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Research Indicates Soft Contact Lenses Could Contain PFAS
US Contact Lenses
May Contain PFAS

US Contact Lenses May Contain PFAS

Soft contacts could come with a hidden cost

(Newser) - PFAS are chemicals used in products such as nonstick cookware, stain-resistant fabrics, and according to a report cited by the Guardian , some soft contact lenses. Scott Belcher, a researcher at North Carolina State University, tells the paper that after tests of 18 known contact lens brands revealed organic fluorine,...

Doctor Discovers Many Contact Lenses in a Patient's Eye

Video becomes a viral reminder to take contacts out every night

(Newser) - Overdue for a checkup, a California woman dealing with blurry vision and pain in her right eye finally went to see her ophthalmologist, saying it felt like there was something in her eye that she was unable to remove. So Dr. Katerina Kurteeva, who practices in Newport Beach, took a...

Contact Lens Would Let You Zoom In and Out by Blinking
Contact Lens of the Future
Is Pretty Remarkable

Contact Lens of the Future Is Pretty Remarkable

You'd be able to zoom in and out by blinking

(Newser) - Imagine straining your eyes to see something in the distance. Then you blink twice, and, voila, your vision zooms in for a clearer view. Blink twice again, and you zoom back out. That sci-fi scenario is closer than you think, based on new research out of the University of California,...

They Showered in Contact Lenses, Then Lost Vision

Two cases highlights risks to wearers

(Newser) - A scary reminder to wearers of contacts to take them out before showering or swimming. Two UK patients were left legally blind in one eye after contracting a rare parasitic eye infection linked to water, reports Live Science . A 41-year-old woman described two months of pain, blurry vision, and light...

'Greatest Shooter in NBA History' Played With Blurry Vision

Steph Curry just got contacts, and 'it's like the whole world has opened up'

(Newser) - If you were impressed by Steph Curry's shooting skills, get ready for what may be coming now that he can actually see. The NBA star revealed this week to the Athletic , via the San Francisco Chronicle , that he recently got long-needed contact lenses due to blurry vision. Fox News...

You Might Want to Stop Flushing Your Old Contacts
You Might Want to Stop
Flushing Your Old Contacts
new study

You Might Want to Stop Flushing Your Old Contacts

Arizona State researchers see a surprisingly large environmental toll

(Newser) - If you're one of the approximately 45 million Americans who wear contact lenses, researchers at Arizona State University have a request based on their new study: Stop flushing them down the sink or toilet. The researchers concluded that disposing of lenses this way—and they estimate that up to...

For 28 Years Something Was Stuck in Her Eyelid. It's Finally Out

UK woman had contact lens stuck in her eyelid for 28 years

(Newser) - Nearly everyone who wears contacts has fallen asleep with their lenses in at one point or another, but very few people can say they've done so for almost 30 years straight. Enter a 42-year-old woman from the UK, who, since one long-ago day when she was 14, had a...

Woman's Eye Discomfort Has Shocking Cause

Try 27 contact lenses, all stuck in one eye

(Newser) - A new report from a group of UK medical professionals offers a good reminder to make sure you've taken out your old contact lenses before putting in new ones: A woman who thought she just had cataracts actually had 27 lenses in one of her eyes, NPR reports. Doctors...

Contact Lenses Cost Paramedic His Job ... and His Eye

Now Andrew Carthew wants to spare others the 'absolutely shocking' pain

(Newser) - Andrew Carthew, a 59-year-old paramedic in Britain, woke up one day in June 2015 with a "weepy eye," the Bristol Post reports. Six weeks later, he lost sight in the eye; less than a year after that, he lost the eye completely. Now he's warning others about...

Lazy Contact Care Can Mess Up Eyes Long Term
Lazy Contact Care Can
Mess Up Eyes Long Term

Lazy Contact Care Can Mess Up Eyes Long Term

Nearly 20% of eye infections from contacts result in more serious eye injuries: CDC

(Newser) - Sleeping with contacts in or forgetting to swap in a new pair according to schedule may be the unintended result of a harried lifestyle, but it could also lead to long-term eye damage, a new CDC study reports. Researchers looked at 1,075 cases of eye infections reported to an...

All the Gross Things We Do With Our Contact Lenses

The CDC says 99% of people are doing something wrong

(Newser) - Contact lens wearers nationwide have been interviewed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the CDC has concluded that almost all of the 41 million contact lens wearers in America are doing at least one thing wrong, NBC News reports. Among the bad habits that the CDC warns...

How Contact Lenses Change Your Eyes

 How Contact Lenses 
 Change Your Eyes 

How Contact Lenses Change Your Eyes

May alter eye bacteria, boost risk of infection

(Newser) - Contact lenses improve your vision temporarily, but they may also make lasting changes to your eyes. Twenty volunteers, including nine daily contact wearers, allowed researchers to swab various parts of their eyes, plus the skin directly below. Scientists then performed genetic tests on the swabs and on the wearers' used...

Shoddy Contact Lens Care Could Make You Blind

CDC warns improper lens care raises risk of keratitis

(Newser) - Unless contact lens wearers want to land in the hospital with a nasty eye infection, they need to get serious about proper lens care, a CDC study suggests. Its study, published yesterday, looks at inflammation of the cornea, or keratitis. Noting the "overall burden ... of keratitis in the United...

Amoebas Eat Contact Wearer's Eyeballs

 Amoebas Eat 
 Contact Lens 
 Wearer's Eyeballs 
in case you missed it

Amoebas Eat Contact Lens Wearer's Eyeballs

Woman left lenses in for 6 months

(Newser) - Doctors hope a horrifying story out of Taiwan will help drive home the importance of proper hygiene for wearers of contact lenses. A 23-year-old student lost her eyesight after buying contact lenses that were supposed to be worn for one month and leaving them in around the clock for six...

Google Unveils 'Smart Contact Lens' for Diabetics
 Google Making Contact Lenses 

Google Making Contact Lenses

Tiny chip, sensor can monitor diabetics' glucose level in tears

(Newser) - After an acquisition that brings it deep into people's homes , Google is getting up close and personal with people's bodies. The latest project from the firm's secretive Google X facility is a "smart" contact lens that monitors the glucose levels of diabetics with a tiny wireless...

New Contact Lenses May Cure Nearsightedness

Prototype might help kids' eyes grow in proper way

(Newser) - If the prototype of a new corrective lens being unveiled later this month works as advertised, nearsightedness—or myopia—might become drastically reduced. As PhysOrg explains, current contact lenses and glasses provide what amounts to a superficial fix for the problem, but they don't keep vision from deteriorating. In...

On the Horizon: Terminator-Style Contact Lens

It's a long way off (but it's safe for rabbits)

(Newser) - Screens are so 20th century. An international team of engineers is working on the next leap in digital display technology—a contact lens that could project your email, text messages, and all sorts of other information straight onto your retina, Terminator-style, Discovery News reports. Right now they’re a long,...

Docs See Big Problems With 'Big Eye' Contacts

Ophthalmologists not happy about Lady Gaga-inspired fad

(Newser) - The huge eyes Lady Gaga sported in her Bad Romance video have sparked a dangerous trend, eye doctors warn. Gaga's big eyes were computer-generated, but "circle lenses" that offer the same look are now widely available online, with no exam or prescription required, the Chicago Tribune reports. Doctors warn...

Lady Gaga Imitators Use Risky Lenses for Big Eyes

Illegal 'circle' contacts give users a doe-eyed look

(Newser) - Lady Gaga sports huge (and probably computer-generated) eyes in her new Bad Romance video, and thus a fashion trend is born. This one is risky, however, as female fans pick up illegal "circle lenses" online for the doe-eyed effect, then post how-to videos on YouTube and elsewhere, explains the...

Lost Contact Lens Delays Brown Speech

British PM, already blind in one eye, may be losing sight in other

(Newser) - Gordon Brown was forced to delay a speech to a Labour Party conference last week after he accidentally washed a contact lens down the sink, reports the Times of London. The British PM had no extra pair, and a staff worker had to detach the pipe beneath the sink to...

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