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There's a 'Sad Irony' in Bruce Willis' Final Roles
There's a 'Sad Irony' in
Bruce Willis' Final Roles

There's a 'Sad Irony' in Bruce Willis' Final Roles

He had few lines, making his cognitive decline hard to detect, writes Matt Zoller Seitz

(Newser) - Bruce Willis is out of the acting game , with the brain disorder aphasia making it impossible for him to remember lines. By the end of his career, he had been reduced to making what amounted to cameos—very lucrative cameos—in mindless, direct-to-video action movies. Willis had little dialogue in...

Gabby Giffords' First 2 Words: 'What' and 'Chicken'

Former congresswoman writes about living with aphasia

(Newser) - The revelation that Bruce Willis has the brain disorder known as aphasia has brought a lot of attention to the ailment. Now, another well-known figure with aphasia is shedding light on what it's like to live with it. "Imagine struggling to talk to your loved ones on the...

On Bruce Willis, 'a Health Line Seems to Have Been Crossed'

Joe Ferullo writes for the Hill that Hollywood 'needs to do better' after reveal of actor's aphasia

(Newser) - Over the past couple of years, Bruce Willis acted in more than a dozen films. It's a fact that, in the wake of his family's disclosure of his aphasia —a brain condition that can lead to language and communication issues—has many now wondering what exactly was...

Razzies Retract Bruce Willis Slam
Razzies Retract
Bruce Willis Slam

Razzies Retract Bruce Willis Slam

In wake of his aphasia reveal, group takes back a recently issued 'award'

(Newser) - Now that Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with the cognitive ailment known as aphasia , the Razzies are playing nice. The group known for recognizing the worst performances of the year in cinema has retracted the "award" it gave him just six days ago, reports Deadline . "If someone’s...

Bruce Willis' On-Set Troubles Were Evident for a While

'LA Times' talks to actors and directors who describe his cognitive struggles in recent years

(Newser) - The news that Bruce Willis must end his acting career because of a brain disorder known as aphasia likely came as a shock to fans. But a story in the Los Angeles Times suggests the news isn't too much of a surprise to actors and directors who have worked...

For an Actor, Aphasia Can Be Devastating

Bruce Willis announcement draws fresh attention to brain disorder

(Newser) - A brain disorder that leads to problems with speaking, reading, and writing has sidelined actor Bruce Willis and drawn attention to a little-known condition that has many possible causes. A stroke, tumor, head injury, or other damage to the language centers of the brain can cause aphasia. A brain infection...

Family: Bruce Willis Has to Step Away From Acting

Actor has been diagnosed with aphasia

(Newser) - In an Instagram message posted by daughters Rumer and Scout , ex-wife Demi Moore , and wife Emma Willis , the family of Bruce Willis on Wednesday announced the 67-year-old actor is "stepping away" from acting due to an aphasia diagnosis. Per the Mayo Clinic , aphasia is a disorder that "robs...

Bruce Willis Speaks Up After Maskless Outing

Actor, reportedly booted from LA pharmacy for not wearing a face covering, notes 'error in judgment'

(Newser) - Bruce Willis says he made a bad call after he was photographed Sunday inside a Los Angeles pharmacy without a face mask. Photos of Willis wandering the Hollywood Rite Aid with only a scarf around his neck spread on social media on Tuesday, with onlookers criticizing his obvious breach of...

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Americans Have Spoken

And they say no, by a margin of 51% to 39%

(Newser) - It's the debate everyone loves to have: Is Die Hard a holiday film? The action takes place during a Christmas party Bruce Willis' character is attending, but the star has previously weighed in with his opinion that no, that doesn't make the movie a Christmas flick. It turns...

Scout Willis: Why Bruce Is Quarantining With Demi

Some may think it's odd he's with ex-wife, not his current one, but the family doesn't

(Newser) - Although the rest of the world may think it's odd that Bruce Willis is in quarantine with his ex-wife and three older daughters, instead of with his current wife and their two young daughters, it's apparently no big deal to Willis and gang. Willis, former wife Demi Moore,...

Bruce Willis Quarantines With Demi Instead of His Wife, Kids

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and their kids are all back together again

(Newser) - We all know Bruce Willis and Demi Moore stayed friends after their 12-year marriage ended , but this still seems like a bit much: Willis is apparently quarantining with Moore and their three adult daughters, plus at least some of the partners of those daughters, per Page Six . The huge crew...

M. Night Shyamalan Needs a Win. This Isn't It
'Worst Movie of 2019!
Boom! Try to Top That!'

'Worst Movie of 2019! Boom! Try to Top That!'

Critics hate M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass,' but audiences seem to disagree

(Newser) - Audiences seem to like Glass , the finale to M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable horror series, giving it a 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes —some consolation for the 35% rating from critics. They have little love for the follow-up to 2000's Unbreakable and 2016's Split , which brings together...

Demi Moore Surprise Guest at Bruce Willis Roast

The actress had some zingers for her ex-husband

(Newser) - The upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis got a surprise guest in none other than the guest of honor's ex-wife, Demi Moore. The actress gamely showed up to dress down Willis with jokes about their 12-year marriage as the three kids it produced laughed along in the audience,...

5 Actors Who Hated Their Own Films

Channing Tatum is the latest to weigh in

(Newser) - Tell us how you really feel, Channing Tatum. The actor went on Howard Stern's show today and said of 2009's GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, in which he played Duke , "I f---ing hate that movie. I hate that movie." He explained that as a young...

7 Celebs Who've Hurt Themselves While Filming

Or at least while on location

(Newser) - Johnny Depp hurt his hand while on location for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick, the Huffington Post reports, though the Wrap notes he wasn't filming or even on set at the time. He needs surgery, but production will be only "minimally impacted," a source says....

Bruce Willis Making Broadway Debut

In play version of Stephen King's 'Misery'

(Newser) - Bruce Willis is hitting the Broadway stage for the first time. He'll make his debut in an adaptation of Misery by Stephen King; the play was written by William Goldman, who also wrote the screenplay for the 1990 movie version. Willis will play novelist Paul Sheldon, who was portrayed...

12 Celeb Exes Who Are Still Friends

Latest to join the club: Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin

(Newser) - Despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they were “consciously uncoupling” back in March (and the rumors that Chris has been romancing Alexa Chung in the meantime), the two were recently seen enjoying a day at the beach together with their kids, Radar reports. The...

8 More Celeb Babies Coming in 2014

It's going to be a long, baby-filled year

(Newser) - This year has already seen quite a few celebrity baby births , but even more are coming. PopSugar rounds up 13. A sampling:
  • Kerry Washington's baby bump has been on display on the red carpet quite a bit during awards season; she and husband Nnamdi Asomugha are expecting in the

Bruce Willis Is 'for Sale for $1M a Day'

Inside the trendy Hollywood practice of 'boarding' big stars

(Newser) - The latest trend in Hollywood: "boarding" a big star, which means flying an actor in to film all his scenes for a movie in just a few days or weeks—and paying him far less than his actual quote. Filmmakers get a big name for less, and actors are...

Michael Jordan, Wife Expecting Twin Girls

Bruce Willis also expecting new baby

(Newser) - We knew Michael Jordan and his new wife were expecting a baby —but it turns out they're expecting two. Jordan and Yvette Prieto's identical twin girls are due in April, E! reports, just about a year after the couple wed. Another celebrity baby coming soon: Bruce Willis'...

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