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Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaving Prison for Halfway House

Says Patrick Kennedy, who visited him in Ala. prison camp

(Newser) - Former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will be released from federal prison tomorrow and will serve out the remainder of his term in a halfway house in Washington, DC, former US Rep. Patrick Kennedy says. Kennedy said he spoke with Jackson at the minimum-security federal prison camp in Montgomery, Ala....

Patrick Kennedy: Just Say No to Pot

Kennedy son launching anti-marijuana group

(Newser) - When one hears of a member of an American political dynasty crusading against addictive substances, one does not immediately think "Kennedy." Yet here's Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted and a former Rhode Island congressman, who is launching an anti-pot group called Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Kennedy, who...

Kennedy: Jackson Jr. in 'Deep Depression'

Congressman has a lot of work ahead of him, he says

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. is in a deep depression and has a lot of work to do before he can get well, former Rep. Patrick Kennedy said after an emotional meeting with his old friend at the Mayo Clinic yesterday. The Illinois congressman, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder , was...

Kennedy Clan Warring Over Ted's Estate

Sons battling Vicki Kennedy over institute honoring late senator

(Newser) - All is not calm in Camelot. A major battle is building between Ted Kennedy's widow and his children over the establishment of a $71 million institution in the late senator's honor. The tension centers on the construction and management of the Edward Kennedy Institute for the US Senate,...

No Kennedys in DC for First Time Since '47

Patrick's retirement marks the end of an era

(Newser) - When retiring Congressman Patrick Kennedy leaves DC in the next week or two, it marks the end of an American milestone, notes the Boston Globe . No Kennedy will be in the House, the Senate, or the White House for the first time since 1947—the year a not-yet-30 JFK became...

Loaded Kennedy Cut Off After 6 Shots

He thinks Obama is better than JFK—when drunk, at least

(Newser) - Just hours after recalling his history of substance abuse—he was even introduced by his former sponsor—Rep. Patrick Kennedy got loaded at a bar and was cut off after six shots of vodka. He seemed to have a good time though—a tipster tells Roll Call that Kennedy was...

Jon Stewart Slams the Vatican
 Jon Stewart Slams the Vatican 

Jon Stewart Slams the Vatican

Catholic Church quick to punish sinners ... just not priests

(Newser) - Jon Stewart ’s latest victim: the Catholic Church. Stewart is unhappy about a few things, among them: the cover-up of a gay sex ring, the pope’s protection of a pedophile priest, and the suspension of two Catholic school students for having lesbian parents. The church is swift,...

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor
 Patrick Kennedy 
 Loses It on House Floor 
afghanistan coverage 'despicable'

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor

Rhode Island Congressman blasts media for Afghanistan Coverage

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy blasted the media on the floor of the House this afternoon, calling the focus on the likes of Eric Massa rather than the war in Afghanistan "despicable." The lame-duck Rhode Island Democrat was speaking—and eventually shouting—in favor of a Dennis Kucinich-sponsored resolution requiring President...

You Haven't Heard the Last of the Kennedys

But does the name still hold that Camelot magic?

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy’s retirement may seem like an era-ending event, but there are more Kennedys where he came from. Many members of the now far-flung clan—from as far afield as Illinois, Florida, and California—have political ambitions, Politico reports. At least three seriously considered 2010 runs, including Chris Kennedy,...

Patrick Kennedy: Dad's Death Changed Everything

Rhode Island Rep. resigned after 'soul searching'

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy decided not to run for reelection in part because of his experience watching his father die of brain cancer. “It’s pretty simple,” he said in an interview with Rhode Island Monthly . “I went through something that caused me a great deal of soul searching...

Patrick Kennedy Won't Run for Re-Election in RI
Patrick Kennedy Won't
Run for Re-Election in RI

Patrick Kennedy Won't Run for Re-Election in RI

Ted Kennedy's 42-year-old son won't seek ninth House term

(Newser) - Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the 42-year-old son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, has decided not to seek re-election for his seat representing Rhode Island in Congress. Kennedy's term ends early next year but he says in a television message viewed by the AP that his life is "taking a...

Patrick Kennedy Slams Scott Brown

Ted Kennedy's son calls successor's candidacy a 'joke'

(Newser) - Scott Brown sped up his swearing-in because despite having touted his independence during his Senate campaign, "he's in the tank for the Republicans," says Patrick Kennedy, predecessor Ted Kennedy's son. Patrick Kennedy, a Rhode Island congressman, says Brown suddenly demanded to be seated a week earlier than previously...

Kennedy Son: Voters Wanted 'Blood'

'Unorganized' Dems did poor sales job in Mass. race

(Newser) - The Republican victory for Ted Kennedy's seat proves voters are "out for blood," said the late senator's son. Voters want a "whipping boy" to blame for the lost jobs and foreclosed homes of the economic crisis, said Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy. "It's like in the...

Salahis Crashed Black Caucus Event
 Salahis Crashed 
 Black Caucus Event 

Salahis Crashed Black Caucus Event

No, we didn't, they say, but had no tickets and were booted

(Newser) - The state dinner party crashers have rubbed elbows with Washington's elite before in what one miffed attendee calls “some practice” for the more recent intrusion. Michaele and Tareq Salahi were in attendance at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner in September, where Obama spoke, and have Facebook pictures to...

Zip It on Communion Ban: Bishop to Kennedy
 Zip It on 
 Ban: Bishop 
 to Kennedy 

Zip It on Communion Ban: Bishop to Kennedy

Tobin thinks Patrick's spiritual matters should be left private

(Newser) - The bishop who had the nerve to tell a Kennedy not to take communion—because he supports abortion rights—is steamed that he blabbed about it. “I am disappointed that the congressman would make public my pastoral and confidential request,” says Bishop Thomas Tobin of Patrick Kennedy. He...

RI Bishop Disses Kennedy Over Pro-Choice Stance
 RI Bishop Disses 
 Kennedy Over 


RI Bishop Disses Kennedy Over Pro-Choice Stance

Spat over Patrick's position on abortion escalates

(Newser) - Health care reform, the cause of his father's life, has made Rep. Patrick Kennedy persona non grata in his Rhode Island parish—thanks to the furor over publicly funded abortion. As the debate rages, Bishop Thomas Tobin has told the only public servant remaining in America's most famous Catholic family...

Kennedy Back Home in Mass. After Surgery

Dem's focus now on healthcare bill, Obama campaign, son says

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Kennedy returned to his Massachusetts home today, a week after undergoing a chancy surgery to remove part of a malignant brain tumor, WBZ-TV reports. The Democrat's plane landed at a Cape Cod airport around 11:30 this morning, the Boston Globe adds; Kennedy, 76, told reporters it was...

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