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Stormy Daniels, Karl Rove Hold Clues to Beating Trump

Attacking strengths can be more effective, Jack Shafer writes

(Newser) - There are many strategies that won't beat Donald Trump, in a political race or elsewhere. Pointing out his flaws has little effect, Jack Shafer writes in Politico column. But there are people who have the right idea, and Ron DeSantis could learn from them. Karl Rove, a longtime Republican...

Trump Is Feuding With Karl Rove
Trump Is Feuding
With Karl Rove

Trump Is Feuding With Karl Rove

He says Fox should fire 'pompous' GOP consultant

(Newser) - Donald Trump is feuding with another high-profile Republican. In a statement released through his Save America PAC Thursday, the former president attacked political consultant Karl Rove as a "pompous fool with bad advice" who "has been losing for years, except for himself," the Independent reports. Trump blamed...

Karl Rove: Trump Has No Chance
A Top GOP Voice Says
Trump Has No Chance

A Top GOP Voice Says Trump Has No Chance

Karl Rove says recounts, challenges cannot possibly change the outcome of election

(Newser) - President Trump's legal attempts to overturn Joe Biden's election victory are all for naught, according to the man who helped usher in the previous Republican president. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Karl Rove writes that the president's legal challenges in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada...

Mnuchin: Athletes 'Can Do Free Speech on Their Own Time'
Rove: Trump Will Be 'Loser'
in Fight With NFL Players
Sunday Talk Shows

Rove: Trump Will Be 'Loser' in Fight With NFL Players

Steve Mnuchin, Terry Bradshaw, others weigh in

(Newser) - Figures from the worlds of politics and sports took to the Sunday talk shows to weigh in on President Trump's call for NFL players who protest during the national anthem to be fired .
  • Steve Mnuchin told ABC's This Week that NFL owners should create a rule forcing players

Rove: Obama Overreach Worse Than King George
 Rove: Obama 
 Worse Than 
 King George 


Rove: Obama Overreach Worse Than King George

Says president's use of executive authority akin to 'imperial power'

(Newser) - Karl Rove has evaluated President Obama's use of executive authority, particularly as it relates to his delayed deportation of some illegal immigrants, and he has found it more egregious than that of a couple of guys named George. Referring to his old boss, Rove says the Bush White House...

Scott Walker Is a Campaign Criminal, Say Prosecutors

They say he raised funds illegally with conservative groups

(Newser) - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took part in a nationwide criminal scheme to coordinate fundraising with conservative groups, prosecutors said in court documents unsealed today. No charges have been filed against Walker or any member of his staff. The documents were filed in December as part of an investigation into alleged...

Clinton: Ask Me About 2016 —in 2015

She tells Diane Sawyer she's still making her mind up

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton fans and haters alike are going to have to wait a while to learn whether she's planning a 2016 White House bid. In an ABC interview ahead of tomorrow's release of her memoir, Hard Choices, Clinton told Diane Sawyer that she's still working on the...

Doctor: Clinton Shows No Sign of Brain Injury

Even Gingrich pounces on Karl Rove's comments

(Newser) - After Karl Rove hinted Hillary Clinton had brain damage —then denied doing so —a top neurologist in the capital has weighed in to say many people who suffer blood clots like the one Clinton had after a fall in 2012 have gone on to have a "fabulous...

Rove: 'Of Course' Hillary Doesn't Have Brain Damage

But he still wants more information on her 'serious' fall

(Newser) - Karl Rove insists he never said Hillary Clinton might have suffered brain damage, despite a headline to that effect today in the New York Post. "Of course she doesn't have brain damage," Rove tells the Washington Post , one of several interviews in which he was distancing himself...

Karl Rove Hints Hillary Suffered Brain Damage

Tosses out possibility her 2012 fall was more serious than indicated

(Newser) - Karl Rove is busily stirring the 2016 pot, not-so-subtly suggesting last week that Hillary Clinton may have brain damage. At a conference near LA Thursday, Rove brought up the December 2012 fall, concussion , and subsequent blood clot that delayed Clinton from testifying about the Benghazi attack, Politico reports. Page Six...

Clay Aiken Leads NC Race by Insanely Thin Margin

Meanwhile, establishment candidate crushes NC Tea Party candidate

(Newser) - Voters got their first chance to weigh in on Clay Aiken's political career yesterday, and it wasn't exactly a rousing success. Aiken currently holds an incredibly slim lead over his Democratic primary opponent in North Carolina's 2nd District, with 40.83% of the vote to Keith Crisco'...

GOP Needs to Get a Grip on Its ObamaCare Obsession

Even Karl Rove thinks Boehner's plan is bad politics

(Newser) - House Republicans announced yesterday that they'd only vote to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling if they could repeal or delay ObamaCare with the same votes. That's got pundits talking today, and pretty much none of those people think it's a good strategy. Here's...

Brawl Over Syria an 'Uphill Slog,' 'Amateur Hour'

White House tries to make its case as GOP roars

(Newser) - It was all Syria, all the time on the Sunday talk circuit today, with White House chief of staff Denis McDonough hitting all five networks in making the administration's case for action. "The question is very simple for Congress this week... Not a single (member of Congress) rebuts...

IRS Also Leaked Info About Conservative Groups

Targeting scandal widens

(Newser) - More trouble for the IRS: The same office that singled out conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status also leaked confidential information about conservative groups last year, ProPublica reports. How does ProPublica know? Well, because the nine pending applications were leaked to ProPublica in the first place. The investigative site had...

IRS Honchos Knew of Tea Party Targeting—Last Year

As reports conflict about how IRS handled big groups like Rove's Crossroads

(Newser) - Did the IRS lie to Congress about Tea Party groups being singled out for extra scrutiny ? The agency has admitted that acting Commissioner Steven Miller knew about the targeting by May last year, but senior Republican lawmakers say Miller didn't tell them about it, even when they contacted...

Bloomberg: Assault Weapons Ban Not DOA
 Assault Weapons 
 Ban Not DOA 

Bloomberg: Assault Weapons Ban Not DOA

As Wayne LaPierre calls mayor 'reckless,' 'insane'

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg was today busily putting his mouth where his money will be tomorrow, Politico reports, when he kicks off a $12 million ad blitz targeting 13 senators considered vulnerable on gun control. Appearing on Meet the Press, the New York City mayor said "we are going to win"...

Rove, Palin Get Catty
 Rove, Palin Get Catty 

Rove, Palin Get Catty

Karl fires back after Palin's CPAC zinger

(Newser) - It's beginning to feel like 2008 all over again: Right down there with soda, Teleprompters, and the many things that Sarah Palin ripped during yesterday's CPAC speech was a self-proclaimed "balding, fat guy" who took exception to her statement that "the architects can head on back...

Tea Partiers Apologize to Rove Over Nazi Image

Fundraising email 'wrong,' says official

(Newser) - One of the bigger Tea Party groups apologized to Karl Rove today after a fundraising email went out depicting him as a Nazi, reports USA Today . The co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots called the image "inappropriate" and said it got sent without the approval of the group's...

Why Rove's Move Will Backfire
 Why Rove's Move Will Backfire 
Nate Silver

Why Rove's Move Will Backfire

Nate Silver explains the flaw in his logic

(Newser) - Conservative activists and Nate Silver haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but they agree on one thing: Karl Rove's new super PAC backing establishment Republican candidates over Tea Party challengers is a bad idea. Of course, Silver's argument isn't ideological, it's mathematical. The problem, he points out...

GOP Super PAC Skewers Ashley Judd

Karl Rove group takes early shot as she ponders Senate run in Kentucky

(Newser) - Karl Rove has welcomed Ashley Judd into the world of high-stakes politics with an ad that concludes the actress is "an Obama-following radical, Hollywood liberal who is right at home here in Tennessee. I mean, Kentucky." Judd is considering a Senate run against Mitch McConnell in her native...

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