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Post Boss Tried to Stop Scandal Story: NPR Reporter

New CEO wanted his paper to ignore accusations, too, David Folkenflik writes

(Newser) - An NPR reporter maintains that the incoming chief executive of the Washington Post tried to strike a deal that would keep allegations against him from appearing in an interview. Court filings in Britain accuse Will Lewis of trying to cover up illegal phone hacking at British publications owned by Rupert...

Suspended Editor Uri Berliner Resigns From NPR

He says he's being 'disparaged' by CEO Katherine Maher

(Newser) - NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner has resigned a day after NPR announced it had suspended him as a formal punishment for the scathing critique he penned about his employer . NPR had said Berliner received the formal rebuke because he had not received the required approval to write for another...

NPR Suspends Editor Who Issued Scathing Critique

Uri Berliner has received 'final warning'

(Newser) - The NPR editor who issued a scathing critique of his employer has now been suspended by the media outlet. NPR announced the move Tuesday, saying Uri Berliner was being "formally punished" for his essay with a five-day unpaid suspension that started Friday. Berliner's complaint that NPR has a...

NPR Editor Delivers Scathing Critique of His Employer

Uri Berliner sees a left-wing bias that is only getting worse

(Newser) - NPR is often accused of a left-wing bias by conservative critics, but the latest such broadside comes from within. Uri Berliner, a senior business editor who has been at NPR for 25 years, has written a scathing critique at the Free Press website. "People at every level of NPR...

Crossword Puzzle Guru Will Shortz Has a Stroke

'New York Times' puzzle editor and NPR figure is recovering

(Newser) - The nation's grandmaster of crossword puzzles delivered some unwelcome news to fans over the weekend: He's had a stroke. Will Shortz, the longtime crossword puzzle editor at the New York Times and a fixture of NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, made a recorded statement on the NPR show...

Longtime NPR Voice Bob Edwards Is Dead
An NPR Icon Is Gone

An NPR Icon Is Gone

Former 'Morning Edition' host Bob Edwards dies at 76

(Newser) - A familiar name—and voice—to listeners of NPR is gone. Bob Edwards, who hosted Morning Edition for more than two decades, has died at age 76, reports NBC News . No cause of death was immediately announced.
  • "He was Bob Edwards of Morning Edition for 24 and a half

For NPR, Quitting Twitter Had Next to No Effect on Traffic

Web traffic dropped just 1% after April departure

(Newser) - NPR left Twitter back in April—when it was still called Twitter instead of X—and the media organization says its "Twexit" has only had a minimal effect on traffic to its website. According to a memo to staff seen by Neiman Reports , traffic fell by just 1% after...

Musk Makes 'Extraordinary Threat' to NPR

CEO warns he'll give media organization's Twitter handle to someone else if it doesn't start tweeting

(Newser) - NPR has stayed firm in not tweeting since Elon Musk's Twitter first labeled its account "state-affiliated media" last month, then "government-funded media." Those labels are now gone, but NPR has continued to stay silent online. Now, the news organization is reporting that Musk is threatening to...

Boycotts Worked: Twitter Drops Label That Drove NPR Away

The 'government-funded media' descriptor is no more

(Newser) - Twitter was apparently concerned enough by media outlets boycotting its platform that it's made a U-turn, dropping the "government-funded media" label that sent NPR , the CBC , and other outlets packing. The label is now missing from the accounts of NPR, the CBC, the BBC, and other outlets, while...

NPR Is First Major US News Outlet to Dump Twitter
Another Name Joins
NPR in Fleeing Twitter

Another Name Joins NPR in Fleeing Twitter

PBS has stopped tweeting since it was labeled 'government-funded media' on Saturday

(Newser) - PBS has joined NPR in getting the heck away from Twitter. Like NPR, the Public Broadcasting Service was recently labeled by the social platform as "government-funded media," meaning Twitter would not amplify its tweets. The label was initially "state-affiliated media," a phrase applied to propaganda outlets...

Musk Admits Move on NPR 'Might Not Have Been Accurate'

Organization stopped tweeting after 'state-affiliated media' label was added

(Newser) - NPR journalists looking into the site's new "state-affiliated media" label on Twitter have managed to get more than a poop emoji auto-reply out of the company. In emails to NPR, Twitter CEO Elon Musk acknowledged that giving the media organization the same label seen on outlets like...

Twitter Makes a 'Disturbing' Change to NPR's Account

Public broadcaster labeled 'state-affiliated' media

(Newser) - A surprise change from Twitter suggests the social media platform sees National Public Radio as a network more akin to state-controlled Russian or Chinese media than the BBC. Twitter has labeled the public broadcaster's account as "state-affiliated media," a move NPR says happened without warning Tuesday night....

What Did NPR Reporter's Friendship With RBG Cost Us?

Politico essay examines journalist Nina Totenberg's longtime relationship with Supreme Court justice

(Newser) - Nina Totenberg, a longtime correspondent for NPR, has a new memoir out, and it delves into her storied 40-year relationship with the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Dinners With Ruth examines Totenberg's conflict as she watched her old friend's health decline in 2020, and on the complexities of being...

NPR's Nina Totenberg Fires Back at Public Editor
NPR's Supreme Court
Story Takes Another Turn
the rundown

NPR's Supreme Court Story Takes Another Turn

Reporter Nina Totenberg defends it, rejects public editor's clarification

(Newser) - The saga over an NPR report on the Supreme Court continues. Veteran reporter Nina Totenberg is dismissing criticism from her outlet's public editor about a story Totenberg wrote about justice Neil Gorsuch's decision to forgo a mask while on the bench. Here's how it has unfolded:
  • Original

NPR Host Shows How to Interview Trump
This Is the Way
to Interview Trump

This Is the Way to Interview Trump

Margaret Sullivan: NPR host wrapped misinformation in truth, until the former president hung up

(Newser) - Politicians and other newsmakers often are allowed to set the narrative when they're being interviewed, Steve Inskeep says. The NPR host points out that that narrative sometimes is skewed. When he interviewed former President Trump this week , Inskeep tweaked the form, enabling him to keep control of the information...

Trump Interview With NPR Has Abrupt End

Former president hangs up as he was being grilled on his false claims of election fraud

(Newser) - NPR Morning Edition host Steven Inskeep nabbed an interview with former President Trump on Tuesday—after six years of trying. "It was scheduled for 15 minutes, but lasted just over nine," NPR reports, noting Trump—who hurled insults at Republican senators, including Mitch McConnell—ended the conversation abruptly...

'If NPR Doesn't See This as a Crisis, I Don't Know...'

Host Audie Cornish is leaving, and Ari Shapiro is worried about exodus of 'marginalized' hosts

(Newser) - Another name familiar to NPR listeners is leaving, and a colleague suggests a "crisis" is brewing at the outlet. Audie Cornish, the co-host of All Things Considered, announced on Twitter that she is joining the pandemic's "Great Resignation" and is "ready to stretch my wings and...

Beloved NPR Books Editor Dies Suddenly at 46
Beloved NPR
Books Editor
Dies Suddenly at 46

Beloved NPR Books Editor Dies Suddenly at 46

Petra Mayer died of suspected pulmonary embolism

(Newser) - Petra Mayer, books editor for National Public Radio, died Saturday of what’s believed to be a pulmonary embolism, the news organization said. She was 46. Mayer is remembered for her reporting at Comic-Con and helping put together NPR’s Book Concierge, an annual interactive guide that filters titles based...

NPR Obtains Tapes of NRA Discussions After Columbine

Top officials wrestle with whether to respond with defiance or sympathy

(Newser) - School shootings were relatively rare when the Columbine massacre unfolded in 1999, and NPR has obtained two-plus hours of recordings of NRA officials struggling to decide how to respond. The issue was especially dicey because the group's convention was due to take place days later just a few miles...

He Spent a Decade Talking to the Nation
He Spent a
Decade Talking
to the Nation

He Spent a Decade Talking to the Nation

Longtime NPR journalist Neal Conan dies of brain cancer at 71

(Newser) - You may not have recognized his face, but you probably knew his voice . Neal Conan, who hosted the popular NPR show Talk of the Nation for 11 years until its 2013 end , died Tuesday at age 71. Conan's son, Connor, revealed the longtime radio journalist died of glioblastoma, a...

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