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Charles Barkley Signs Off on CNN Program: 'Call Me, Gayle'

Ex-NBA star, Gayle King end their 'King Charles' talk show

(Newser) - The reign of King Charles has come to an end, less than five months after it began. Not the UK monarch, but the weekly CNN talk show hosted by former NBA great Charles Barkley and TV personality and Oprah bestie Gayle King, which saw the pair sign off for good...

Why Charles Barkley Is Getting Rid of His Trophies

NBA star is building affordable housing in his hometown

(Newser) - Old trophies and medals? Who needs those? Not Charles Barkley, who is selling off a number of items from his NBA career for a lovely reason: He wants to build affordable housing in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama. "All that stuff is at my grandmother’s house ... to be...

Charles Barkley's Family Feud Answer Is Head-Scratching

The former NBA star had everyone stunned with a strange response

(Newser) - Charles Barkley appeared on Celebrity Family Feud with fellow members of TNT's Inside the NBA on Sunday, and one of his answers has people wondering what on Earth he was thinking, Fox News reports. In their bid to beat the opposing team of former MLB stars, Barkley and company...

Moore: If You Don't Believe in My Character, Don't Vote for Me
Roy Moore Lashes Out
in Final Campaign Rally

Roy Moore Lashes Out in Final Campaign Rally

'One of our attorneys is a Jew,' his wife says

(Newser) - "If you don't believe in my character, don't vote for me," Roy Moore said at a campaign rally on the eve of Tuesday's Senate election in Alabama, once again lashing out at the women who've accused him of sexual misconduct. BuzzFeed describes the rally...

13 Celebrities Who Are Big Tippers

They like to spread the wealth

(Newser) - Dr. Dre just became the richest man in hip-hop —and he's spreading his good fortune around. Last week, the rapper was partying at West Hollywood's Mondrian Hotel, and when he left, he gave his waitress a $5,000 tip. "She was stunned," a source tells...

TNT Sorry for Morgan's Palin Masturbation Crack

'30 Rock' actor had called former governor 'good material'

(Newser) - Tracy Morgan, not too shockingly, said something shocking—and now TNT is apologizing for it. The 30 Rock actor told Charles Barkley that Sarah Palin was "good masturbation material" while appearing on Inside the NBA before last night's Knicks-Heat game. He’d been asked whether Tina Fey or Sarah...

Charles Barkley Calls Out Jordan Over Hitler Mustache

'I don't know what the hell he was thinking'

(Newser) - Charles Barkley does not have a filter, not even if he’s talking about good buddy Michael Jordan. In an interview this week, spotted by the folks at Sports Grid , Barkley said exactly how he felt about the mustache Jordan sports in the latest round of Hanes ads—you know,...

Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley: Tiger's Mentors?

The former NBA stars were Woods' Vegas companions

(Newser) - You already know more than you ever wanted to about Tiger Woods’ personal life, but guess what? You still haven’t heard it all. Vanity Fair teases its upcoming article by Mark Seal, which “may be the most complete account to date of the golfer’s secret life”:
  • His

Nostalgia Rules in Super Bowl Ads

From Betty White to Stevie Wonder, these ads bank on the familiar

(Newser) - Yes, there were still the requisite ads using slapstick violence to get a laugh, or objectifying women—but the reigning theme of this year's Super Bowl commercials was nostalgia. Thanks to the economy, many advertisers used familiar faces to pitch products, writes Stuart Elliott in the New York Times . A...

Barkley Leaves Jail

 Leaves Jail 

Barkley Leaves Jail

(Newser) - Former NBA star Charles Barkley was released from jail this morning after serving a three-day sentence in Phoenix on a drunken-driving conviction. He began his sentence Saturday morning, and spent about 36 hours in jail after getting 12 hours of work release yesterday and today. He was housed in a...

Charles Barkley Sentenced to 10 Days for DUI

Ex-NBA star pleads guilty; gets jail time and $2,000 fine

(Newser) - Charles Barkley will be doing time for his DUI bust, the Arizona Republic reports. The former NBA star has been sentenced to 10 days in prison, which will be reduced to five if he completes an alcohol education course. Barkley—who told cops he was in a hurry to receive...

DUI Bust Costs Barkley T-Mobile Gig

Phone company benches ex-hoop star 'for the time being'

(Newser) - In the wake of his DUI arrest—during which he told a cop he was in a hurry to get oral sex—Charles Barkley has lost another job, Advertising Age reports. T-Mobile has pulled spots featuring Barkley “for the time being,” a rep said, adding, "As he...

Barkley Will Take Break From TV After Bust

TNT analyst blew .149, way over alcohol limit, nearly 'extreme DUI'

(Newser) - Charles Barkley's blood-alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit when he was busted on suspicion of DUI on New Year's Eve, the Arizona Republic reports. He blew a .149, well over the limit of .08 and a shade under the state's "extreme DUI" cut-off of .15. The...

Barkley's Arrest for DUI Leads to TMI

Hoop Hall of Famer busted en route to intimate encounter

(Newser) - Charles Barkley lived up to his reputation for telling it like it is when Arizona police pulled him over on suspicion of DUI early yesterday, E! reports. Asked why he had run a stop sign at 1:26am, he said he was in a hurry to pick up the...

Charles Barkley Busted on Suspicion of DUI

NBA legend refuses breathalyzer, given blood test instead

(Newser) - Former NBA star Charles Barkley was arrested in Arizona on suspicion of drinking and driving after running a stop sign at around 1:30 this morning, according to police. Barkley declined to submit to a breath test, but was given a blood test. The results weren't immediately available. After...

Racism Will Blunt Obama's Lead: Barkley

Baller-turn-pundit calls polls 'absolutely useless'

(Newser) - Charles Barkley has news for the experts predicting the Bradley effect won’t undermine Barack Obama’s lead. “The polls are absolutely useless,” the former NBA star says, anticipating a race “down to the wire.” While he concedes some whites will vote Democrat for “their...

NBA Ref Starts Prison Term for Gambling

Scandal fallout continues to batter league

(Newser) - The NBA referee who admitted gambling on basketball begins his 15-month federal prison sentence today, reports USA Today. The conviction of referee Tim Donaghy, 41, has rocked the NBA, even though officials determined he didn't bet on the specific games he worked. An NBA-sponsored investigation into gambling and referees is...

Barkley Pays Up, But It's Not Over Yet

Ex-NBA star must shell out more for DA's fee

(Newser) - Former NBA great Charles Barkley has paid off his $400,000 gambling debt to a Las Vegas casino, but he's still got a charge left to settle: the district attorney's office is levying a $40,000 processing fee. Barkley says he hadn't known about the extra charge, but plans to...

Barkley Gambling Debt: $400K
 Barkley Gambling Debt: $400K  

Barkley Gambling Debt: $400K

Former NBA star promises to pay casino to head off felony charges

(Newser) - Charles Barkley admitted today that he owes a Las Vegas casino $400,000 and promised to pay up quickly, the AP reports. The former NBA star fessed up after the Wynn Las Vegas casino filed a complaint and the local DA threatened felony charges. "I'm not broke, and I'm...

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