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Alleged Cemetery Vandal Gives Cops Bizarre Reason

Danny Frazier says he was attempting to resurrect grandmother in Tennessee

(Newser) - Police in Tennessee say a man caused almost $30,000 in damage to a cemetery in what he says was an attempt to resurrect his dead grandmother. A witness called the Knox County Sheriff's Office on Monday to report a homeless man had been vandalizing the cemetery at Huckleberry...

Bizarre 'Rising Ceremony' Case Unfolds in Texas

A tipster says a family tried to resurrect a dead toddler, but that's unconfirmed

(Newser) - Police are investigating a bizarre case involving the possible death of a 2-year-old and an alleged attempted resurrection in Texas. Authorities received an anonymous tip last Thursday that a toddler had died four days earlier at a Balch Springs home that doubles as a church where "a large number...

Family Lived With Corpse, Prayed for Resurrection

Decomposing father was in home for 6 months

(Newser) - "There clearly was an over-exuberance of one's faith" in a Canadian woman who lived with her husband's corpse for six months while she and five of their children prayed for his resurrection, a court heard this week. Kaling Wald's husband, Peter, is believed to have died...

Meet the Doctor Who Resurrects People

 Meet the Doctor Who 
 Resurrects People 
in case you missed it

Meet the Doctor Who Resurrects People

Sam Parnia offers patients a few more decades

(Newser) - Dead? Sam Parnia is the doctor you want to see. The Brit runs an intensive care unit in New York state, and he's brought back patients who have been dead for hours, the Guardian reports. His process is rooted in his belief that most hospitals give up on patients...

Brothers Stole Dad's Body Hoping for Resurrection
Brothers Stole Dad's Body Hoping for Resurrection
police say

Brothers Stole Dad's Body Hoping for Resurrection

They could be charged with disinterment

(Newser) - Two adult brothers, one of whom was having difficulty coping with the loss of his parents, allegedly stole their 92-year-old father's body from a cemetery ... and police say the men may have believed they could resurrect him. Clarence Street's "intact and unharmed" corpse was found yesterday morning...

Professor: Shroud of Turin Sparked Resurrection Belief

Disciples thought image was 'living double of Jesus,' he says

(Newser) - As Christians prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, a Cambridge professor is claiming that a piece of cloth lies at the heart of their religion. Art historian Thomas de Wesselow has devoted much of his career to studying the Shroud of Turin. He believes it is the shroud of...

'Conspiracy' Video Claims to Show Jacko Still Alive

(Newser) - A new "conspiracy" video making the rounds on YouTube purports to show Michael Jackson being escorted from a coroner's van after his death, reports the Telegraph. The poster claims to have received the video from a "trustworthy" source, though there is absolutely nothing on the video that supports...

Ancient Text Casts Doubt on Resurrection

In tablet, scholar sees risen messiah as pre-Jesus theme

(Newser) - A new interpretation of a tablet written in 1st century BC questions the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Times of London reports. One biblical scholar says the text conveys the story of an angel telling a dying Jew, killed by Romans 4 years before Christ's birth, that he...

The Gospel According to Jefferson
The Gospel According to Jefferson

The Gospel According to Jefferson

Founding Father cut and pasted his own personal Bible

(Newser) - Thomas Jefferson cut and pasted together his own New Testament, removing everything he refused to believe—like miracles and the resurrection of Jesus, the Los Angeles Times reports. Dubbed the Jefferson Bible, it reflects his deist belief that God created the universe and let it run on its own. But...

Mega-Brand Rollout Revives Ol' Blue Eyes

Warner deal brings back digitized Sinatra as ad pitchman

(Newser) - Ol' Blue Eyes is still doing it his way—or his heirs' way, to be more precise. Frank Sinatra's family has inked a deal with Warner Music Group to ensure the singer's return on the 10th anniversary of his death: A postage stamp and new CD and DVD collections are...

Easter Defies Madison Avenue
 Easter Defies Madison Avenue 

Easter Defies Madison Avenue

Religious holiday's originis too wild to tame into commercialism

(Newser) - Christmas’ religious meaning is lost in a sea of advertising, parties, and major retail dollars, but Easter has resisted becoming a “consumerist nightmare”—and that’s because its Christian origins demand serious thought, writes James Martin in Slate. While “the Christmas story is easily reduced to pablum,...

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