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A Quiet Marriage Then a Secret Birth for Ashley Olsen

TMZ reports actress and husband Louis Eisner had a son

(Newser) - Another apparent scoop from TMZ , which reports Ashley Olsen managed to keep her entire pregnancy under wraps and gave birth several months ago. Sources tell the site she and husband Louis Eisner welcomed a son named Otto. The two married in December. Neither TMZ nor People have managed to get...

Report: Ashley Olsen Is Now a Married Woman

Sources say she wed artist Louis Eisner in private Bel-Air ceremony

(Newser) - While Ashley Olsen, known for treasuring her privacy, isn't exactly shouting about it from the rooftops, she is reportedly now a married woman. The fashion designer and former actor married artist Louis Eisner in a Bel-Air home last week, sources tell Page Six . The insiders say there were around...

Olsen Twins Are Close to Getting Their Own Museum

Awesome Kickstarter is looking to fund one

(Newser) - If a Kickstarter campaign raises enough money—and it's already more than a third of the way there with 13 days to go—Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be getting their own museum. Brooklyn-based comedians Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen are behind the campaign, Racked reports; last year, Harkins...

40 Interns Sue Olsen Twins, Claim Long Hours, No Pay

Complaint accuses twins' company of wage theft, demanding work conditions

(Newser) - Performing menial tasks around the clock for no pay is the main complaint in a class-action lawsuit brought by 40 current and past interns at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's company, USA Today reports—a working environment in which interns were forced to, as Gothamist frames it, "suffer numerous...

PETA Freaks Out Over 'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag
PETA Freaks Out Over
'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag

PETA Freaks Out Over 'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag

Mary-Kate, Ashley 'trolls' for using fur, group says

(Newser) - PETA is irked by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new designer backpack—and not because it costs nearly $17,000, although you have to admit that is irksome. No, the animal rights organization is upset because the luxury backpack is made with fur, E! reports. "If it looks like...

Olsen Twins' $39K Backpack Sells Out—Quickly

Apparently ridiculously expensive luxury items perform well in a recession

(Newser) - The solution to America's endless economic woes is apparently the Olsen twins' $39,000 backpack. In a Women's Wear Daily interview from last week just getting some attention , Ashley explains why she and her sister thought extreme luxury might sell: "During our last economic crisis in the...

A New Olsen Hits Sundance
 A New Olsen 
 Hits Sundance 

A New Olsen Hits Sundance

Move over, Mary-Kate, Ashley: Little sister Elizabeth has 2 indie flicks

(Newser) - Cue the inevitable jokes about a full house, but there's a new Olsen in town, reports People. Elizabeth Olsen—at age 21 three years younger than her famous twin sisters—is rolling out a pair of indie movies at Sundance that are causing a stir. "It's hard for independent...

26 Bizarre Celebrity Products
 26 Bizarre Celebrity Products 
hulk hogan burgers: yum!

26 Bizarre Celebrity Products

Who knew Paris Hilton hawked craft supplies?

(Newser) - Celebrities do the darnedest things…for money. Fox News rounds up the 26 oddest celebrity product endorsements:
  • Jessica Simpson: Two words: Edible cosmetics.
  • Paris Hilton: Selling hair extensions we understand. But scrapbook supplies ? Not so much.
  • Nelly: The singer gave his energy drink the regrettable name “Pimp Juice.

5 Fashion Week Trends
 5 Fashion Week Trends 
big hair, falling models, celebs

5 Fashion Week Trends

Not interested in fashion? Check out the falling models

(Newser) - Wondering what you’ve missed so far from Fashion Week? We’ve rounded up five trends to keep your eye on—check out examples of each in the gallery:
  • Wearability: Designers from Derek Lam and Vera Wang to, yes, even Marc Jacobs and Rodarte are offering clothes the average person

How Much Is That Celeb in the Front Row?
 How Much Is That 
 Celeb in the Front Row? 

How Much Is That Celeb in the Front Row?

The hotter the star, the more they get paid to be there

(Newser) - Think those big-name celebs you see in the front row at fashion show after fashion show are just into clothes? Well, they might be, but they're also getting paid big bucks to be there, Fashionista reports. How much? It depends on their star power.
  • A-listers like Rihanna and Beyonce can

Olsen Twins Label a Surprise Fashion Hit

(Newser) - With no formal fashion training and a celebrity image that’s more cutesy than couture, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have transformed into unlikely fashion icons, the New York Times reports. Sales of their high-end label The Row are around $10 million—better than many established brands—and they’re expected...

Ashley: I'm Surprised I Didn't End Up Like Britney

Instead, she has two thriving fashion lines

(Newser) - Ashley Olsen grew up in the public eye, and her early career “was almost like I was in the army,” she tells Marie Claire. “That’s why I look at Britney, and I’m surprised I didn’t end up like her.” Instead of hitting therapy...

Activists Hit 'Fur-Hag' Aretha's Star

Activists dub celebs 'fur hags'

(Newser) - January has not been kind to the queen of soul. First Aretha Franklin was mocked for her ginormous inauguration hat, and now her Walk of Fame star has been vandalized, Perez Hilton reports. Anti-fur activists scrawled “Fur Hag” across her star in Hollywood after doing the same thing to...

Want Ashley's Email? Ask Marie Claire

Mag forgets to Bcc in holiday blast, exposes celeb addresses

(Newser) - Whoops! Marie Claire accidentally gave an early Christmas gift to 582 people: the email addresses of celebrities including Ashley Olsen, Tina Fey, and Lindsay Lohan, Gawker reports. The blunder occurred when the mag forgot to use the good old Bcc line on its holiday email blast. It’s the third...

Lance's Romances Haven't Hurt His Cause—Yet

Cyclist's fight against cancer may be overshadowed by gossip pages

(Newser) - Will the real Lance Armstrong please stand up? The seven-time Tour de France champ and cancer research advocate is also a serial dater whose affairs light up gossip pages. But so far, trysts with Ashley Olsen and Kate Hudson have not hurt the cancer survivor's higher cause—which includes testifying...

PETA Targets Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins
PETA Targets
Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins

PETA Targets Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins

Send the pair some hair for their birthday, group urges

(Newser) - PETA is trying to make life hairy for the Olsen twins, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The animal rights group, noting that the sisters are still fond of fur, is urging activists to cut off their own locks and send them to the twins for their 22nd birthday today, "...

Celebs Who Dress (Way) Down
 Celebs Who Dress (Way) Down 

Celebs Who Dress (Way) Down

Wealthy folks who insist on dressing like they're poor

(Newser) - Just because they have tons of money and access to the hautest of couture doesn't mean they actually have to take advantage of it. Nerve highlights richie-riches who refuse to advertise their wealth with high-class duds. (Or sometimes showers.)
  1. Amy Winehouse: Even smokes crack "just to keep it

Has LiLo Switched Teams?
 Has LiLo Switched Teams? 

Has LiLo Switched Teams?

Troubled starlet defends lesbian gal pal, sends rumor mill into overdrive

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan and DJ darling Samantha Ronson seem to be more than just friends. When Ashley Olsen greeted Ronson Friday night, a jealous Lohan screamed: "Get your 15-year-old "Full House" a** away from my girlfriend," a source told the New York Post.

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