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Bruce Willis, Demi Moore Are Becoming Grandparents
Rumer Willis Is Pregnant

Rumer Willis Is Pregnant

This will be first grandchild for Bruce Willis, Demi Moore

(Newser) - Rumer Willis is pregnant with her first baby, she announced Tuesday. The 34-year-old, Bruce Willis' and Demi Moore's oldest child, kept things simple on Instagram , sharing a couple pictures of her beau, musician/producer Derek Richard Thomas, and her growing belly and captioning the post with just a seedling emoji....

Scout Willis: Why Bruce Is Quarantining With Demi

Some may think it's odd he's with ex-wife, not his current one, but the family doesn't

(Newser) - Although the rest of the world may think it's odd that Bruce Willis is in quarantine with his ex-wife and three older daughters, instead of with his current wife and their two young daughters, it's apparently no big deal to Willis and gang. Willis, former wife Demi Moore,...

Bruce Willis Quarantines With Demi Instead of His Wife, Kids

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and their kids are all back together again

(Newser) - We all know Bruce Willis and Demi Moore stayed friends after their 12-year marriage ended , but this still seems like a bit much: Willis is apparently quarantining with Moore and their three adult daughters, plus at least some of the partners of those daughters, per Page Six . The huge crew...

Demi Moore on Being Raped at 15: My Mom 'Gave Him Access'

Actress talks to 'Good Morning America' ahead of her memoir's release this week

(Newser) - Ahead of the Tuesday release of her memoir, Demi Moore sat down with Good Morning America for an interview that aired Monday in which the actress recounted how she lost herself for a while—and reclaimed herself by writing the book, Inside Out. While asking herself "how the '...

Demi Moore: I Did Threesomes for Ashton, Then He Cheated

'GI Jane' star makes revelations about sex life with ex in new memoir

(Newser) - Celebrity TMI Week continues , this time with an entry from Demi Moore. The 56-year-old Ghost and GI Jane actress has a new memoir, Inside Out , dropping Tuesday, and in it she makes a startling revelation about her sex life with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. That reveal, per Radar : that she...

Demi Moore Writes of a Marriage That Seemed Like a 'Do-Over' Youth

Her memoir will be released this month

(Newser) - When Demi Moore was a child, her family moved around the country before landing in Southern California. At age 15, she was raped. That ended her childhood, she says, and she shortly moved out to live with a musician. Much later, when Moore began dating the younger actor Ashton Kucher,...

Demi Moore Got a Book Deal in 2010. Now, the Actual Book

Her memoir, 'Inside Out,' will be released Sept. 24

(Newser) - Nine years after her book deal was first announced, Demi Moore is ready to release a memoir her publisher calls "deeply candid and insightful." Moore's Inside Out is scheduled for Sept. 24, HarperCollins announced Wednesday. According to the publisher, she will write openly about everything from her...

Demi Moore Surprise Guest at Bruce Willis Roast

The actress had some zingers for her ex-husband

(Newser) - The upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis got a surprise guest in none other than the guest of honor's ex-wife, Demi Moore. The actress gamely showed up to dress down Willis with jokes about their 12-year marriage as the three kids it produced laughed along in the audience,...

Demi Moore Says She Lost Front Teeth Due to Stress

'I sheared off my front teeth,' she tells Jimmy Fallon

(Newser) - Rough Night star Demi Moore has been having a rough time dentally: She revealed on the Tonight Show Monday that she is missing her two front teeth. After host Jimmy Fallon held up a toothless photo she had provided, Moore explained that she had lost the teeth due to stress,...

Demi Moore Sued by Parents of Man Who Died in Pool

Moore wasn't present but is accused of creating dangerous conditions

(Newser) - Demi Moore is being sued by the parents of a 21-year-old man who drowned in a pool at her home two years ago, TMZ reports. Moore's caretaker threw a party at the house while the actress was out of town. The bulk of the guests left the house to...

Cops: Man Found Dead in Demi's Pool Was Employee

'I am in absolute shock,' says the actress

(Newser) - The 21-year-old man found dead in Demi Moore's pool has been identified as Edenilson Steven Valle of Los Angeles, who was believed to be "a staff member," a police officer says. Authorities were called to Moore's Beverly Hills home yesterday around 5:20am after Valle was...

21-Year-Old Found Dead in Demi Moore's Pool

Actress was out of town during party at her house

(Newser) - A 21-year-old man was found apparently drowned early today in the pool at Demi Moore's house in Beverly Hills, reports TMZ . Sources tell the site that there was a party at the residence, though Moore was out of town; her three daughters were reportedly also absent, though sources say...

5 Pregnant Celebs Who Posed Nude

Some were proud of their bodies, others not so much

(Newser) - It's one thing to pose naked for all the world to see; it's another to do so while pregnant. ETOnline rounds up 10 stars who did just that:
  • Demi Moore: Her 1991 Vanity Fair cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz, started the trend.
  • Cindy Crawford: Her accompanying interview when

7 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

Demetria Guynes? Who's that?

(Newser) - Sometimes you're born with a name that seems destined for bright lights ... and sometimes you're just not. ETOnline rounds up celebrities who changed their birth names:
  • Joaquin Phoenix: Born Joaquin Rafael Bottom, his parents changed the family's last name after leaving the "Children of God" religion

11 Surprising Celebrity Couples
 11 Surprising Celebrity Couples 

11 Surprising Celebrity Couples

Yep, they really dated

(Newser) - "Wait... they were together?" That's the reaction you'll probably have to the long list of surprising celebrity couples rounded up by ETOnline , including:
  • Sofia Coppola and Keanu Reeves: Dated in 1992 after Coppola's famous director father worked with Reeves on Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Kathy Griffin

7 Celebs You Forgot Voiced Disney Characters

Who's that voice?

(Newser) - Ever found yourself watching a Disney movie and not quite being able to place the familiar voice of one of the characters? HLN rounds up 11 celebrities you probably forgot have offered up their vocal talents for a Disney film:
  • Demi Moore: Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Oprah

5 Stars Whose Perfect Teeth Are Fake

They're not all born with a camera-ready smile

(Newser) - Jealous of those perfectly straight, pearly whites you're faced with every time you look at the grocery store magazine rack? Well, no need to feel so bad about your own less-than-sparkling smile: Turns out many celebrities fake their way to perfect chompers. SheFinds rounds up a dozen:
  • Hilary Duff

11 Celebs Who Bare All* on Social Media

*or, at least, almost all

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan posted a topless photo to Instagram over the weekend, baring the PG-13 portion of her breasts alongside a male friend at the Cannes Film Festival. It wasn't her first time posting topless photos online—and she's not alone. These 10 other celebrities have also shown some...

12 Celeb Exes Who Are Still Friends

Latest to join the club: Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin

(Newser) - Despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they were “consciously uncoupling” back in March (and the rumors that Chris has been romancing Alexa Chung in the meantime), the two were recently seen enjoying a day at the beach together with their kids, Radar reports. The...

4 Celebrity Midlife Crises
 4 Celebrity Midlife Crises 

4 Celebrity Midlife Crises

Younger lovers, ill-advised tattoos...

(Newser) - Celebrities are just like us: They get midlife crises, too. The Huffington Post rounds up a few who've had productive midlife crises (Tim Robbins wrote an album) and seven who've had decidedly less constructive ones:
  • Johnny Depp: Broke up with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and hooked up with

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