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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day? See the 'Most Irish' Cities
America's 'Most Irish' Cities

America's 'Most Irish' Cities

New York takes the top spot in LawnStarter's rankings

(Newser) - They say everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but you'll see more green bagels and beer in some US cities than in others. LawnStarter looked at 200 of the largest cities in America, using publicly available data to rank which ones are the "most Irish."...

Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965
Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who
Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965
in case you missed it

Seeking 'Paul' and 'John,' Who Shipped Pal in a Crate in 1965

Brian Robson looking for men who helped him pull off 'terrifying' trip from Australia to London

(Newser) - A Welsh man is on a quest to find two long-lost friends he hasn't seen in more than 50 years—and the last time he saw them, they were cramming him into a crate and nailing it shut. The BBC reports on the strange tale of Brian Robson, who...

She Blends Irish Dance, Hip-Hop, Gets a Big Call
She Blends
Irish Dance,
Hip-Hop, Gets
a Big Call

in case you missed it

She Blends Irish Dance, Hip-Hop, Gets a Big Call

'Riverdance' wants Virginia's Morgan Bullock

(Newser) - Morgan Bullock is a 20-year-old resident of Richmond, Va., who posted a video of herself dancing to hip-hop on TikTok. Not so unusual. But in Bullock's case, she accompanied the music with traditional Irish dancing, her passion since she first saw it performed as a young girl, reports the...

No One Liked Paul Ryan's St. Paddy's Day Pint
No One Liked
Paul Ryan's
St. Paddy's
Day Pint

No One Liked Paul Ryan's St. Paddy's Day Pint

And other St. Patrick's Day minutiae from around the internet

(Newser) - Everyone is said to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, and even though he hails from Scottish roots, President Trump got into the spirit a day early. Per the Washington Post , Trump hosted Irish PM Enda Kenny at the White House Thursday, and the president celebrated the spirit of...

Irish Bones May Settle 'Archaeological Controversy'

What researchers learned from 4 sets of remains

(Newser) - It's a "long-standing archaeological controversy": whether the Irish shifted from hunter-gatherers to farmers because of adaptation or migration. A new DNA analysis of remains from several people, dating back thousands of years, may settle the question—as well as provide a better sense of where the Irish came...

Teacher Denied Interview Because She's Irish

One South Korean seems to think all Irish have an 'alcoholism nature'

(Newser) - Irish teacher Katie Mulrennan got a Craigslist job reply so bizarre she was compelled to post it and see if it went viral. And it has. The 26-year-old tells the BBC that, in spite of having taught English for more than three years in Barcelona, Oxford, Abu Dhabi, and South...

America's Most Irish Cities Are...

 America's Most 
 Irish Cities 
 Are ... 
happy st patty's day

America's Most Irish Cities Are ...

... Boston, of course, plus a few surprises

(Newser) - Quick St. Patrick's Day quiz: How many Americans are of Irish descent? Some 22 million say Irish is their "primary ancestry," and 13.5 million more have at least some Irish blood, reports the Huffington Post . That adds up to 35.5 million or 11.6% of...

Knife-Wielding Irish Tourist Avoids Jail in Cannoli Theft

Robert McTernan will be returning home to serve community service

(Newser) - So a knife-wielding Irish guy walks into a Boston pastry shop, takes two cannolis, and ... somehow has avoided jail time: Prosecutors say 25-year-old Robert McTernan admitted Monday in court there were sufficient facts for a jury to find him guilty of larceny for robbing Bova's Bakery in the largely...

Irish Furious After Starbucks Calls Them Brits

Twitter post was intended for UK only: coffee giant

(Newser) - Starbucks' Irish Twitter account has just 2,000 followers, but an awkward tweet it directed to them has managed to piss off an entire nation: "Show us what makes you proud to be British," the company tweeted during the Diamond Jubilee. The coffee giant says it intended the...

Obama Grabs Guinness for St. Paddy's Day

White House dyes fountain green for Irish holiday

(Newser) - What would St. Patrick's Day be without a little political pandering? President Obama was out touting his Irish roots yesterday, wearing a moss green jacket and getting a pint at The Dubliner, a popular Washington bar, reports CNN . The beer was Guinness, of course (CNN wasn't wowed by...

Spare Me, I'm Irish

 Spare Me, 
 I'm Irish 

Spare Me, I'm Irish

Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams explains why she hates St. Patrick's Day

(Newser) - Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon has strong Irish roots, but you can keep your parades, "kiss me" buttons, and shamrock shakes to yourself on this St. Patrick's Day, thank you very much. She hates the annual pseudo-holiday, the day when "'Irish' becomes simultaneously synonymous with '...

Obama: US, Ireland Share 'Blood Link'

President begins Europe tour

(Newser) - President Obama arrived in Ireland today, and said the nation shares a “blood link” with his country because of the millions of Irish-Americans who live in the US. The president, of course, has his own blood link with Ireland, and is planning a visit to the home of his...

Bloomberg Steps in It With 'Drunk Irish' Comment

Irish eyes not smiling on NYC mayor

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg was jeered by angry Irish-Americans after making a quip about Irish people's fondness for booze. The New York City mayor, speaking to the American Irish Historical Society, said he lived near the society and was used to seeing a "bunch of people totally inebriated hanging out the...

13 Surprising Irish Celebrities
 13 Surprising Irish Celebrities 
happy st. patty's day

13 Surprising Irish Celebrities

Alicia Keys? Barack Obama? Ben Stiller? Yes, yes, and yes.

(Newser) - Lots of celebrities are likely to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tonight—but you might be surprised to discover which of them actually have Irish roots. The Daily Beast lists 13 you might not expect:
  1. Barack Obama: Yes, it’s Obama, not O’Bama. Nevertheless, the president has an

Hitler Loved Irish Folk Music

Nazi leader had piper play a private concert in 1936

(Newser) - An exhibit of new photos has revealed an odd scene: Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels listening with rapt attention to Irish musician Sean Dempsey as the piper sat on an SS member. Hitler invited Dempsey to play his uileann pipes in 1936 while the musician was visiting Berlin. However, when...

Byrne: I Was Molested at Seminary

Struggled for years to 'come to terms with it'

(Newser) - Actor Gabriel Byrne revealed yesterday that he was molested by priests as a child at his Irish school and at an English seminary. "Unfortunately, I experienced sexual abuse," said the star of In Treatment and Miller's Crossing. "It was a known fact that there was this particular...

Gates, Crowley Share Irish Ancestor
Gates, Crowley Share Irish Ancestor

Gates, Crowley Share Irish Ancestor

Better make that White House beer a Guinness

(Newser) - The beer James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates have with the president should be a Guinness if genetics are anything to go by, Irish Central reports. The Harvard professor and the Cambridge cop—along with about 3 million other people—are distant cousins with shared Irish heritage, both descended from...

White House Greens Fountains for St. Pat's

First Lady takes a page from her native Chicago

(Newser) - Fountains on the White House lawns run green today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Chicago Tribune reports. The dye was suggested by the First Lady, perhaps to make Pennsylvania Ave a bit more like her native Chicago, which dyes the Chicago River green to mark the holiday....

Peggy Noonan, for One, Is Not Offended
Peggy Noonan, for One,
Is Not Offended

Peggy Noonan, for One, Is Not Offended

Rev. Wright merely latest, most-publicized participant in Whitman's 'barbaric yawp'

(Newser) - Peggy Noonan wonders if there's something wrong with her for not being upset over Jeremiah Wright’s extremist sermons. No, she decides in the Wall Street Journal, she just doesn’t “think his views carry deep implications for our country”—and indeed understands the bitterness, drawing on the...

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