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Mugabe Aide Insists His Boss Isn't Sleeping in Meetings

Zimbabwe president's spokesperson says 93-year-old's eyes are sensitive to light

(Newser) - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has become well-known for appearing to sleep through conferences and meetings, but his spokesperson insists the 93-year-old is not actually asleep when he's pictured in repose. "At 93, there is something that happens to the eyes and the president cannot suffer bright lights,"...

Mugabe's Wife Has Plans for Husband's Corpse to Lead

She says Mugabe, 92, should run for president even if he's dead

(Newser) - Dictators have a notoriously firm grasp on power, but this is ridiculous. The AP reports the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe—who turns 93 next week—says he should still run for president even if he dies before the next election. "If God decides to take him, then...

91-Year-Old President's Wits Questioned After Speech Mixup

Opponents say snafu proves Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe should resign

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe, the 91-year-old president of Zimbabwe, accidentally delivered the wrong 25-minute speech during the opening of the country's parliament today, and no one said anything, Reuters reports. It was the same speech regarding Zimbabwe's struggling economy Mugabe, who's ruled the country since it was recognized 35...

Zimbabwe Tells Britain: Give Us Our Skulls Back

Robert Mugabe says Brits are keeping human skulls as war trophies

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's president is demanding the return of "decapitated heads" of warriors killed during "the first chimurenga," an uprising against British colonizers at the end of the 19th century, reports the Telegraph . The skulls serve as "war trophies," and keeping them "must rank among...

Mugabe: Whites Can't Own Land

ZImbabwe leader wants white farmers out

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe is calling for the removal of white farmers from their land in Zimbabwe. "We say no to whites owning our land and they should go," the country's president told farmers in a small town, as the Christian Science Monitor reports. Whites, he said, "can...

Did This Guy Flood Villages to Get Slave Labor?

Displaced villagers in Zimbabwe forced to work on ranch owned by Mugabe's party

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe isn't known for his human rights record, but is the Zimbabwean leader villainous enough to flood whole villages to create a source of cheap labor? Some 20,000 villagers were displaced from a region in southern Zimbabwe earlier this year and resettled on a ranch that just...

Mugabe Parties Lavishly on Broke Zimbabwe's Dime

Daughter's wedding costs $5M; his own birthday $1M

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's economy is in the tank, and recent flooding that stranded 60,000 hasn't helped. The country already has $11 billion in overdue loans, and it's not eligible for World Bank and IMF assistance to obtain a needed $20 million in disaster relief. China appears to have...

Mugabe: Don't Believe I Won? Kill Yourself

Reelected president hits Western critics

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has a piece of advice for those skeptical of his latest election victory, including some Westerners : You can go kill yourself. "Those who can't stomach the defeat, you can commit suicide. Even dogs will not sniff their carcasses," he said in his first public speech...

US, Aussies Bash Vote in Zimbabwe

Australia wants new vote, as Zuma issues congrats

(Newser) - The US and Australia are among western powers crying foul over Zimbabwe's election results, with John Kerry denouncing " substantial electoral irregularities" as having rendered a result that doesn't " represent a credible expression of the will of the Zimbabwean people," reports Reuters . Australia took it a...

Go Figure: Mugabe Wins in Zimbabwe

89-year-old wins another term

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe promised up and and down he'd peacefully step aside if he lost Zimbabwe's election for president. Not surprisingly, his promise won't need to be tested: Election results out today show the 89-year-old won a seventh term over Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by a margin of...

Mugabe Rival Calls Shenanigans in Zimbabwe Election

And election monitors say he's right

(Newser) - Results haven't been officially announced yet in Zimbabwe's just-completed presidential election, but President Robert Mugabe's main challenger is already decrying the entire affair as a "huge farce" and declaring the outcome "null and void," the BBC reports. "It's a sham election that...

33 Years Later, Mugabe OKs Term Limits— for Successor

New constitution isn't retroactive, so he could serve another decade

(Newser) - What a mensch: After 33 years in political office, Robert Mugabe has changed Zimbabwe's constitution to impose a limit of two five-year terms on the president. Only, the rule doesn't apply retroactively, so the 89-year-old could still serve another decade as leader, Reuters reports.

Newest UN Tourism Ambassador Is ... Robert Mugabe?

Choice of Zimbabwean strongman doesn't go over well

(Newser) - The UN has anointed Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe one of its worldwide "leaders of tourism," reports the Guardian , and here's just one hint why it's a little weird: Mugabe himself can't travel the world freely, thanks to US and EU sanctions put in place over...

Baron Cohen's Latest Target: Washington

Invites DC to premiere at Robert Mugabe's

(Newser) - Either Robert Mugabe has taken a sudden interest in Hollywood, or Sacha Baron Cohen's up to something . Washington media and lobbyists have been receiving invitations to Baron Cohen's new film, The Dictator—supposedly from the leader of Zimbabwe himself. "President Robert Mugabe and the Ministry of Education,...

Chicken Chain Yanks Mugabe Ad After Threats

'Last dictator standing' spoof didn't amuse his supporters

(Newser) - A fast-food chain in South Africa has pulled a spot spoofing Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe because his supporters threatened to retaliate against staff, reports the BBC . The commercial for Nando's chicken was called "Last Dictator Standing," and it showed a Mugabe stand-in frolicking with fallen dictators—think...

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe Has Prostate Cancer: WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cable
 Mugabe Has 
 Prostate Cancer 


Zimbabwe's Mugabe Has Prostate Cancer

2008 diplomatic cable said president could die in '3 to 5 years'

(Newser) - WikiLeaks' latest spill is a 2008 US diplomatic cable that says Robert Mugabe has prostate cancer that's spread and "will cause his death in three to five years," Reuters reports. The 87-year-old longtime Zimbabwe leader was apparently advised at the time to resign the presidency; Mugabe last...

Man Sent to Jail for Using Mugabe's Toilet

Alois Mabhunu should learn fate of appeal today

(Newser) - A Zimbabwe policeman has appealed the jail sentence he received for daring to use a toilet that had been reserved for Robert Mugabe. Homicide detective Alois Mabhunu has been languishing in a police detention barracks for a month after relieving himself on the forbidden crapper at a trade fair, CNN...

WikiLeaks Could Get a Good Man Executed
WikiLeaks Could Get a
Good Man Executed

WikiLeaks Could Get a Good Man Executed

Morgan Tsvangirai in trouble thanks to sanctions leak

(Newser) - Julian Assange once boasted that “there has never been a single report of any of our documents causing physical harm to any single person.” Tell that to Morgan Tsvangirai, the Zimbabwe prime minister who faces potentially lethal treason charges thanks to one leaked cable. A document last week...

Zimbabwe's PM May Face Treason in WikiLeaks Fallout

Tsvangirai's support for sanctions prompts treason probe

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s prime minister could face treason charges over material in WikiLeaks’ cable releases, the Guardian reports. One leaked cable suggests Morgan Tsvangirai said sanctions against his country “must be kept in place.” Now the attorney general is planning an investigation. “The WikiLeaks appear to show a...

Zimbabwe Bars Band for Video Mocking Robert Mugabe

Freshlyground turns ruler into a chicken

(Newser) - A South African pop group has been banned from performing in Zimbabwe—for making a music video in which Robert Mugabe turns into a chicken. The group Freshlyground made the video for Chicken to Change in collaboration with the satirical South African website ZA News, reports AllAfrica . Freshlyground was scheduled...

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