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Alfred Hitchcock's Only Child Has Died
Alfred Hitchcock's
Only Child Has Died

Alfred Hitchcock's Only Child Has Died

Patricia Hitchcock was 93

(Newser) - Patricia Hitchcock O’Connell, the only child of Alfred Hitchcock and an actor herself who made a memorable appearance in her father’s Strangers on a Train and championed his work in the decades following his death, has died at age 93. Hitchcock died Monday in her sleep at home...

5 Film Directors Who 'Definitely Crossed the Line'

Listverse: They apparently got a little too ambitious on set while creating their art

(Newser) - There's immersing yourself in your art, and then there's drowning yourself and the others who work for you. Listverse takes a look at famous movie directors who maybe got a little overzealous during film production, alleged to have caused emotional and physical damage and, in one case, deaths....

Actress Hedren: Hitchcock Stalked, Sexually Harassed Me

In new memoir, Hedren says Hitchcock also touched her innappropriately

(Newser) - In her new memoir, actress Tippi Hedren claims that legendary director Alfred Hitchcock repeatedly sexually harassed her. The abuse allegedly happened when the pair collaborated on a pair of films, The Birds and Marnie. Us Weekly reports that Hedren's book, Tippi, which is out November 1, details how Hitchcock...

13 Celebs With Bizarre Phobias

Including porcelain dolls, indoor houseplants, and seagulls

(Newser) - Halloween has passed, but the 32 celebrities rounded up by Ranker still have to deal with some very strange phobias. A sampling of their fears:
  1. Channing Tatum: pediophobia, fear of porcelain dolls
  2. Jennifer Love Hewitt: selachophobia, fear of sharks; she also has a fear of elevators
  3. Matthew McConaughey: cleithrophobia, fear

Man in Vegetative State 'Reacts' to Hitchcock Film
Man in Vegetative State 'Reacts' to Hitchcock Film
new study

Man in Vegetative State 'Reacts' to Hitchcock Film

His brain activity while watching is similar to a healthy person's: study

(Newser) - Ever since an assault at age 18, a now-34-year-old Canadian man has been in a vegetative state—but his father still takes him to the movies every Wednesday. And when the man took part in a new study published in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,...

6 Controversial Films You Never Got to See

BBC rounds up Hollywood's buried tales

(Newser) - Ever hear about an upcoming movie that somehow disappears before its release—or perhaps shortly thereafter? Well, there's a good chance that flick got "buried," or made and then locked away, just like these controversial films rounded up by the BBC :
  1. The Day the Clown Cried: Of

5 of the Best Films That Never Got Made

These movies could have been classics

(Newser) - In honor of last week's release of Jodorowsky's Dune , a documentary about Alejandro Jodorowsky's planned but never made adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, the BBC lists the "10 greatest movies never made." Five standouts:
  • Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon: Kubrick spent years digging

Greatest Movie Ever Is ...
 Greatest Movie  
 Ever Is ...
critics' poll

Greatest Movie Ever Is ...

'Vertigo' unseats 'Citizen Kane' for first time in BFI survey

(Newser) - Citizen Kane has to take a rare step back: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo has claimed its long-held title as "greatest film of all time" in a well-regarded survey, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Sight & Sound, the magazine published by the British Film Institute, says the 1958 movie with...

Green Acres ' Frank Cady Dead at 96

 Green Acres
 Frank Cady 
 Dead at 96 

Green Acres' Frank Cady Dead at 96

He played Hooterville general store operator Sam Drucker

(Newser) - Frank Cady, best known for his role as general store operator Sam Drucker on Green Acres, died on Friday, reports the Los Angeles Times . He was 96. Cady was mostly known as a character actor, and appeared on a wide range of television shows in the 1950s and 1960s. He...

'Real-Life Norman Bates' on Trial for Fraud

He dressed like dead mom, collected big bucks: cops

(Newser) - A real-life Norman Bates has been busted for fraud for dressing up like his dead mother for six years and collecting her benefits, according to authorities. Thomas Prusik Parkin, 51, doesn't believe he's done anything wrong—because he actually believes he is his mother, say officials. “I...

Hitchcock's Birds Mystery Solved

Kamikaze California seabirds were poisoned, researchers say

(Newser) - The real-life mystery that inspired Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller The Birds has been solved, researchers say. Hitchcock is said to have largely based the film on a bizarre incident in 1961, when flocks of crazed seabirds slammed into homes in California's Monterey Bay. Researchers now believe that, rather...

Alfred Hitchcock's First Film Found

Silent movie from 1923 discovered in New Zealand vault

(Newser) - Here's a plot twist Alfred Hitchcock likely never envisioned: The earliest feature film he worked on has finally been discovered in the vaults of a New Zealand archive. A nitrate film expert found the long lost 1923 British movie White Shadow, which credits the then-24-year-old Hitchcock as writer, assistant...

Hitchcock Star Farley Granger Dead at 85

'50s screen idol loved the stage best

(Newser) - Soulful leading man Farley Granger, best known for his roles in Alfred Hitchcock thrillers Strangers On a Train and Rope, left the movie business twice: once to enlist in the Navy during World War II and a second time, at the height of his Hollywood success, to take acting lessons...

Film Team Hunts Lost Hitchcock

Mountain Eagle tops Brit Institute's 'Most Wanted'

(Newser) - Have you seen The Mountain Eagle? If so, the British Film Institute wants to talk to you. The 1928 silent Alfred Hitchcock thriller is top of the institute's 75-strong "Most Wanted" list of lost films. No surviving prints of the movie are known to exist, but institute officials believe...

How Hitchcock Tricked You in Psycho Shower Scene

It's all about the creative casting of an extra

(Newser) - Alfred Hitchcock didn't like to use sleight-of-hand to mislead viewers, but he did so in perhaps his most famous scene—the shower murder in Psycho, writes Steve North in Salon. (And if spoiler alerts apply after 50 years, here it is.) That's not Tony Perkins in drag wielding the...

The Best of Cold War Cinema
 The Best of 
 Cold War Cinema 

The Best of Cold War Cinema

With the Evil Empire as the bad guy, Hollywood made some great flicks

(Newser) - Maybe the reason Betsy Sharkey is feeling nostalgic about Cold War flicks is that the era offered a clear, if flawed, idea that we were the good guys. Regardless, it made for some good movies. The Los Angeles Times critic's faves, by "capricious category":
  • Aliens: With "subtexts rich

Tabloid Alter Ego Leaves LiLo Cold
Tabloid Alter Ego Leaves
LiLo Cold

Tabloid Alter Ego Leaves LiLo Cold

Overexposed star reflects on youthful antics, career fallout

(Newser) - At 22, Lindsay Lohan is burdened by regrets, and she finds a sympathetic listener in retired supermodel Lauren Hutton, who sits down with her for Interview. "In  terms of what people see of me, I have become this girl who just loves to be photographed, doesn't know how to...

Suit: Spielberg Copied Hitchcock

Copyright owner says Disturbia rips off Rear Window

(Newser) - Steven Spielberg ripped off Rear Window when he made last year’s thriller Disturbia, a lawsuit filed yesterday alleges. The 1954 Alfred Hitchcock classic was based on a 1942 short story, and the owner of the rights to the story has sued for compensation from Spielberg, DreamWorks, and Paramount Pictures,...

Top 10 Oscars That Weren't
Top 10 Oscars That Weren't

Top 10 Oscars That Weren't

Film classics and actors the Academy overlooked

(Newser) - In the Academy Awards' 80-year history, many classic films, performers, and directors have been robbed of their statues. CNN's Screening Room names the 10 most crushing Oscars that weren't, many of which lost out to—gulp—musicals:
  • 1941: Seminal Citizen Kane loses to sappy How Green Was My Valley
  • 1956:

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