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Possible 'Game Changer' in Male Contraception Is in the Works
Possible 'Game
Changer' in Male
Is in the Works
in case you missed it

Possible 'Game Changer' in Male Contraception Is in the Works

Australian scientists working on 'temporary vasectomy' that lasts 2 years

(Newser) - A small study out of Australia could pave the path toward a new contraceptive that researchers say could be a "game changer." The two dozen or so men taking part in the trial at a Melbourne medical center will have a hydrogel pumped into their vas deferens—the...

Family Sues After Young Son Gets Accidental Vasectomy

The 4-year-old's alleged partial vasectomy occurred during laparoscopic surgery

(Newser) - Last August, a four-year-old boy with a persistent hernia problem was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital for laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive technique. Unfortunately, the surgeon cut the wrong part of the anatomy and left the boy with a partial vasectomy. Per Click2Houston, the boy's family is now...

All Men Must Have Vasectomies at 50: Ala. Rep

In response to the state's contested abortion ban, Rolanda Hollis wants guys snipped

(Newser) - If you're an Alabama male of a certain (middle) age and haven't gotten around to planning that family you've always wanted, you might want to step to it. That's according to a most-unlikely-to-pass bill put forth by Rep. Rolanda Hollis that would require all men to...

His Personal Climate Change Solution: a Vasectomy
A Climate Change Essay
Unlike Any You've Read

A Climate Change Essay Unlike Any You've Read

Wes Riley writes about his decision to get a vasectomy to help the environment

(Newser) - Shut off the lights. Put up solar panels. Ride a bike instead of driving. You've no doubt heard plenty of suggestions from people worried about the environment on ways to reduce your carbon footprint. In an essay at Outside , Wes Siler raises the bar. He got a vasectomy because,...

There's a Reason Urologists Are Busy This Time of Year

More men get vasectomies during March Madness

(Newser) - Pity the urologist who loves college basketball—he may not get much time to enjoy March Madness. Urologists around the country report an uptick in vasectomies this time of year—because men can recover by sitting on the couch and watching basketball. Stories in the Columbus Dispatch of Ohio, the...

Judge's Offer: Get a Vasectomy, See Jail Time Reduced

It's happening in White County, Tennessee

(Newser) - The ACLU calls it "unconstitutional." The judge calls it a way to give inmates a "chance." It's a novel program made available since May 15 to those incarcerated in White County, Tenn., that shaves 30 days off inmates' jail time if they submit to a...

No. 1 Birth Control? Female Sterilization

Reproductive health expert says not to demonize it

(Newser) - The practice of sterilization as a family-planning method is facing scrutiny after 13 women died following such procedures in India. But female sterilization is actually the most common form of birth control, with some 223 million women undergoing the procedure in 2009, NPR reports. A reproductive health expert tells NPR...

Iran May Outlaw ... Vasectomies

Ayatollah is looking to boost national birthrate

(Newser) - Two decades ago, Iran started distributing free condoms and subsidizing men's sterilization. Now, it's looking to do quite the opposite: The country's parliament is considering a ban on vasectomies, along with a crackdown on contraception and abortion services. The goal: increasing the country's population, the Guardian...

6 Female Politicians Go After Male Masturbation, Viagra

Bills in 6 states attempt to squeeze male reproductive rights

(Newser) - Female politicians in four other states are joining Ohio and Georgia representatives in a bid to crack down on men's sexual and reproductive freedoms, including access to Viagra and vasectomies. It's their way of striking back against restrictive state abortion laws and attacks on health insurance coverage for...

Ga. Democrat Introduces Bill to Ban Vasectomies

Yasmin Neal pushes tongue-in-cheek rule to parody anti-abortion legislation

(Newser) - Georgia state Rep. Yasmin Neal introduced a tongue-in-cheek bill today that would ban all vasectomies in the state, except when medically necessary. "It is patently unfair that men avoid the rewards of unwanted fatherhood by presuming that their judgment over such matters is more valid than the judgment of...

PETA Contest Prize? Free Vasectomy

An inspired way to bring awareness to the neutering issue

(Newser) - This has got to be one of PETA’s weirdest stunts yet: The animal rights group is staging a contest related to its spay/neuter campaign, and the lucky winner will get … a free vasectomy. To enter, you just get your cat or dog spayed or neutered, then submit an...

US Charity Pays UK Addict to Get Vasectomy

Start of 'cash for vasectomy' program in Britain

(Newser) - Here's an odd bit of international relations: An American charity has paid a British heroin addict to undergo a vasectomy. The group, called Project Prevention , paid the man about $315 dollars in the hope of preventing him from passing his addiction on to the next generation. The man, John, said...

20 Jolie-Style Moves That Need Your Partner's OK
 20 Jolie-Style Moves 
 That Need Your Partner's OK 

20 Jolie-Style Moves That Need Your Partner's OK

Sorry, Angelina, but adopting without Brad Pitt's consent is bad

(Newser) - Inspired by Angelina Jolie’s rumored decision to adopt a seventh child without Brad Pitt’s consent, Kate Torgovnick of The Frisky runs down 20 things you should never do without talking to your partner first:
  • Get a vasectomy (here's looking at you, Spencer Pratt).
  • Start dating someone else.
  • "

UK Performs First 15-Minute Female 'Vasectomy'

Procedure uses radio waves instead of knife

(Newser) - A revolutionary new 15-minute female sterilization procedure has been performed for the first time in the UK, reports the Daily Mail. The procedure uses radio waves instead of incisions and in US trials most patients were able to go home within 30 minutes of receiving local anesthesia. The more invasive...

Archbishop Blasts Plan to Sterilize Poor

Lawmaker's proposal 'an egregious affront, blatantly antilife'

(Newser) - The Archbishop of New Orleans slammed a Louisiana lawmaker yesterday for a plan to sterilize the poor, the Times-Picayune reports. Archbishop Alfred Hughes called it "an egregious affront to those targeted and blatantly anti-life." State Rep. John Labruzzo floated the idea this week to fight poverty by paying...

New Gizmos Wage War on Sperm Flow
New Gizmos Wage War on Sperm Flow

New Gizmos Wage War on Sperm Flow

Devices zap testes, block sperm—one by remote control

(Newser) - Condoms may be reliable, but they’re so last century, prompting scientists to develop a new arsenal of high-tech male contraceptives, the London Times reports. One device, the tiny “fertility control micro-valve,” is injected into a duct to let men control sperm flow using a remote-controlled key fob,...

Vasectomy Is Young Man's Pill
 Vasectomy Is
 Young Man's Pill 

Vasectomy Is Young Man's Pill

More under-40s opt for the liberating procedure

(Newser) - Once exclusive to the over-40 crowd, vasectomies are increasingly popular among young men who want condom-free sex and no fears of Daddydom. But there's also a control component, writes Richard Morgan in Details: These men are taking charge of birth control, not leaving it up to the woman. "I...

Urologist: Shoot, Don't Score
Urologist: Shoot, Don't Score
March Madness

Urologist: Shoot, Don't Score

Docs offer March Madness vasectomy special for couch-potato sports fans

(Newser) - Crafty Oregon urologists are boosting their vasectomy clinic business at a time of year when a lot of men are on the sofa anyway, the Oregonian reports. A weekend of NCAA basketball tournament action allows just about enough time to recuperate from the surgery. "When March Madness approaches, you...

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