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Two Earthquakes Kill Scores in Afghanistan

WHO, local organizations try to reach the injured

(Newser) - Two 6.3 magnitude earthquakes killed dozens of people in western Afghanistan on Saturday, the country's national disaster authority said. The United Nations gave a preliminary figure of 320 dead but later said the figure was still being verified, the AP reports. Local authorities gave an estimate of 100...

Seismic Activity Near Naples Is Intensifying

Phlegraean Fields region recently had its strongest quake in 40 years

(Newser) - A rise in seismic activity west of Naples has sparked fears that the government will order a mass evacuation of the area for the first time in decades. A 4.0-magnitude earthquake in the area Tuesday came less than a week after a 4.2 quake that the National Institute...

'Faint Yelps' From Rubble Lead to Happy Ending in Morocco

CBS engineer to adopt one of 2 dogs found alive in debris this week

(Newser) - The loss of life in Morocco following last week's 6.8 magnitude earthquake is hard to grasp. Luckily, signs of life have emerged from the rubble as well. The UK's Kent Fire and Rescue Service reported Wednesday that members had rescued a dog trapped among debris in the...

What You Need to Know About Morocco's Devastating Earthquake

Death toll is at 2.1K

(Newser) - After a magnitude-6.8 earthquake brought destruction and devastation to Morocco, where death and injury counts continue to rise as rescue crews dig out the alive and dead from the rubble, the AP runs down what you need to know:
  • Who was affected? Of the 2,122 deaths reported as

Morocco&#39;s Death Toll Tops 2K
Earthquake Death Toll Tops 2K

the rundown

Earthquake Death Toll Tops 2K

Crews struggle to reach remote areas of Morocco for victims

(Newser) - Rescue efforts in Morocco became more frantic on Saturday night, as crews rushed to hard-to-reach mountain villages almost 24 hours after a major earthquake struck . The death toll from the region's strongest earthquake in more than a century surpassed 2,000, the AP reports. The government reported that at...

Powerful Quake Kills Hundreds in Morocco

USGS says 6.8-magnitude quake hit south of Marrakech

(Newser) - A rare, powerful earthquake struck Morocco late Friday night, killing hundreds of people and damaging buildings from villages in the Atlas Mountains to the historic city of Marrakech. Men, women, and children stayed out in the streets, fearing aftershocks. Morocco's Interior Ministry said early Saturday that at least 296...

In the Middle of California's Rare Tropical Storm, a 5.1 Earthquake

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Hilary was drenching the southern part of the state

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Hilary drenched Southern California from the coast to inland mountains and deserts Sunday evening, prompting rescues from swollen rivers and forcing some of the nation's largest school districts to cancel Monday classes. Millions braced for more flooding and mudslides, even as the storm began to weaken, the...

Natural Disasters Hit These States Most

But it's good to be in New England

(Newser) - If it seems like all you're doing lately is reading about wildfires, floods, droughts, tornadoes, mudslides, earthquakes, and on and on and on, well, you're not alone. While it might seem like natural disasters are inescapable, the folks over at WalletHub crunched some data—going back to 1980—...

Taylor Swift's Concerts Have Literally Gone Seismic

Activity from Seattle concerts had 2.3 magnitude, beating out 2011 'Beast Quake' at Seahawks game

(Newser) - When commentators say Taylor Swift's concerts are "seismic," they're not simply using a colorful descriptor—they're detailing what appears to be an actual physical manifestation of Swifties' rabid fandom. As part of her Eras Tour, the 33-year-old performer took to the stage at Seattle's...

Scientists Mapping Hidden Mountains Taller than Everest

These huge peaks are located inside the Earth, but much about them is unknown

(Newser) - At more than 29,000 feet, Mt. Everest is popularly known as the tallest mountain on Earth. What many may not know, however, is that there are mountain ranges within the earth that have peaks as much as four times higher than Everest. In a BBC report , the British public...

Theory Explains Why San Andreas Fault Is Quiet Near LA

The disappearance of an ancient lake plays a role in seismic silence, researchers say

(Newser) - Researchers may have discovered why California is overdue for a major earthquake along the southern section of the San Andreas fault. It's been 300 years since a quake of a magnitude of 7 or greater erupted from this section of fault stretching east of Los Angeles from the Salton...

Strong 6.5 Quake Rattles Pakistan, Afghanistan
6.5 Quake Shakes
Pakistan, Afghanistan

6.5 Quake Shakes Pakistan, Afghanistan

At least 11 died, including girl killed in stampede

(Newser) - This story has been updated with the latest death toll. A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattled much of Pakistan and Afghanistan on Tuesday, sending panicked residents fleeing from homes and offices and frightening people even in remote villages. At least nine people died in Pakistan and two in Afghanistan, officials...

Earthquake Kills at Least 4, Traps Survivors
Earthquake Kills at Least 15,
Traps Survivors

Earthquake Kills at Least 15, Traps Survivors

Downed power lines in Ecuador complicate rescue crews' searches

(Newser) - This story has been updated with the most recent death toll. A strong earthquake shook southern Ecuador and northern Peru on Saturday, killing at least 15 people and injuring more than 445, trapping others under rubble, and sending rescue teams out into streets littered with debris and fallen power lines....

More Than 3 Weeks After Quake, an 'Unexpected Groan'

Alex the husky is pulled out of rubble in Turkey's Hatay province, emaciated but otherwise OK

(Newser) - After a series of miraculous rescues , teams digging through the rubble in the aftermath of last month's earthquake in Turkey and Syria had more or less given up on finding any more survivors. That is, until Tuesday, when an "unexpected groan" emitted from underneath a concrete block pile...

Another Large Earthquake Rattles Turkey, Syria

'No one wants to get back into their houses'

(Newser) - Another strong earthquake struck Turkey’s Hatay province on Monday, the same region devastated by a massive tremor two week ago, per the AP . The quake, measured initially at magnitude 6.3, hit the southern part of the province, near the border with Syria, reports CNN . Syria's state news...

Heartbreaking Update on Soccer Player Caught in Quake

Body of Christian Atsu, 31, found in Antakya, Turkey, after initially being reported as rescued

(Newser) - Christian Atsu, the Ghana international forward who played for Premier League clubs Chelsea and Newcastle, has died in the earthquake in Turkey. He was 31. Search teams recovered Atsu's body in the ruins of a luxury 12-story building where he'd been living in the city of Antakya, Hatay...

200 Hours After the Quake, the Improbable: Survivors

Yet the combined death toll stands at nearly 40K

(Newser) - The New York Times puts the count of "improbable rescues" at nine: people finally freed from the rubble roughly 200 hours after devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria. One of those rescues involved two brothers who survived on protein powder and by drinking their own urine; the men, ages...

Gunmen Storm Hospital of Baby Pulled From Rubble

Hospital denies it was an attempt to kidnap baby Aya

(Newser) - Gunmen stormed a hospital in north Syria where a baby girl is receiving care after being born under the rubble of her family’s earthquake-shattered home, a hospital official said Tuesday, adding that the attackers beat the clinic's director. The official denied reports on social media claiming that the...

Amid Death Toll of 24K, 'Shimmers of Joy'

Five days after Turkey-Syria quake, teen boy, family of 5 pulled alive from rubble

(Newser) - Rescue teams in Turkey on Saturday pulled to safety a family of five who survived inside their collapsed home for five days following a major earthquake in a sprawling border region of Turkey and Syria, per the AP . They first extricated mother and daughter Havva and Fatmagul Aslan from a...

As Quake Toll Surges, More Questions About 1999 Tax
As Quake Toll Surges,
More Questions
About 1999 Tax
the rundown

As Quake Toll Surges, More Questions About 1999 Tax

More than 11K people confirmed dead

(Newser) - Wednesday's revised death toll placed the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday as the deadliest of the last decade. The Guardian reports 8,754 people have been confirmed dead in in Turkey, with the current toll in Syria at 2,470. Those roughly 11,...

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