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Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Settle Divorce

Quickly. Holmes gets primary custody of daughter Suri

(Newser) - And, just as suddenly as it was thrust upon us, the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce is settled—so there go any hopes you may have had for a long, contentious custody battle. "This case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for Katie and...

Tom Cruise Used to Preen in G-Strings

And more from his impending divorce from Katie Holmes

(Newser) - Apparently we've reached the point in the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce where people start coming out of the woodwork with bizarre dirt from the past. In today's edition, a former manager and mentor says Cruise used to strut around the house they shared wearing nothing but a G-string,...

Katie Holmes: Scientology's Worst Nightmare

Divorce from Tom Cruise could blow controversial religion wide open

(Newser) - The Hollywood Reporter takes a long look at the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes split today, talking to a number of ex-Scientologists who marvel at the way she's handling the divorce—she's clearly on the offensive, quite the opposite of Nicole Kidman, who ended up basically losing her children to...

Scientologists: We Aren't Enlisting Suri in Boot Camp

Holmes feared Suri was tapped for shadowy 'Sea Org' training: TMZ

(Newser) - Scientology officials have vehemently denied that little Suri Cruise was destined for high-intensity training within the group's Sea Organization, as Katie Holmes, who stepped out in New York yesterday without a wedding ring on her finger , reportedly feared. But Scientology spokesmen have insisted to TMZ that Suri is not...

Katie Holmes Leaving Over Scientology: TMZ

She's worried that Tom Cruise will bring Suri deeper into the church

(Newser) - It took no time at all for Scientology to crop up in the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce chatter. TMZ quotes sources as saying it's the main reason behind Holmes' decision to split. The actress is reportedly worried that Cruise is going to start immersing daughter Suri into the church...

All Suri Wants for Christmas Is ... $130K Worth of Stuff

Diamond earrings, a pony, princess gown, etc., etc.

(Newser) - All Suri Cruise wants for Christmas is $130,000 worth of swag. And pals of doting parents Toms Cruise and Katie Holmes say she's probably going to get it. Topping the list of the 5-year-old apple of her parents' eye are diamond earrings, a pony, and a dress that...

Suri Gets $5K VIP Ice Skating Session

This can only lead to bad things...

(Newser) - Raise your hand if you think Suri Cruise is going to end up worse than Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian combined. The latest tale of extravagance in the 5-year-old’s life: Parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes paid $5,000 for exclusive use of a VIP-like area at New York’...

Inside Suri's Scientology School

Apparently there's a lot of clay, and perhaps some grade inflation to boot

(Newser) - They grow up so fast: Suri Cruise’s first day of school—Scientology-flavored school—was last week. So what’s it like at the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, California, which uses L. Ron Hubbard’s “study technology” educational system? Well, for one thing, there’s a lot...

Tim Gunn Fires at LiLo, Suri, Wintour

Sweet Tim bares the claws under velvet glove

(Newser) - Project Runway's sweet, motherly Tim Gunn sure can get nasty. Remember Lindsay Lohan's foray into "fashion design" for Emanuel Ungaro? "It's got to be a publicity stunt—or a crack-smoking board of directors," Gunn told a reporter at the time, he reveals in his new tell-all tome,...

Katie: Still Starstruck by Tom
 Katie: Still Starstruck by Tom 
'new york' interview

Katie: Still Starstruck by Tom

Holmes calls hubby 'an incredible human being'

(Newser) - Katie Holmes never really went away, unless you count her 2008 stint on Broadway , but she's coming back nonetheless. The actress, who just completed four films and is shooting her role as Jackie Kennedy for a History Channel miniseries, talks to New York about her family:
  • On Suri the fashionista:

High Heels for Kids: Harmless or Horrifying?

Is footwear like Suri Cruise's sexualizing young girls?

(Newser) - When Suri Cruise goes out walking in her sparkly, high-heeled shoes, parenting groups have a conniption. More and more young girls are wearing the very adult footwear, and some parents fear that’s prematurely sexualizing them, the Daily Telegraph reports. Retailers like GapKids and Next are now selling heels for...

Preschoolers in High Heels Turn Heads

Suri Cruise, A-Rod's daughter embrace trend

(Newser) - Just 4 years old and already a trendsetter, Suri Cruise literally stands out—when she wears high heels. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was on the cutting edge of the polarizing footwear trend, which some find cute and other consider dangerous. "Some people see it as...

Katie Holmes Prepping for Baby No. 2
 Katie Holmes 
 Prepping for 
 Baby No. 2 
scientology alert

Katie Holmes Prepping for Baby No. 2

Tom Cruise wants another, and she's doing a lot of 'auditing'

(Newser) - Suri Cruise may soon be getting a present even better than her $30,000 toy car or $850 handbag : a little brother or sister. Katie Holmes has been spending more time than usual at the Hollywood Scientology Center—more than four hours last week—leading some to believe she’s...

Suri Cruise Scores $850 Handbag
 Suri Cruise 
 Scores $850 

Suri Cruise Scores $850 Handbag

Not as bad as the $30K car, but still...

(Newser) - The spoiling of Suri Cruise continues, this time with an $850 purse. The tot, whose most recent over-the-top present was a $30,000 toy car , was spotted toting the Salvatore Ferragamo “Sofia” handbag, which matches mom Katie Holmes’ larger, $1850 version. Last month, the mother-daughter duo also sported matching...

Suri Cruise Gets $30K Toy Car
 Suri Cruise Gets $30K Toy Car 

Suri Cruise Gets $30K Toy Car

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes buy daughter Indy 500 replica

(Newser) - Suri Cruise’s latest extravagant plaything: a $30,000 toy car. To be fair, there's a lot under the hood—the car is a custom-made miniature of an Indianapolis 500 race car, reports Australia’s News Network . Days of Thunder star Tom Cruise bought his daughter the car because she's...

Cruise Hails Scientology at Secret Confab

'We never took our eyes off prize,' actor tells faithful

(Newser) - Tom Cruise was one of the inspirational speakers at a secret Scientology confab in Britain, apparently attributing his success to his membership in the controversial organization. Cruise was joined by Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, John Tavolta and Kelly Preston, and some 4000 other guests at the hush-hush international gathering...

Suri Cruise's Wardrobe: $3.2M
 Suri Cruise's Wardrobe: $3.2M 

Suri Cruise's Wardrobe: $3.2M

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes outfit kid with designer duds

(Newser) - Conspicuous celebrity consumption has reached new heights (or lows?): Three-year-old Suri Cruise reportedly has a designer wardrobe worth $3.2 million. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “really splurge on” their daughter, sometimes commissioning top designers to make her custom outfits, a source tells the Sun. “Suri is very...

Katie Crew Forced to Sign Scientology Censor Pact

(Newser) - Holy scientology, Batman! The film crew on Katie Holmes' newest movie are being forced to sign pacts agreeing not to ask the scientology convert about her religion, reports the Australian Herald Sun. The Batman Begins actress, hubby Tom Cruise and daughter Suri are in Melbourne taking in the sights and...

Suri Already a Fashion Icon
 Suri Already a Fashion Icon 

Suri Already a Fashion Icon

Ralph Lauren is proud to dress tot

(Newser) - At 2 years old, Suri Cruise has achieved a status most celebs only dream of: style icon. Her outfit for a recent playdate with the Beckham boys—a bold mix of blue polka dots with red stripes—was analyzed by aspiring fashionistas everywhere, the Mail reports. And last week, Ralph...

Suri, Shiloh Plan Tea Party
 Suri, Shiloh Plan Tea Party 

Suri, Shiloh Plan Tea Party

Cruise tot needs friends her own age

(Newser) - Suri’s people are calling Shiloh’s people…to arrange a playdate for the celeb tots. Katie Holmes—who “can't have just any child over to her home,” a source tells OK—dreamed up the idea with Angelina Jolie after the Golden Globes. “Suri’s a very...

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