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Nation Barfs Over Miss Aussie Costume

One critic calls it 'a national joke,' another 'a travesty'

(Newser) - The first problem: High-heeled Uggs. The second: Everything else. The outfit designed to represent Australia at next month's Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas is being blasted as "a travesty" and "a national joke," reports the Telegraph . The ensemble combines Ugg heels with a one-piece bathing suit,...

Miss USA Pageant Releases Ultra-Racy Photos

Contest is under fire for sexy pictures

(Newser) - If the Miss USA pageant disqualified all the contestants who had appeared in racy photos—a la Carrie Prejean—it would probably be left with no contestants. The pageant has come under fire for releasing black and white publicity photos of barely clad contestants sprawled on a bed in provocative...

Prejean Tantrum Stumps Trump
 Prejean Tantrum Stumps Trump  

Prejean Tantrum Stumps Trump

'Inappropriate' means something different to The Donald

(Newser) - Carrie Prejean's tantrum on Larry King gave Donald Trump an opening to land a few more blows in his feud with the dumped beauty queen. Prejean removed her mike and threatened to leave because of King's "inappropriate" questions about her settlement agreement with the Miss California USA pageant. "...

Trump Weeds Out Ugly Girls
 Trump Weeds Out Ugly Girls 

Trump Weeds Out Ugly Girls

Yes, the Donald has a special rule for it and everything

(Newser) - In her new book, Carrie Prejean claims Donald Trump weeds less-than-attractive girls out of the Miss USA pageant, and TMZ says she’s right. In an audio tape from the 2009 pre-show screening, the Donald executes “The Trump Rule,” which declares that almost half of the women who...

Polanski Rape Happened at Nicholson's Pad

And other things you didn't know about the fugitive director

(Newser) - Think you know everything about Roman Polanski? You’re probably wrong. AskMen.com compiles a list of surprising tidbits about the headline-grabbing statutory rapist:
  • It happened at Jack Nicholson’s house: Somehow lost in the hubbub was the fact that the crime took place at Nicholson’s home, where Polanski

Trump Fixes Miss Universe, Picks 6 Finalists

Wants to make sure prettiest girls make cut

(Newser) - Donald Trump fixes part of the Miss Universe pageant to make sure the prettiest girls don't get cut too soon, the competition's choreographer tells Guanabee. "It’s just kind of common knowledge that he picks six of the top 15 single-handedly," says Michael Schwandt. Before the show, The...

Heidi Is the Next MJ: Spencer
 Heidi Is the Next MJ: Spencer 

Heidi Is the Next MJ: Spencer

He's just such a tool.

(Newser) - Hey, if Spencer Pratt thinks he can be the next Brad Pitt, why shouldn’t his wife be the next Michael Jackson? In yet another example of the reality show couple’s delusions of grandeur, Pratt called Heidi Montag "the new, modern-day, 2010 Michael Jackson” following her Miss Universe...

Venezuela Keeps Miss Universe Crown

(Newser) - Miss Venezuela was the fairest of them all, again. Stefania Fernandez won the 2009 Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas last night, receiving the crown from her predecessor, fellow countrywoman Dayana Mendoza. The sparkling tiara fell to the floor at one point, as Fernandez danced in joy. Beauty-obsessed Venezuela has...

Aussie Pageant Teen 'Dangerously Thin'

Contestant meets World Health Authority standards for malnourishment, says doc

(Newser) - Health experts are sounding the alarm over a dangerously underweight Australian beauty contestant in the Miss Universe pageant in Sydney, reports the Telegraph. Observers were stunned by the protruding bones of 19-year-old Stephanie Naumoska, who stands 5 foot 11 and weighs just 108 pounds. "There appears to be significant...

Gitmo So 'Fun,' Miss Universe 'Didn't Want to Leave'

'It was very interesting,' she writes in blog

(Newser) - Not many people have fun at Guantanamo Bay, but Miss Universe did. Caracas-born beauty Dayana Mendoza visited the US naval base surrounded by barbed wire and watchtowers yesterday, and had a "relaxing, calm" time, she said. It was a "loooot of fun!" she wrote in her blog....

Miss USA Tumbles at Pageant
 Miss USA Tumbles at Pageant 

Miss USA Tumbles at Pageant

Miss Venezuela wins crown on curves

(Newser) - For the second year in a row the US contestant in the Miss Universe pageant tripped and fell during the competition, AP reports. Miss USA Crystle Stewart of Texas took a tumble when she stepped on the train of her bejeweled evening gown as she made her entrance in the...

Beauty Pageant Turns Ugly
Turns Ugly

Beauty Pageant Turns Ugly

Would-be Miss Universe overcomes pepper spray sabotage

(Newser) - Ingrid Marie Rivera looked hot at the Miss Puerto Rico Universe pageant—but not in the good way. Pageant officials are investigating who doused the eventual winner's gowns and makeup with pepper spray, the AP reports. Rivera kept her composure before the judges, but once backstage she ripped off her...

Mexico Apologizes for Booing Miss USA

Letter comes months after incident at Miss Universe pageant

(Newser) - Over 2 months after a Mexico City crowd booed Miss USA during the Miss Universe pageant, a national tourism official today apologized for the “incorrect behavior of a small group.” The blink-and-you-missed-it international incident started during the interview portion of the competition and crested after Rachel Smith fell...

Miss USA Serves Her Country
Miss USA Serves Her Country

Miss USA Serves Her Country

Mexico City crowd's negative reaction meant for Washington, not beauty queen

(Newser) - The boos that rained down on Miss USA during the Miss Universe pageant weren't meant for her—the Mexico City crowd was venting its frustration with the US government, organizers and observers say. Rachel Smith didn't help her case by falling sash-over-teakettle during the evening gown competition, but the spectators...

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