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Charles to Skip Climate Summit
Charles to Skip Climate Summit

Charles to Skip Climate Summit

Prime minister counseled against the trip, now that he's king

(Newser) - Britain's King Charles has bowed to the different requirements of his new job and will not attend the global climate change conference in Egypt next month. Charles, who long campaigned on environmental causes as prince, accepted the counsel of Prime Minister Liz Truss, Buckingham Palace officials said Sunday. Before...

New Clue Found in Search for Nefertiti
New Clue
Lends Weight
to Nefertiti
in case you missed it

New Clue Lends Weight to Nefertiti Theory

British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves shares news of hidden hieroglyphs

(Newser) - Archaeologists haven't given up on their quest to find the long-lost Queen Nefertiti, and many theories have focused on the same location: the tomb of her stepson, King Tut. The possibility that Nefertiti was buried in a hidden chamber was raised in 2015 , only to be seemingly disproved by...

Study: Clues to Pyramids' Construction Were in the Sand

Findings may help solve a key mystery about the construction of the pyramids

(Newser) - Today, nearly four miles of parched desert separate Egypt’s Giza pyramid complex from the Nile River, but that was not always case. In fact, the New York Times reports recent research suggests that a long-lost tributary of the Nile once flowed to the doorsteps of the Giza pyramids, and...

Church Fire in Cairo Kills 41 Worshipers

An electrical short-circuit is believed to be the cause

(Newser) - A fire ripped through a church in the Egyptian capital of Cairo during services on Sunday, killing at least 41 and injuring 14, the Coptic Church said. The cause of the blaze in the Abu Sefein church in the working-class neighborhood of Imbaba was not immediately known, though police say...

Seabed Gives Up Coin Minted 1.8K Years Ago

It's been traced back to Egypt under the rule of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius

(Newser) - Israel's Antiquities Authority said Monday it has discovered a rare 1,850-year-old bronze zodiac coin during an underwater survey off the coastal city of Haifa, reports the AP . The coin bears the image of the zodiac sign Cancer behind a depiction of the moon goddess Luna. Experts say the...

Women Killed in Twin Shark Attacks in Red Sea

They were attacked 2K feet apart off the coast of Egypt

(Newser) - Two women were killed in separate attacks within days in Egypt's Red Sea, off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh, authorities say. The first victim was a 68-year-old Austrian woman who had been living in Egypt. After the attack Friday near the resort town of Hurghada, she was taken to...

Site First Excavated in Early 1900s Gives Up New Find

Ruins of temple to Zeus have been unearthed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

(Newser) - Egyptian archaeologists unearthed the ruins of a temple for the ancient Greek god Zeus in the Sinai Peninsula, antiquities authorities said Monday. The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry said in a statement the temple ruins were found in the Tell el-Farma archaeological site (its ancient name is Pelusium) in northwestern Sinai....

Mummy That Escaped Others' Fate Gives Up Secrets

Amenhotep I was never unwrapped, unlike other pharaohs found in 19th, 20th centuries

(Newser) - Amenhotep I ruled Egypt from 1525 to 1504 BC, and his mummy managed to escape the fate of many others: Though it was discovered in 1881, it was never unwrapped in modern times, with a press release saying it's the only royal mummy found in the 19th and 20th...

An Ancient Promenade Comes to Life in Egypt

'Avenue of the Sphinxes' is unveiled after 50-year effort

(Newser) - Egyptian authorities on Thursday unveiled a renovated ancient promenade in the city of Luxor dating back 3,000 years, the latest government project undertaken to highlight the country’s archaeological treasures. The ancient walkway—known as the Avenue of the Sphinxes, but also dubbed the Way of the Rams and...

3 Dead, 500 Hurt in Scorpion Attacks

Heavy storms in Egypt washed them into streets, homes

(Newser) - Heavy storms in Egypt last week washed scorpions into streets and homes, and the resulting attacks from the dangerous arachnids left three dead and more than 500 others injured, 9 News reports. Egypt's fat-tailed scorpions are among the world's deadliest; after a sting from one's tail, the...

Mummy May Rewrite the History of Mummies
Mummy May Rewrite
the History of Mummies
in case you missed it

Mummy May Rewrite the History of Mummies

Remains in Egypt may be oldest ever found by about 1,000 years

(Newser) - A dignitary named Khuwy who lived about 4,400 years ago just might end up being one of the more famous mummies in history. Provided his story checks out. Archaeologists in Egypt say the remains discovered in 2019 could prove that Egyptians were carrying out sophisticated mummifications about 1,000...

Man Steals Reporter's Phone, Has Face Seen by Millions

Egyptian man was arrested hours later

(Newser) - A Cairo-area reporter had his phone grabbed from his hands by a thief on a motorbike, but it wasn't exactly the perfect crime—the reporter had been livestreaming a broadcast at the time, and the thief's face was seen by millions. The Youm7 news site says its reporter,...

Trial Starts in Italian Student's 'Inhuman' Torture, Murder

Egyptians being tried in absentia for Giulio Regeni's killing

(Newser) - One of the autopsies performed on the body of a 28-year-old Italian man found slain in Egypt in 2016 found that he suffered "inhuman, animal-like" violence. On Thursday, four men with Egypt's security forces go on trial in absentia for the murder of Giulio Regeni, a University of...

6-Year-Old Girl Sues Egypt's Ministry of Education, Wins

She was upset she wasn't advanced to 2nd grade

(Newser) - A 6-year-old girl in Egypt, upset when she wasn't advanced to second grade, sued over the issue—and won, Egypt Today reports. The girl completed first grade (and ranked first in her class), then moved to a different village. Her new school told her she was too young for...

Egypt Opens King Djoser's Southern Tomb

It's been undergoing restoration work since 2006

(Newser) - Egypt on Tuesday opened to the public an ancient tomb structure belonging to the cemetery complex of King Djoser, a pharaoh who lived more than 4,500 years ago, following extensive restorations of the site. The structure—known as the Southern Tomb—is largely underground and includes a labyrinth of...

Let's Hope Ever Given Doesn't Get Stuck on Its Way Out

Container ship that blocked Suez Canal is finally setting sail after owners finalize deal with Egypt

(Newser) - It's not clear how much of the $550 million Egypt demanded it actually got, but it was enough to spring a container ship. The Ever Given has begun its departure from the Suez Canal, where just a few months ago it created an international headache when it got stuck...

Owners Cut Deal With Egypt to Get Ever Given Back

Suez Canal Authority will receive compensation, including a tugboat

(Newser) - More than three months after running aground in the Suez Canal, the Ever Given is about to be on its way again. The owners and insurers of the container ship have reached an agreement with Egypt on compensation for the damages, the BBC reports. The blockage backed up traffic in...

Scan Reveals Big Surprise: a Pregnant Mummy
Scan Reveals Big Surprise:
a Pregnant Mummy
new study

Scan Reveals Big Surprise: a Pregnant Mummy

It might be a first; researchers were expecting to find a male Egyptian priest

(Newser) - When researchers from the Warsaw Mummy Project in Poland began examining an Egyptian mummy with X-ray scans, they expected to be looking at a male priest. Instead, the scans revealed the mummified person was actually a woman about 7 months pregnant, reports the Guardian . It's more than a small...

Tombs Unearthed in Egypt Could Be Up to 8K Years Old

110 ancient tombs were found at Nile Delta site

(Newser) - Egyptian archeologists have unearthed 110 burial tombs at an ancient site in a Nile Delta province, the country's Tourism and Antiquities Ministry said Tuesday. The graves, some of which have human remains inside, were found at the Koum el-Khulgan archeological site in Dakahlia province around 93 miles northeast of...

Egypt Confiscates Ever Given in Dispute Over Compensation

Ship damaged Suez Canal, cost other companies, and added pollution

(Newser) - The ship that shut down the Suez Canal last month when it ran aground has been taken over by Egypt in a battle over compensation. Egypt wants about $1 billion from the ship's Japanese owners and insurers to cover damage the Ever Given did to the canal, the cost...

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