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Technically, Delta Isn't as Contagious as Chickenpox

But as far as respiratory diseases go, it's on top

(Newser) - The delta variant is "probably the most contagious respiratory virus that we know" of, or so a Belgian biostatistician and professor of evolutionary biologist tells NPR . It was a statement made as part of a larger question: Is that "most contagious respiratory virus" really as contagious as chickenpox?...

Teen Refused Vaccine and Sued, Then Got 'Itchy'

Lawyer says Jerome Kunkel knew he was at risk of chickenpox

(Newser) - No regrets. That's the mentality of Jerome Kunkel, the northern Kentucky teenager who objected to getting the chickenpox vaccine on religious grounds, only to come down with symptoms last week. "He's fine. He's a little itchy," attorney Christopher Wiest tells WXIX . The Washington Post reports...

Governor Says He Exposed His Kids to Chickenpox

Bevin says government shouldn't 'force' vaccinations

(Newser) - Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says he deliberately exposed his children to chickenpox so they would catch the highly contagious disease and become immune. During an interview on Bowling Green radio station WKCT , Bevin said his children were "miserable for a few days" after contracting chickenpox but "they all...

Waiting for Astronauts Back on Earth: Fame, Accolades ... Herpes?
Newest Health
Concern: Herpes

Astronauts' Newest Health Concern: Herpes

Study finds dormant viruses can reactivate in individuals who've endured stresses of space travel

(Newser) - Astronauts who "boldly go where no man has gone before," as William Shatner's Captain Kirk once put it , likely anticipate their body will undergo certain changes while in space. But how many have guessed they might see a herpes flare-up? New research from NASA shows that the...

Catholic Teen Files Lawsuit Over Chickenpox

Jerome Kunkel, 18, objects to it on religious grounds

(Newser) - A Catholic high school student in Kentucky is suing for his right to avoid the chickenpox vaccine—on religious grounds, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Jerome Kunkel, 18, says the Northern Kentucky Health Dept. violated his religious freedom by telling unvaccinated students to stay away from Our Lady of the Sacred...

Angelina Jolie Has Chickenpox
 Angelina Jolie Has Chickenpox 

Angelina Jolie Has Chickenpox

Has to pull out of 'Unbroken' events

(Newser) - Celebrities really are just like us: They get chickenpox too. Of course, Angelina Jolie is perhaps a little bit older than most of us were when we came down with the itchy illness. But she does indeed have it, she reveals in a YouTube video explaining why she is pulling...

At 83, Barbara Walters Gets Chickenpox

Keeps ABC veteran in hospital, Whoopi Goldberg says

(Newser) - Barbara Walters would probably like to hit the reset button on 2013. She's got the chickenpox and remains hospitalized more than a week after going in after falling and hitting her head at a pre-inaugural party in Washington on Jan. 19, Whoopi Goldberg revealed this morning on The View....

Parents, Beware of 'Chicken Pox Lollipops'

They're illegal, and probably not effective

(Newser) - Fears of immunizations have gotten so bad—and so bizarre—that some people would rather order a lollipop licked by someone infected with chicken pox, thinking it might "naturally" create an immunity to the common childhood disease , than get the normal chicken pox vaccine. Unsurprisingly, medical officials are warning...

US Scratches Out Scourge of Chickenpox

Vaccine has almost eradicated itchy childhood disease

(Newser) - Thirteen years after the introduction of a vaccine, chickenpox has virtually disappeared among American children. The virus that causes the itchy disease is now so rare that parents and physicians alike have difficulty recognizing it, the Chicago Tribune reports. New research reveals a 75% drop in pox-related hospitalizations over the...



Chickenpox docs want second doses of vaccine—but some parents are resisting

(Newser) - Doctors now recommend that kids get a second dose of chickenpox vaccine, but a lot of wary parents are balking. A recent study concluded that the longer patients had gone since getting the first dose, the more likely they were to contract the pox, and the more likely that it...

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