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Remini's 5 Strangest Claims About Tom Cruise's Wedding

Including Suri Cruise being treated very oddly

(Newser) - During her 20/20 interview Friday, Leah Remini revealed that it was at Tom Cruise's 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes that she first began to seriously doubt Scientology. And now the New York Daily News has published excerpts from Remini's Scientology exposé Troublemaker , out tomorrow, in which she discusses...

Tom Cruise: Suri's Not a Scientologist Anymore

Admits Katie Holmes left him because of the religion

(Newser) - You can all stop worrying about Suri Cruise: She's not a Scientologist anymore, dad Tom Cruise recently admitted. Cruise sat for a deposition as part of his lawsuit against a tabloid that claimed he ditched his daughter, and that's when the revelation occurred, TMZ reports. Cruise also admitted—...

Tom Cruise: Suri And I Have 'Cheerful' Phone Calls
Tom Cruise: Suri and I Have 'Cheerful' Phone Calls
court docs

Tom Cruise: Suri and I Have 'Cheerful' Phone Calls

He defends their relationship in lawsuit against tabloid

(Newser) - Tom Cruise is fighting back against tabloid allegations that he "abandoned" daughter Suri after divorcing Katie Holmes. He's suing Life & Style and its publisher, Bauer Media Group, over the claims, and Radar got its hands on a declaration filed yesterday. In the months following his 2012 divorce,...

9 Stars Who Homeschool Their Children

Although, for some of them, it's a bit fancier than regular homeschooling

(Newser) - OK, so a celebrity's idea of "homeschooling" is maaaaybe a little different than your idea of homeschooling ... since chances are it involves extremely high-priced tutors when a famous person's kid is the one getting educated. The Stir rounds up nine stars who homeschool; check out a sampling...

Photog in Crazy Fight With ... Suri?!

The littlest Cruise upsets a paparazzo

(Newser) - A big, tough paparazzo proved recently that 7-year-old Suri Cruise is no match for him. In an undated video from Fishwrapper , Suri is seen walking to a waiting SUV with mom Katie Holmes and a friend—and she's not happy. She yells at the gathered paparazzi to "stop...

Suri Cruise, 7, Launching Fashion Line

Yep, that's age 7

(Newser) - Suri Cruise infamously wore heels at age 4, so perhaps it's no big surprise that she's now rumored to be launching a fashion line ... at age 7. Sources tell the Sun that the collection, dubbed Suri, will launch this fall in an NYC department store; the deal is...

10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots
 10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots 

10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots

Apparently, fancy tree houses are a thing

(Newser) - It comes as little surprise that celebrity children are quite a spoiled bunch, but even by Hollywood standards, these 10 tots rounded up by the Stir seem to have it particularly good:
  • Katie Holmes recently bought daughter Suri Cruise a $100,000 tree house, complete with running water, electricity, and

9 Ridiculous Celeb Baby Gifts
 9 Ridiculous 
 Celeb Baby Gifts 

9 Ridiculous Celeb Baby Gifts

These kids aren't getting Barbies and Legos...

(Newser) - Ahh, the perks of being a celebrity baby: Instead of onesies and extra diapers, you get showered with gifts like pricey artwork and $1,000 strollers. The Huffington Post rounds up nine especially extravagant presents for stars' little ones:
  • Gwyneth Paltrow bought the aforementioned Bugaboo stroller—which costs $1,029,

What Suri's Getting for Her $50K Christmas

Katie Holmes spends quite a bit on her daughter with Tom Cruise

(Newser) - Is someone trying to make up for divorcing daddy? Katie Holmes spent nearly $50,000 on Christmas presents for daughter Suri this year, the Sun reports. Among those gifts is a Victorian playhouse, complete with running water and electricity, that set Holmes back almost $25,000, and a miniature Mercedes...

All Katie Gets From Tom: Child Support

Cruise gives Holmes no lump sum, no spousal support

(Newser) - In accordance with a TomKat prenup, Katie Holmes won't be getting a dollar of spousal support in her divorce settlement. The only money she'll see is child support—and relatively little of it, TMZ notes. Tom Cruise owes his ex $400,000 a year in child support, far...

Holmes, Cruise Officially Kaput
 Holmes, Cruise Officially Kaput 

Holmes, Cruise Officially Kaput

Divorce deal finalized, sealed

(Newser) - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have become official residents of Splitsville. A New York judge has signed off on the couple's divorce, and the papers ending their five-year marriage have been sealed, meaning any juicy details won't be reaching the public, reports the New York Daily News . "...

Katie Holmes Spends $14K on ... Lingerie

She's overhauling her wardrobe in wake of Tom Cruise divorce

(Newser) - Katie Holmes is indulging in some hardcore retail therapy following her split from Tom Cruise—and the "closet's worth" of new clothes she has reportedly purchased includes $14,200 worth of lingerie, Australia's News Network reports by way of the National Enquirer. "She also bought 15...

Suri Heading to New $40K 'World' School

She'll start first grade at Avenues in Chelsea, near home

(Newser) - Suri Cruise isn't going to be a Catholic school girl after all. She's about to book it to a new institution of learning, the for-profit $40,000-a-year Avenues World School that overlooks the High Line park in Chelsea, just blocks from Suri and Katie Holmes' Manhattan home. The...

Tom Cruise's Plot: Spoil Suri
 Tom Cruise's Plot: Spoil Suri 

Tom Cruise's Plot: Spoil Suri

In the process, he aims to irritate Katie Holmes, sources say

(Newser) - By all accounts, Katie Holmes "won" when it came to her divorce settlement with Tom Cruise—but that doesn't mean Tom can't get a little satisfaction of his own. Cruise's plan is to totally spoil 6-year-old daughter Suri, thus thoroughly annoying Holmes. "While she’s...

Katie Holmes Returning to Broadway

She's back

(Newser) - She cleanly snipped ties with Tom Cruise, gained full custody of daughter Suri, and now Katie Holmes is heading back to Broadway. The 33-year-old actress will star in the five-character comedy Dead Accounts, written by Pulitzer Prize finalist Theresa Rebeck. Holmes will play an "unglamorous" character, Lorna, who lives...

Tom Cruise Blasts Mag Over Suri Accusation

He didn't 'abandon' daughter, complains his lawyer

(Newser) - Tom Cruise is furious over an article in Life & Style magazine claiming he "abandoned Suri," reports TMZ . The lawyer of the newly divorced star dispatched an email railing against the magazine, calling it "a bogus cover headline that Suri has been 'ABANDONED BY HER DAD....

Scientology May Pick Tom's Next Galpal

Meet Yolanda Pecoraro

(Newser) - The Church of Scientology just gets creepier and creepier: Now insiders tell the National Enquirer that Scientology bigwigs will probably choose Tom Cruise's next lady friend, Radar reports. "Tom's next marriage will be inside the church," says one expert. The main contender is Yolanda Pecoraro, 27,...

Inside Suri's Posh Catholic School

Uniforms, Latin, mass—and no boys

(Newser) - Now that Suri Cruise has escaped the grips of Scientology and mom Katie Holmes has returned to Catholicism , it's off to the Convent of the Sacred Heart school this fall for the 6-year-old. Suri will be one of 690 females ranging from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade at the all-girl...

Katie's Moral Support? Nicole Kidman

Holmes helped by Tom Cruise's other ex

(Newser) - As Katie Holmes was secretively preparing to divorce Tom Cruise, she turned to none other than one of his ex-wives for "support and help," a source says. Katie and Nicole Kidman have "spoken over the last few weeks," the source tells Us . "Nicole has been...

TomKat Settlement Details Leak Out

Katie Holmes basically gets primary physical custody of Suri

(Newser) - The quickie divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes outlines in great detail and for years to come how they can behave around daughter Suri, reports TMZ . Among the available details:
  • Katie basically gets primary physical custody, but Tom will have a lot of custodial time with Suri.

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