican primaries, when Rush, Hannity, Beck and company were all weak-kneed over Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney, but bashed “unreliable deviationists”...

How the Crazies Took Over
 How the Crazies Took Over 

How the Crazies Took Over

Birthers, Limbaugh, Beck fill vacuum as Obama tries to stay above the fray

(Newser) - As recently as this spring, the Tea Party movement seemed anemic and wonky. But in the months that followed, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and others whipped the right-wing fringe into such a frenzy that a “separate reality grew like a second head on the American polity,” Philip Weiss...

Beck's Latest Rant: Obama Like Hussein, Hitler

Host isn't suggesting Americorps plan makes him a fascist, but...

(Newser) - Glenn Beck may have reached a new low last night when he implied President Obama’s plans to use AmeriCorps make him the equivalent of a fascist dictator, Gawker reports. One guest, Vets for Freedom vice chairman David Bellavia, fanned the flames by saying, “I’m not comparing my...

Beck to Audience: Nobody Flip Out, Kill a Bunch of People

Gawker wonders what prompted this bizarre request

(Newser) - Glenn Beck took it down a notch last night, adopting an “unusually subdued” manner to close his show by “imploring his audience not to murder innocent people,” writes the Cajun Boy for Gawker. Beck’s thoughts included, among other things, the warning that “Just one lunatic...

Lou Dobbs Calls Maddow a 'Tea- Bagging Queen'

Insists he's no birther... but wants to see the birth certificate

(Newser) - Lou Dobbs is being cruelly oppressed. He says the left is trying to “silence” him for demanding that Barack Obama produce a birth certificate. “My god, you’re talking about the third rail of American journalism, baby!” he said on his radio show yesterday. Among these scary...

Reader's Digest Shifts to the Right

Struggling magazine aims for new niche market

(Newser) - Reader's Digest is no longer going after Middle America, reports the New York Times. Instead, the slimmed-down magazine will be "aiming a little more to the right," hoping to carve out a niche among conservatives, writes Stephanie Clifford. “It’s traditional, conservative values: I love my family,...

Savage: Limbaugh 'Is the Biggest Fraud'

(Newser) - Trouble in the land of right-wing radio. Michael Savage blasted Rush Limbaugh today as "the biggest phony of them all," reports Media Matters. Savage was speaking about the people who have supported him since Britain branded him a hate-monger and told him to stay away. Limbaugh, however, did...

Limbaugh to Obama: Debate Me

(Newser) - This apparently isn't going away anytime soon. Rush Limbaugh today challenged Barack Obama to a debate on his radio show, Politico reports. “If these guys are so impressed with themselves, and if they are so sure of their correctness, why doesn't President Obama come on my show?" he asked....

'Rightosphere' Hopes to Reshape GOP
'Rightosphere' Hopes to Reshape GOP

'Rightosphere' Hopes to Reshape GOP

Bloggers hope to catch GOP up to Democrats on harnessing the internet

(Newser) - The election of Barack Obama has energized conservative bloggers, who see a spell in opposition as an opportunity ideal for reshaping the party, writes Walter Alarkon for the Hill. Conservatives in the “rightosphere” are eying the progress the left’s “netroots” made during the Bush years, when sites...

Blame Rush and Co. for GOP's Fall
 Blame Rush
 and Co. for
 GOP's Fall 

Blame Rush and Co. for GOP's Fall

Divisiveness makes for good ratings, bad political movement

(Newser) - Blame has been flying in Republican circles, but not enough has stuck where it belongs: on conservative talk radio. Rush Limbaugh and his imitators skyrocketed to prominence by being "rabble-rousers—high intensity, 'hot' performers whose appeal is based on energizing their base," writes Steven Stark in the Boston ...

Limbaugh Lashes Out at Anti-Palin Pundit
Limbaugh Lashes Out at Anti-Palin Pundit

Limbaugh Lashes Out at Anti-Palin Pundit

'Wimp' columnist climbs into the mud with 'pig' radio host

(Newser) - Going so far as to call him a “pig,” Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell has launched a full-on war of words with Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh called Mitchell a "racist nutball" and ridiculed her and other “drive-by journalists” for saying Sarah Palin and John McCain should...

Comedy Legend Skewers Left in Slapstick Carol

Naked Gun director lampoons Michael Moore in new flick

(Newser) - They're calling it  “a spoof of A Christmas Carol and contemporary American culture,” from the director that brought you Naked Gun and Airplane! But what the press release doesn't say is that the director is David Zucker, a self-proclaimed “9/11 Republican,” and that American Carol is...

A Double Standard for White Preachers?
A Double Standard
for White Preachers?

A Double Standard for White Preachers?

Why do we excoriate Wright but let his right-wing counterparts slide?

(Newser) - While Jeremiah Wright is hammered from all sides for his left-wing rhetoric, Washington Post writer EJ Dionne Jr. wonders why the same degree of backlash fails to surface over extreme statements from right-wing white preachers. Among many examples: Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell famously linked feminists and gays...

Clinton Loses Right-Wing Media Allies

As senator looks to her left, conservative bedfellows are bailing

(Newser) - The conservative press, once a surprising ally for Hillary Clinton, is turning out to be about as loyal as the Democratic senator should have expected, Politico writes. Though long reviled by the far-right masses, Clinton once had the carefully cultivated respect of some rightish media players like Rupert Murdoch and...

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