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Good News for Chipotle Workers: Let Them Eat Chicken Again

Fast-food chain rescinds directive that staff not order chicken in meals due to customer demand

(Newser) - Excellent news if you love chicken and you happen to work at Chipotle: You're allowed to order the pollo version of your meals again. After a strong suggestion was sent last week to staffers in the US and Canada asking them not to add chicken to any of their...

Our Love of Pizza Is Taking a Toll on US Groundwater

'New York Times' explains how farmers need irrigated crops to feed all those cows; same with chickens

(Newser) - A previous New York Times investigation revealed that America's groundwater is being depleted at a fast rate all around the country. A new story in the Times explains how Americans' love of cheese and chicken is a big reason why. Consider first the broad shift in our diets: The...

After Cranking Up Production, Tyson Trims Chicken Plants

Company plans more shutdowns after miscalculating demand

(Newser) - Increased market share became Tyson Foods' goal, leading the company to ramp up production at its chicken plants and generally speed up the line. That strategy has changed. The company is cutting back, closing two plants earlier this year and announcing plans last month to shut four more. Demand for...

We Pump Out 8-Pound Chickens. That Could Be an Issue

KFC and Chick-fil-A's need for 4-pound birds is rising

(Newser) - It's a potentially big problem involving a small thing: America needs more 4-pound chickens. That's the upshot of a Wall Street Journal piece that takes a look at the friction between the larger 8-pound birds chicken processors prefer and the smaller variety that fast-food chains like Chick-fil-A and...

Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings, Says Its Wings Are Bogus

Because the chain's boneless wings are really made from chicken breasts

(Newser) - A Chicago man who expected he was eating boneless chicken wings while dining at Buffalo Wild Wings says what he got was a whole lot closer to chicken nuggets—and he filed a class-action suit Friday over what he alleges is fraud. Aimen Halim says he ordered "boneless wings"...

Diner Asked for Some Sauce, and a Signature Dish Was Born

Scotland's Ali Ahmed Aslam, credited with creating chicken tikka masala, dies at 77

(Newser) - The restaurateur widely credited with creating the dish chicken tikka masala has died at age 77 in Glasgow, Scotland. Ali Ahmed Aslam, a native of Pakistan who immigrated to Glasgow as a teen, is generally considered the inventor of the dish described by CNN as "chunks of spiced chicken...

TSA Calls 'Personal Fowl' on Unusual Security Find

Firearm discovered shoved inside a raw chicken at Florida's Fort Lauderdale airport

(Newser) - Security officers at a South Florida airport have reported finding a handgun hidden inside a raw chicken packed in a traveler's luggage. The Transportation Security Administration posted photos of the gun and poultry Monday on its official Instagram account , per the AP . The weapon was recovered at the Fort...

With 40 Rotisserie Chickens, He Becomes a Philly Legend

Alexander Tominsky wanted to bring joy to others, and 40 rotisserie chickens did exactly that

(Newser) - As pro sports go, Philadelphia had a rough weekend, with teams on Saturday losing both the World Series and the Major League Soccer Cup within a few hours of each other. But the city caught a taste of redemption Sunday afternoon, when a crowd gathered to watch Alexander Tominsky—described...

Next Frontier in Chicken: Ground-Up Bones?

Startup says its pulverization process can make chickens more profitable

(Newser) - Chickens are exceedingly popular, less as companions and more as relatively cheap, plentiful sources of protein. On Super Bowl Sunday alone, Americans ate roughly 1.42 billion chicken wings last year, enough to circle the globe three times. Then there are the billions of nuggets, patties, sausages, and other products,...

Humans Revered Chickens for Centuries Before Eating Them
Long Before Chickens Were
Dinners, They Were Our Pals

Long Before Chickens Were Dinners, They Were Our Pals

These potential spiritual guides only became dinner about 2K years ago, research suggests

(Newser) - Chickens and humans have only been mingling for about 3,500 years, not as long as 10,000 years as previously believed, and for a good chunk of that time our feathered friends were revered, not eaten. That's according to new archaeological research which sees chickens as "actually...

We've Had to Kill 9% of Our Chickens

Avian flu outbreak has decimated flocks of laying hens

(Newser) - The avian flu outbreak has taken a huge toll on America's poultry flocks—mainly from culling, not disease—and consumers are feeling the pain with higher prices for eggs, chickens, and a lot of other products. "More than 28 million laying hens have been culled as a result...

'Nervous' Chicken Caught at Pentagon Checkpoint

It's been named 'Henny Penny'

(Newser) - A mysterious intruder was found at a Department of Defense security checkpoint earlier this week—and fowl play is suspected. "Apparently, the answer to 'why did the chicken cross the road' is to get to the Pentagon," an animal welfare group tweeted after the bird was spotted...

KFC on New Chicken-Free Chicken Nugget: 'It's Time'

Chain's Beyond Fried Chicken is a plant-based chicken alternative created with Beyond Meat

(Newser) - As 2022 kicks into high gear, KFC has a "Kentucky Fried Miracle" to announce: its Beyond Fried Chicken, a plant-based chicken nugget alternative created in partnership with Beyond Meat, per a release from KFC parent company Yum Brands. Starting Monday and for a limited time, the fast-food chain will...

Subway: Stick a Fork in This Lawsuit, It's Done
Subway Tuna Lawsuit
Has Taken a New Turn

Subway Tuna Lawsuit Has Taken a New Turn

3rd version of complaint claims sandwich chain's tuna contains cattle, pork, chicken DNA

(Newser) - Update: The first version of a lawsuit against Subway claimed its tuna wasn't really tuna. The second, which was dismissed, said the tuna wasn't the right kind of tuna. Now, in a new amendment to that proposed class-action complaint, the plaintiffs say testing has found animal proteins in...

Humane League Says Chicken Has a White Striping Problem

It found the fat deposits in at least one breast fillet in 99% of packages it looked at

(Newser) - The taste of your supermarket chicken hasn't changed, but its makeup has. That's according to a Humane League report out Monday that looked at the increasingly ubiquitous nature of "white striping" among the poultry sold in US stores. Bloomberg explains: Factory farming plumps chickens up on such...

If You Own One of These Lounge Chairs, Don't Sit in It

True Living Sling Loungers sold by Dollar General recalled over amputation potential

(Newser) - If your eyes tend to glaze over when you read about product recalls, this one might get your attention. Fast Company reports the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall for select True Living Sling Loungers following three confirmed cases of amputations or lacerations in connection with the...

New Shortage for US Restaurant Chains: Chicken

Popularity of fried-chicken sandwiches at big chains is part of the problem

(Newser) - Add chicken to the list of products in short supply these days. Bloomberg reports that soaring demand at fast-food restaurants has resulted in a poultry crunch across the US. The Bojangles chain reported a "system-wide shortage" of chicken tenders this week, while industry behemoth KFC says it is just...

Mask Dispute Results in Robbery of Chicken, Waffles

Man was denied service because he wasn't wearing a face covering at Pasadena restaurant

(Newser) - Refused service because he wasn't wearing a mask, a man returned to a Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in California armed with a gun, demanded all the chicken and waffles he could carry, then swiped some syrup before making off with his meal. That’s according to...

Yellowstone Ranger Busts Man Cooking Chickens in Hot Spring

Park officials say the Idaho visitor has been banned for 2 years

(Newser) - Although the pandemic limited many activities over the summer, at least people could partake in quiet outdoor activities, like having small, socially distanced barbecues. An Idaho man, however, has been barred from Yellowstone National Park after he picked the wrong place for his cookout. A park spokeswoman tells East Idaho...

One of America's Top Chicken Industry CEOs Indicted

Pilgrim's Pride CEO Jayson Penn indicted on price-fixing charges, along with 3 others

(Newser) - One of America's top chicken industry CEOs could be caged for up to 10 years as part of a federal antitrust investigation. Pilgrim's Pride CEO Jayson Penn was indicted Wednesday along with former company vice president Roger Austin for alleged price-fixing, the Wall Street Journal reports. Mikell Fries,...

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